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Meeting Frank

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Emily doesn't expect find Frank Iero as her new next door neighbour...

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Megan’s POV
I haven’t stopped crying since Emily left. How could she leave for America and leave me all on my own?!? Yes I know it isn’t her fault but I am still mad at her for not begging her mum more, secretly I think she wanted to move there, especially New Jersey. Currently, I’m just sat on my laptop, typing out all my feelings on Tumblr. I still can’t stop crying, my mum has tried comforting me but I only end up shouting at her. Everything was perfect before Emily left. Fuck her for leaving me. And now I only found out today that we probably won’t speak for 2/3 weeks until she has internet. Fucking brilliant.
Abbey’s POV
“Emily, come and get your clothes sweetheart” I shoud upstairs. How lucky am I to have such understanding kids, I know this was hard on them both, worse on Emily because she left Megan behind but they both see that this is better for us, me and Jay both have better jobs, we have more money know. Well we will once we’ve been here a while. I’m sat on the sofa, or couch should I say, and Emily slowly makes her way down the stairs, listening to her iPod far too loud again. She looks beautiful today, I smile as I stand up and cup her face in my hands.
“What?” She asks, worrying
“Nothing, I just think you look beautiful today”
“Mum…You’re my mum you’re going to think that every day.” She giggles.
“I want you to take these clothes upstairs and put them away please” I point to the boxes labelled ‘Em clothes’ “and in that bag you will find 3 packets of coat hangers, they’re yours. Off you go” Emily rolls her eyes and sighs, and pick up the box and the bag.
“I’ll be up to check how you are getting on in a minute, do you want anything?” I shout up, Emily already disappeared back into her bedroom.
“No thanks mum!” She responds.
“Suuuummmeerr!! Come here please!” I shout up the stairs, looking for my youngest Summer.
“What?!” Summer unfortunately has a worse attitude than Emily, who is 3 years old than her.
“Come here please” I ask again,
“Why?” She persists,
“Come and get the box of all your clothes” I say, giving in.
“Fine” and she stomps down the stairs, and I notice she has been crying.
“What’s the matter Summer? You’re not looking very sunny” I ask jokingly, genuinely worried about my daughter.
“Nothing mum I’m fine, can you make me a cup of tea please?” Summer picks up the box and the bag of coat hangers and runs upstairs, I know something isn’t up. I’ll get Emily to have a word with her.
I walk into the kitchen and open the fridge to get some milk and notice that we don’t have any. I haven’t got the slightest clue where I can buy any, I wonder if the neighbours will mind if we borrow some, I can always pay them back. Plus it might be a chance for me to get to know who is in the neighbourhood, if not simply they can give me directions.
“Emily, I’m going out do you want to come?” I shout up the stairs, my throat can’t take all this shouting. I don’t get a reply from Emily so I just start putting on my jacket when I hear Emily run down the stairs with her shoes and jacket already on. She was so excited to be here.
“Where we goin’ mum?”
“Oh, just next door, I need to borrow some milk”
“Umm okay?” And then we walk out of the door, me following behind Emily who looks as if she knows exactly where she’s going when she leaves the house and walks down the path to the house on the right.
“Emily, where are you going?” I ask intrigued by her behaviour.
“This house seems nicer than the other one, you can tell by their back garden” I chuckle at her response and follow her up to the house on the left, she waits patiently for me at door, when I get there I knock on the door and a short man with even shorter brown hair opens the door. He has a tattoo on his neck of a scorpion, for some reason I feel like I know him from somewhere. I watch Emily’s reaction him and she goes all red and shy.
“Um hi, sorry to bother you, we’ve just moved in next door, and we…well I, was wondering if I could borrow any milk?” I ask, and the short man looks at me puzzled and then laughs and says,
“Oh! You’re my new neighbours? Thank god I thought that house was never going to sell, um, yeah sure you can borrow some milk, come in…Don’t trip on the step, neither of you two are allergic to dogs are you?” Emily changes the song on her iPod and slightly turns it down, why is she so un-polite, he man leads us into his kitchen and gets me a carton of milk.
“No, they’re not my favourite of pets. We have a cat, what’s it’s name again Emily?” I ask encouraging her to get into the conversation, thankfully she takes her headphone out of her ear and smiles.
