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Living the dream

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A story about a 14 year old girl who moves to America with her family to get away from everything that's happening in the UK, who soon finds herself living next door to a certain somebody...

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Okay so first off, I have no idea where the guys actually live I just did a little bit of quick research and what you read in this fanfic is basically what I could gather from google, this is just the beginning chapter where the main character describes her new house, rate and review if you want me to carry on with this story

Emily’s POV
I knew moving to America would do me good, it was nice to leave everything bad in England, in England. New home, new country, new start. Obviously I made mum pick a house in New Jersey, it was either that or California and New Jersey was cheaper. I liked the look of our new house, obviously this was the first time any of us where seeing it, risky I know but my mum has a friend who went and viewed it for her.
The gardens nice, big and got huge tree at the back, and looks like the previous owners made it so you can climb the tree and sit on it, I’ll check it out later. On the right of our garden is some bushes so I can’t see over there, but on the left there’s just a small fence which I can easily see the house and Garden. Very nice and presentable, mum will make good friends with our neighbours hopefully and not do what rightie has done and just stick a huge fence up.
Looking into lefties garden I can see that they have kids, but maybe not very old as the toys are still very new. Their house is practically the same as ours, a big sliding door into the back garden, the first room in is the kitchen diner and then a window above the sink (on our house), but theirs on the inside may be different, but’s got the same windows and doors, on the second floor too. Though it would seem that our neighbours have converted their loft into another room.
Already the house is practically full of furniture, as we bought it all new before we got here for it to be delivered today. As I walk into the kitchen and begin to go through to the living room, 2 men walk in carrying a fridge, I step out of the way and let them carry on, soon followed by my mum and Jay telling them where to place it. I smile and just walk into the living room.
This was the first house we’d bought in ages, so mum went all out really on doing it up, the kitchen was cream and brown much as I expected, but as you walk into the living room you’re invited by a warm red colour over the room. Only one of the walls is painted a deep burgundy red, and the rest cream, but with the new black leather sofas and red fluffy cushions, with a matching fluffy red rug over the wooden floor. She hasn’t put where she’s going to put up pictures yet, but I can guess that she’s going to put the canvas print of me and Summer on one of the walls in the living room.
As I walk into the hallway, it’s following the cream theme, and I walk into the front room of the house which has one of those really fancy type windows, the type that has a bit that sticks into the room which you can sit on. This room was mine and Summer’s room for downstairs, it had the Wii, the PS2, a TV and Sky+ box and a stereo with an ipod adapter. It also has a sofa and a bookshelf that was currently empty. I think the sofa is a sofa bed aswell, so that when Megan comes to visit she has somewhere to sleep. Me and my sister spent hours designing this room, me personally would have a lot of posters up on the wall, but Summer didn’t want that. We finally agreed on a black and white room, and on one of the walls there was a stencil of a lady wearing a dress, and a big hat, smoking. It had a white rug spread across the floor and a white beanbag for Summer when she was playing computer games.
I plant myself on the sofa and check my phone, obviously this is pointless because all my friends are in England and I’m now in the states. I get my ipod out of my shoulder bag and put on My Chemical Romance’s “Helena” and start tapping my foot to the beat. I decide it’s best that I check out the rest of the house, considering it’s almost finished apart from final details. I sigh and get up off the sofa, placing my iPod in my pocket and walk out of my living room into the hallway, where I am greeted by my cat Poison, a mackerel tabby, lingering around my feet, meowing.
“What?” I ask her “No you can’t go outside” she rubs up against my legs again and purrs deeply “No Poison, you can’t go outside, now I’ve fed you and you know where your litter box is.” I lean down to stroke her and walk up the stairs.
The first room you see is mine, and it’s already covered in MCR posters. Ah my mum knows me so well. I open the door and gasp at seeing it for the first time. When I designed it I really didn’t think it would look as good as it did. It was a black room, with a pink centre wall and black carpet. On the pink wall “Emily.x” was written in fancy white handwriting, and on the opposite black wall was the MCR widow spider in a matching hot pink to my other wall. I had a four posted double bed in black wood, with my playboy bunny (head, not the girls. Ew) duvet cover and my playboy bunny cushion. I had a built in wardrobe and the doors where painted black and the doorknobs where shaped in the killjoys symbols, party poison, fun ghoul, jet star and kobra kid. They looked awesome, I opened the doors to find that my wardrobe was empty. I had a dressing table in hot pink with a matching stool with a big mirror, and the dressing table had lots of little drawers. I had another stereo in my room on a table at the end of my bed.
All over my two blank black walls where my posters, fall out boy, all time low, paramore, BMTH, BvB, my chemical romance and more filled the two blank spaces. Along the bottom of all four walls where the lyrics to the ‘track’ “Look alive, sunshine” in white paint. My room was everything I imagined and more. It even had an en-suite bathroom, which was just simple and turquoise, with white decorations and accessories. I was going to like it here.
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