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Frank and Jamia have dinner at Emily's house, does it go to plan or does Emily tell all to her bestfriend Megan?

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Jamia’s POV
I had a great time at dinner tonight, I was a bit shocked when Frank sent the text and slightly worried but Emily and her family seemed like a nice girl. Dinner wasn’t anything special, just a microwavable lasagne, Abbey wouldn’t stop apologising for serving that but I thought it tasted great.
Sat at the dinner table we talked about a lot of things, food, shopping, New Jersey, Britain, The Band, and just general things really. Emily seemed completely starstruck by Frank, but she was very calm and controlled and very politely asked Frank to have her picture taken with him and she promised to keep his address a secret so the picture was taken in the backyard. When Abbey said that Emily could use her mobile to ring her friend, it seemed as if she forgot me and Frank where there.
“She hasn’t been too annoying has she?” Abbey asked cleaning up plates,
“Nah, she’s a star. She seems very in-control of herself” And as Frank spoke we see Emily outside on the phone to her friend, screaming and jumping around excitedly, almost crying, it was nice to see how Frank made fans feel but we both tensed because we couldn’t hear what she was saying…She could be giving out our address, Abbey saw this and went into the patio and checked what Emily was saying, Abbey went red and remembered that we were all sat in the kitchen watching her, Abbey walked in and Frank lifted his head up waiting.
“Oh she just told Megan she’d met only you Frank, now they’re talking about getting on the internet to be able to talk on there” Abbey’s mum reassured us.
“That’s okay, I didn’t think she’d say anything but I don’t want hundreds of fans on my door. And I doubt you’d want all the traffic either.” Frank said, he had a lot of trust in this girl.
“That was a really nice meal Abbey, thank you so much. On your first day you have done so much!” I add, smiling up at her and then Jay her boyfriend.
“Oh we had the house bought for ages, we had professional painters in, carpet fitters, the lot all while we were in England.”
“It was hell, you had no idea what’s going on and it wasn’t cheap. Especially Emily’s room, he hated that one the most he said. It was a bloody good design though.” Jay, her boyfriend finished.
“I could never do that, jesus the guy’d never get any work done I’d always be checking that everything was okay and on schedule” Frank added, just as Emily walked in.
“Sorry…” She said, blushing “My friend Megan is so jealous of me, alls I said to her is that I saw you walking down the street while I was in the car and I made my mum stop the car so I could talk to you, and that I asked for a picture and you said yes and that was the end of it.” She explained her conversation with her friend about Frank, leaving me, Lily and Cherry completely out of the equation. Which I think was personally best.
“That’s okay, she’s gonna meet me at one point.” Frank said and Emily’s face lit up.
Emily’s POV
I didn’t even lie, I didn’t tell Megan anything else apart from what I just told Frank and Jamia. I wanted to earn his trust and if lying to her meant that then so be it. He just practically promised that Megan will meet him anyway so what does it matter?
“Are you having pudding?” Mum asked me,
“Yeah of course! What is it?” I asked, Frank and Jamia laughed.
“Just a chocolate cheesecake, ask Frank and Jamia if they want some”
“Yes mum” I paused and turned to Frank and Jamia “D’ya want any chocolate cheesecake?” I waited for a reply and watched Jamia look at her phone.
“Yeah go for it” She said, Frank laughed.
“Me too” And I turned to face my mum who could hear our whole conversation, “Jamia would like some, but Frank doesn’t.” I joked, “Just kidding Franki—“ I stopped myself calling Frank ‘Frankie’ it wasn’t appropriate “doesn’t want any” I finished. I turned around and to my horror Frank had noticed my little slip up, I blushed and sat down next to him and he put his arm around my should and whispered in my ear,
“You can call me Frankie kid, you’re still a fan whether you live next door to me or not. Just keep it controlled sometimes” I blushed, looked at Frank and smiled,
“Does this mean I can go into the other room and go fangirl crazy?” I asked eagerly,
“Do it in here” he suggested,
“No…You’ll hate me afterwards…” and I start to get up but he pulls down,
“No, I wanna see.” I sigh and look at Frank and he gives me these pleading eyes, I look at Jamia who just laughs to herself, then to my mum and Jay who mouth ‘No!’ at me and laugh, too late Frank Iero had given me to go ahead.
