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Frank's surpise

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Frank surprises Emily's friend, Megan but how will she react?

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I will bold when it's an over the internet chat, I hope you enjoy this chapter Rate and Review please :) Sorry this is so short aswell.
Megan’s POV
I hate Emily so much right now, she had met Frank Iero. FRANK FUCKING IERO. I’ll probably never get the chance. We spoke on the phone earlier, she was so happy in America. Probably because I’m not there bringing her down. Ever since Rex died everything’s been so complicated.
While sat on Facebook I see Emily’s logged in. I just stop and stare for a second thinking it’s fluke, but then she pops up on chat,
Emily: Hey!! It’s awesome in America, our neighbours are letting us use their internet until ours comes through :L I can’t wait for you to visit it’s awesome here”
Me: …
Emily: What?
Me: How was Frankie in real life?
Emily: Megan it was awesome, I wish you could’ve been here…
Me: I wouldn’t of controlled myself, d’ya reckon you’ll see him a lot?
Emily: I dunno? I guess? :L Probably…
Me: I’m getting on a plane. Right now. And we are gonna hunt those boys out, until they are freaked enough and never talk to you again mwahahaha
Emily: Sounds good ;D apart from freaking them out…
Me: mwahahah
Emily: Skype?
Me: YES, are you logged in? Mines just loading…

Emily’s POV
Frank was laughing so hard at mine and Megan’s conversation,
“What?” He laughed looking at me, I gave him death glares and carried on logging into skype.
Megan: Yo.
She invited me to start a video chat and I hit Frank getting him to shut up, I said yes and Frank jumped down and ran to my wardrobe, I looked at him puzzled but then realised what he was going to do.
“Yo bitch! How’s England?” I say into the microphone
“Your room.looks.awesome” she says in amazement
“Haha thanks, d’ya want a tour?” I offer, smiling checking that Frank was in the wardrobe and ready to pop out at the right moment.
“YES PLEASE” She said, I laughed stood up and started showing her my room, first of walking out and showing her my door,
“This is my bedroom door…” I said walking into the centre of the room and showing her my pink wall “This is my pink wall…” slowly I was turning and showed her my poster wall and carried on turning until I got to my Widow wall “and this is my Widow wall…” and kept on turning to my wardrobes but missing them, “we’ll do my wardrobe last, look at the writing at the bottom of the walls!” I said, moving closer to them so she could see, “ Look alive sunshine…I wanted Gerard’s stay beautiful keep it ugly speech, but it wasn’t long enough…” and then I quickly turned back to my wardrobes, starting at the Party poison door knob “and these are my door knobs…” and quickly moved across, and then I went slowly back and moved backwards and when I got to the Fun ghoul door knob, Frank jumped out and shouted,
I ran back to my bed and saw Megan just looking at me in astonishment, and then Frank came over and sat next to me.
“Hi” He said casually, Megan froze for ages, me and Frank both laughed and then she screamed, but a good scream which made us laugh more.
“Sorry..sorry..i can…how…why? Frank Iero is in your bedroom? What? Explain…” she finally stuttered, I laughed and started speaking but Frank interrupted me,
“Hi..Megan? I live next door to Emily…Don’t tell anybody that otherwise I will have to move and their will be a massive law suit on your door” he said smiling, Megan smiled back at him.
“I’ve got nobody to tell…Frank…That sounds weird..Um sorry my squeling, Emily? Emily is this real?!” she went on,
“Yeah it is” I butt in, smiling “It’s amazing, I can’t wait for you to get here…”
“Um. Jamia Iero is now friends with Emily Gerard Way Shorte, is this real too?” She asked,
“Yeah, I have to make a new Facebook. Sorry Megan, but don’t worry I’ll add you again and have all the photo’s and stuff.” Megan’s smile dropped, but then came back,
“Oh okay, is that because you can’t change the name?” She laughed and I nodded,
“I’m really sorry Emily, and Megan but I have to go. See you tomorrow I hope” Frank said, waving good bye at Megan and giving me a quick hug as he left, leaving me and Megan to fangirl all to ourselves. When I heard him leave out of the front door I started screaming and so did Megan. I couldn’t wait for her to come over.
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