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Receiving tours

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Frank gives Emily a tour of his house.

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Frank’s POV
After Emily’s mum left I gave her a tour of the house, the kitchen, the living room, the study, the bathroom, I showed her where me and Jamia’s bedroom was, and where Cherry and Lilly’s bedroom was. We had some really nice chats about bands that really get on their nerves, and other bands she aspires to, we soon ended up back in the living room.
I planted my ass on the couch and gestured for Emily to join me, she was still a bit nervous around me at first, but she wasn’t squealing or passing out which is good enough for me. Emily took a seat opposite me, she looked really nervous as if she had done something wrong.
“So…You a big fan of the band?” I ask,
“Um…Yeah I guess you could say that..” she laughed,
“What do you mean by that?”
“Well…Can we get access to twitter?” she asks, and I look around and pick up my macbook air and hand it to her.
“There’s no password, do you know how it all works?” I say, though she’s already typing stuff in, after she finds what she’s looking for she comes and sits next to me and shows me a fans twitter page. I look on it, and this person’s first ‘tweet’ was to Gerard, and then later tweeted all 4 of us about doing a signing at a gig. I already guessed that it was Emily’s twitter, and I nodded, and then she opened a new webpage and opened up a site called tumblr and logged in on that, and then she let me flick through. I noticed her tumblr was mainly us, and that we had helped her a lot.
“So I other words, you’re part of the army, got a killjoy name?” I ask knowing that there’s a killjoy generator website as me and Mikey checked it out one day, and true to form we got Fun Ghoul and Kobra Kid.
“Yes” She paused laughing, put her hands in her head “I’m so lame…Sunshine Cola” she finishes, laughing to herself. I just smile and then laugh thinking about how much the rest of the band would love this girl.
“Seeing as me, Jamia and the twins are coming round yours for dinner would you be able to show me your room? I might be able to bring a marker pen with me…” hinting that I would sign a few of her posters and she blushed.
“Sounds good, I think you’d like it.” She responds.
“Oh! There’s one last room that I have to show you, you’re gonna love it!” I say a little too excitedly as I grab Emily’s hand and drag her upstairs to the top room. The converted loft, I let her go up first then follow quickly, having to scramble at the top because Emily stops moving completely when she see’s the room.
Emily’s POV
Behind me I heard Frank grunt to get up into the loft room, I couldn’t move, alls I could do was stare in awe at all of Frank’s guitar’s. Even Pansy.
“Frank…” I paused
“This is probably the best room in your whole fucking house…”
“Well thanks Emily”
I walked over to pansy and plucked a few strings, obviously the sound was nothing without an amp or even real guitar playing, but I had just strummed the strings of Frank Iero’s guitar pansy.
“Do you pla—“ Frank began to ask, before my alarm went off for 6:45pm.
“Oh…It’s time for me to go get ready, I’ll see you at mine at 7? With Jamia and the twins?” I say, walking down the ladder.
“Sounds good, but Emily, keep Lilly and Cherry a secret” Franks asks,
“I promise.”
And with that I ran downstairs with Frank shortly following, and then walked home. When I got in my house my mum had hundred’s of questions ready for me, but I didn’t have time I had to change my shirt and still find my My chem shirt.
“I’ll talk to you later mum” I shouted, running upstairs to get changed.
I dragged the box of clothes and put it near my wardrobe, opened it and luckily found my band tee-shirt on the top, and got changed, put my tank top in my washing basket and placed the packets of coat hangers on top of the box keeping it shut. I then made sure my room was completely perfect for when Frank came over and saw it. I plugged my ipod into my stereo and left it to charge. I ran back downstairs so I could answer most of mum’s questions before Frankie got here.
“What did you want mum?” I asked entering the kitchen, and to my horror already find Frank and Jamia stood in the kitchen. “Oh wow, hi I’m Emily…” I said, reaching my hand out for her to shake it, and she just looked at it, and shook her head, I went red and put arm back down and that’s when felt Jamia wrap her arms around my neck.
“Hello sweetie, Frank’s told me so much about you!” She announced, and squeezed me one last time and whispered in my ear “Remember to keep the twins a secret” When she pulled away from the hug I nodded, I was amazed at how pretty she was. She looked pretty in picture’s but in real life she was 10x prettier.
“Mum when’s dinner going to be ready?” I asked, mum looked at her watch,
“Umm, about 10 minutes?” she replied, and my face lit up and I ran over to Frankie and grabbed his hand and pulled him upstairs.
“Jamia come up too I wanna show you aswell!” So Franka dn Jamia followed after me running upstairs my bedroom.
“Oh..that is a lot of posters” Was Franks first reaction to seeing my door, and I opened the door and walked in and the first person to speak was Jamia.
“Oh wow, this is amazing Emily, it’s such a girly room but it’s still got the bandy things involved. It’s clever. I love your spider on this wall…Frank can we get one?” She joked, but Frank wasn’t listening he was too busy following the words along the bottom of my wall, reading them word for word. He then walked over to my wardrobe and looked at the door knobs in complete awe, much like I did his guitar.
“Where did you find THESE?” he said, excitingly pointing to his killjoy door knob.
“I dunno my mum found them over the internet…You guys should sell more band merch for the bedroom” I suggested,
“Would you be able to design it for us?” Frank asked. I was gobsmacked, a smile grew wide on my face and then it dawned on me. I can’t draw.
“I would love too but I can’t draw, I’m terrible at anything arty…” I say, slightly upset.
“Well…Gerard could help you in that department?” He suggests, and by the smile that grew wider on my face he knew that I had agreed.
My mum called us down for dinner and we all sat down, I was next to Frank and my mum, talking about all the things that had happened in the UK, and then Frank was talking about how crazy it got over there when they were on tour. Dinner went on for about 2 hours, and they were the best 2 hours of my life.
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