“OH MY GOD I’M SAT NEXT TO FUCKING FRANK IERO IN MY KITCHEN. HE’S MY NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR and HE’S BEEN IN MY BEDROOM” and I rapped my arms around his waist really tight I heard him wince a bit but didn’t let go. I started crying and that’s when I said “Thank you so much. This means everything to me” and with that I let go dried my tears and went back to normal all in a matter in seconds, laughing at myself.
Frank just sat there amazed, almost upset.
“You’ve kept that in for an entire day just so that I wouldn’t be freaked out? So when I opened the door what did you think?” He asked amazed,
“umm…I thought of so many things I wanted to say, but I actually physically couldn’t speak and then you asked me a question about my music and nearly fell over. Those first few words to you were the hardest words I’ve ever had to speak.”
“And when I invited you to stay over?” he continued still completely shocked,
“I actually felt a little bit said that Megan wasn’t here, like you’re her favourite out of the band”
“When I showed you my guitars?” I laughed at how amazed he was, and then my mum placed down a piece of cheesecake for all of us, and the three of them started eating Frank still too interested in what I was going to say,
“Basically, at the moment I nearly fell back down the ladder and then I saw pansy and just froze.”
Frank smiled. And then ate some of his cheesecake and I followed, but he carried on talking but not directly to me to the table.
“Amazing. I like all you, not just Emily. You were so nice to us, and have treated us normally. Thank you. And your youngest daughter with the twins has been amazing, wasn’t her name Summer? They haven’t cried at all” Frank finished and went on to eat his cheesecake.
“mm..yeah” Jamia starts, mouth full of cheesecake, she covered her mouth finished chewing and swallowed “when I went to check on them they were fine, Summer was playing with them it was cute, Abbey have you got a facebook?” she finished picking up her blackberry, looking at my mum.
“ a facebook?” I ask amazed, the table had turned.
“Yeah, though it’s completely hidden so nobody can see me or add me, I can only add other people. The whole bands got one” and then my mouth dropped, which made Frank laugh.
“..Yeah if you type in Abbey Shorte, you should find it…” My mum said, stuttering, and Jamia typed it in on her blackberry and showed my mum the profile she came up with and said,
“this one?” to which my mum nodded her head, “Jay have you got one?” and he replied,
“Yeah, I’m not on very much and I don’t have any internet access, none of us do, so we won’t be able to reply for a while.”
“Found it, there’s a link on Abbey’s profile.” She smiled, “Emily do you have it?” I blushed,
“Yes..” I answered shyly, I was going to have to say my the name she would find me under in front of Frank.
“What is it” Frank knew my faces already, he knew it was linked to My Chem, he looked so happy and interested, which made me smile.
“Ughh, do I have too?” I moaned,
“Well I can not add you? If it’s a problem” Jamia said jokily, “Come on just say it, we won’t mind” I sighed and my mum laughed, she already knew it.
“Emily Gerard Way Shorte” I finished saying it and put my hands in my head,
“HEY! Where’s my name?!” Frank asked, jokingly hurt. I just laughed, “Offended.” Frank slouched in his chair and crossed his arms and frowned like a little child, which made me laugh.
“Added, you might have to change it though if you want the others to take you seriously” Jamia warned,
“If only I could..I could just make a new one?”
“Another one?” My mum butted in,
“Yeah, I guess it’d be good. I could get rid of all the people I don’t wanna remember, but on my new account add Megan and Alex and Oli and all that, people I trust. Will they be able to see you on my friend list?” I asked worried,
“Making a new one is good then, and yeah they’ll be able to see us and see any interactions we have with you, but if they try getting onto their profile it’s all blocked.” Jamia reassured me. Frank turned to Jamia,
“Jammy…Do you reckon our internet would reach this house?” I watched her nod her head
“probably” she trailed off talking to my mum and Jay, but Frank turned to me,
“D’ya wanna borrow our internet until you get some? Then you can talk to Megan…I have a surprise for her” Frank smiled at me, I nodded and then he stood up “We’re gonna go sort the internet out, back in a minute” and then I stood up and followed him out the kitchen, to the living room where Summer, Lily and Cherry where, Frank stopped looked down and smiled, and then carried on walking, so I followed again, then out of my front door and into Frank’s house, he opened the door and we walked in,
“Wait here” he said as he shut the door, so I waited in the hallway as I watched him go upstairs, I started humming the song Planetary(Go!), I got halfway through the song when Frank came back downstairs holding a piece of paper with something written on it, he stood next to me, almost the same height as me, but he was still smaller. I stared into his eyes and we both smiled, then he kissed me.