“Party poison, but poison for short” She smiles, and the man laughs as if it’s an inside joke between them. Where have I seen this guy before?
“Cool name. What song where you listening too?” he asks,
“I’m not okay (I promise)…” She replies shyly, this was not like Emily at all, the man smiled again and Emily went bright red.
“Good choice” He paused “You know who I am don’t you?” He asks Emily, how does she know him? Should I step in as a parent, I look at Emily and she nods shyly, growing a massive smile on her face. The man just laughs again.
Emily’s POV
I can’t believe I’m stood in Frank Iero’s kitchen having an actual conversation with him!
“Would somebody care to fill me in?” My mum asks idiotically, I sigh but Frank just laughs.
“Muuum” I groan, “It’s Frank Iero” Don’t I talk about him enough? Frank sticks his hand out and my mum shakes hands with him. I look at my mum and she still has a puzzled look on her face.
“Sorry, who?” she asks, eyeing Frank up and down.
“Ya know, that guy from that band in all my posters….My Chemical Romance?” I thought this women just spent a day putting a good amount of this man’s picture on my wall, surely she knew he was famous simply by my reaction!
“Honey, there’s four of them in that band. Sometimes five, you’re going to have to be more specific…” she’s completely clueless, while all this going between me and my mum, Frank is stood leaning against his kitchen counter giggling at us. We both look at him and he stops.
“Has your mom seen the danger days posters and stuff?” he asks, so sweetly in his American accent.
“Yeah, she’s seen ‘Nanana’ and I have quite a few posters, I think it’s even more confusing for her because you had longer hair back then…” I reply. Nobody pinch me, I’m in heaven.
“Oh okay, well then Emily’s mom” He paused, oh my god Frank Iero knew my name, FRANK IERO KNOWS MY NAME “I’m the guy with the long hair, but I got it all cut off” He smiled at my mum but I clearly see that she was still confused.
“I’m sorry…I’m old…I’m not very good with Emily’s bands.” I let out a massive sigh.
“Ughh, mum! You’re embarrassing me infront of Frank! You’re doing this on purpose so I will say the wrong thing aren’t you…Ugh, whatever. Frank probably think we’re weird as it” and as I can see the man is clearly in stiches “You remember that time I waited an hour to watch that music video and then it came on and I forced you to watch it?” I paused and she shakes her head, Frank is now intrigued in my story of explaining who he was “well he’s the one that goes to kiss that cheerleader, but then doesn’t and picks something out of her eye and walks off” my mum starts to look as if she understands.
“The one with long black hair?”
“No mum, ugh I didn’t want to have to use this example, but you know the one with long black hair…That’s Gerard, Frank is the one that kisses Gerard on the cheek” As I say this I feel my face go bright red, and finally my mum understands who he is.
“Ohhhh! I know who you are now! Wow this is an amazing coincidence that you’re neighbour, Emily just loves your band. Oh wow this is amazing, well I hope we can all be friends and if you ever need anything we’re just next door, feel free. We owe you one” she shakes the milk carton, “You’ve got a baby girl right?” Frank laughs and says,
“No that’s Gerard, but I have two baby girls why?”
“Emily is an excellent babysitter, if you ever need help with that I’m sure she’d be happy to be help, wouldn’t you Emily” she nudges my back and pushes me infront of her, closer to Frank, it’s like she wants me to fall over.
“Mum, I’m sure Frank has a babysitter already hired. We should be going now, getting out of Frank’s way. Come on mum, thanks for the milk Frank, and thank you for making all that music. It’s really awesome, if you ever remember could say thank you to the rest of the band please? It was an honour to meet you, truly” I grab my mum by the arm and start to turn towards the kitchen door when Frank stops us,
“Ya know Emily you can stay here for a bit if you like, we could talk about music and stuff, if that’s okay with your mom” he offers. On the inside I fill with joy and desperately want to scream, instead I just smile and look at my mum with pleading eyes.
“Yes you can stay here, but not for too long. I want you back by 7, that’s when dinner’ll be ready. Frank you, your partner and your two baby girls are welcome to dinner if you want, just get Emily to tell me before hand” And then Frank led my mum out to the front door, talking about things. I wasn’t listening to what they where saying, I was more interested in the facet that Frank Iero wanted to talk to me. ME. Emily Shorte.
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