I pushed him away and slapped him,
“I just wanted to see what you’d do, most fans would shove their tongues down my throat, but you didn’t. Don’t worry about Jammy, she’ll be fine. She knew I was gonna kiss you, it’s like a test to see how loyal to us you are” he explained.
“It’s a pretty sick test.” I said, leaving angrily
“At least now you can say that you kissed Frankie.” He said, to which I responded,
“Who am I supposed to tell?” to which he laughed,
“Yeah, you can meet the rest of the band.” To which I smiled at but I was still mad at him “was it hard?” he joked.
“That’s what she said” I replied, “And yes. Just so’s yaknow how difficult it is for fans who fancy the pants off of you, it’s near impossible” He grinned,
“You did it”
“Yeah, I managed to keep calm all day, but if Gerard ever pulled a stunt like that, it’d take a moment or so to stop.” I said, laughing.
“Why are you so ashamed of being a fan of us?” he asked, he liked asking questions.
“I’m not. I just don’t wanna seem like a typical fan to you. Being your friend, means the whole world to me, and I don’t wanna fuck up any chances I get. You and the rest of the band saved my life, and I am eternally greatful. Thank you again, I love you.” I started crying again, but quickly stopped, thankfully we were still stood outside Frank’s house so I had time to dry my tears.
“Thanks, we love you too” and he locked his door, put his arm around my shoulder and we walked to my house. “Stop crying, it’s sad” I tried wiping them away but they wouldn’t stop,
“They’re happy tears?” I say
“Yeah, but I don’t like to see it.” And he lets himself into our house, and I follow still crying, I slowly walk into the kitchen, completely ignored by Summer and the twins, and run to my mum and put my head on her shoulder and cry my eyes out.
“Darling what’s the matter?” She asks alarmed,
“Is this real?” I mumble, she wraps her arms around me and laughs gently,
“Yes poppet, stop crying now, Frank looks upset” and I wiped my tears and sat back at the dinner table.
“I’m over it now” I announced to everyone, and all of their responses where different,
Jay just laughed,
Mum said “no you’re not”
Jamie sighed “Don’t be ashamed hun, it’s what they do it for” and smiles
Frank was smiling at me, “Never ever be over it” and he pulled me into a hug, to which my mum kindly added,
“oh she’ll start again in a minute you watch.” Frank laughed and I pulled away from the hug, and gave my mum death glares, Frank handed me the piece of paper which he’d written ‘frerardwasnever’.
“What does this mean?” I ask, looking puzzled,
“When you try to get into our internet it’s going to ask for a password…That’s the password, I figured nobody would guess it.” I laughed,
“Frerard was never.” I laughed some more “You’re amazing Frank Iero, did ya know that?” and he smiled and nodded, “and you should really do that on stage again, the fan’s will eat it up”
“That era’s over…”Frank argued “Fans don’t want that anymore” I laughed
“Mum, where’s my laptop?” I asked, standing up,
“Already? You’ve only had the password five minutes! Can you not stay off that bloody thing for longer than five minutes?” She bugged, I sighed, “it’s in the study” and I left the kitchen and practically ran to the study, obviously it was packed, but there was two suitcases in the study, I was going to have to open both. I picked the pink one to be the first choice, unfortunately no luck, so I opened the blue one, but that much bigger and filled with clothes. 10 minutes later and I found my laptop and charger and took it into the kitchen. Noticing that the twins where gone and so was Jamia.
“They went home, twins need to go to sleep.” Frank told me, I nodded.
“Where’d you wanna do this then?” I asked, stood at the door.
“Your room I think, then you can show her your room aswell.”
“Oh okay then, come on” I ran upstairs, Summer currently interested in the TV, I heard him say something to my mum and then came upstairs carrying two cups of drink. By the time he had got upstairs I already had my laptop plugged in, switched on. Frank walked in and laughed, handing me a nice cup of tea which I put on my bedside “thanks” and Frank nodded
“Right let’s get this working then!” He said.
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