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Gerard has some news that shocks the entire room, or does it?

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Hope you guys enjoy, I'm gonna be putting up as much as I can in the next few days as I'm on holiday, sorry about the really shit chapter, it's just a filler:D
Emily’s POV
2 weeks passed and I saw one of the Iero family every day, Jamia even took me shopping! It feels like it’s been a holiday but that’s only because Frank’s out on tour and when he gets back I have some serious work to do, like school but more fun and I’m being paid.
Todays the day that Frank comes home, Jamia invited our family over for dinner and I helped her cook. Nothing special, just spaghetti and meatballs. My family where sat in the living room while me and Jamia where in the kitchen when we heard the door open, Jamia ran to the living room and I quickly followed. Jamia already had her arms wrapped around Frank’s neck and when they moved out of the way of the door, another red headed figure walked in. Gerard. I quickly walked back into the kitchen, ignoring both Frank and Gerard’s entrance. I heard all my adults talking, Frank introducing Gerard to my mum and Jay all while I was in the kitchen worrying. I wasn’t going to be able to form a sentence infront of Gerard, and that’s when I heard Frank,
“Emily, get in here! There’s somebody you’re gonna want to meet!” He called, I sighed and washed my hands,
“One sec!” I shouted back, and to my horror I heard Frank say to Gerard “we’ll just go in, I think she’s nervous” and I heard them walk in and quickly turned round to face them.
I felt myself go pale, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t smile. This was worse than when I met Frank, I had time to think it through and somebody else was going to do most of the talking for me, plus there was no expectations of me…Now there was.
Frank came over to me and put his arm around my shoulder and laughed, I couldn’t hear what anybody was saying and then Frank nudged me to speak, I stuttered out the words
“I..feel…dizz—“ and then I passed out.
Frank’s POV
Luckily for Emily I was holding her when she fainted, poor her. I didn’t think this would happen she was so good before, it was really awkward between me and Gerard now, I hadn’t stopped boasting about how good she was at being normal around me. Luckily, she came through pretty quickly.
We were all sat in the living room, Jay helped me carry her through and we laid her down on the couch. Gerard was leaning against the kitchen door, Abbey was sat by Emily rubbing a cold towel over her head, Jamia was finishing dinner and I was stood next to Gerard, with Jay on my left.
Emily sat up, giving her mum a fright looked at me and then Gerard,
“Sorry…” she whispered, which made me laugh and then Gerard finally gave in and let out a small chuckle. Then Jamia came in,
“Is she okay? Dinner’s ready now guys” and we all walked into the dining room holding our own conversations, Abbey helping Emily through but she seemed to be fine, probably just shock,
“Can I sit with her?” Gerard asked me,
“Er..Yeah sure?” I said, pointing him to a chair, when Emily came in I helped guide her to her seat next to Gerard, and then I sat at the top of the table next to Emily and Jay, opposite Jamia. Summer and the twins had already eaten, the twins where in bed and Summer was watching TV, I cracked open a bottle of wine and we all tucked in.
Emily’s POV
30 minutes passed and nobody mentioned my little fainting incident, I was sat next to Gerard but I didn’t really talk to him, I was too scared, I just sat and ate my meal silently which I guess shocked all of the adults. And then my worst fear occurred, Gerard asked me a question.
“So, Emily you feeling okay?” he asked, taking a sip of wine, I was shocked but now I had to redeem myself to Gerard,
“Yeah, sorry. I guess I just sort of wasn’t expecting it…” to which he laughed,
“It’s okay, was it good or bad reaction?”
“Well... Bad if you consider it to how I reacted meeting Frank”
“Why was this different?” he sounded hurt,
“Well because…” I sighed “My mum did most of the talking to Frank at first, my head was more focused on my iPod…and everybody has a favourite person in a band”
“What song?” Gerard went on
“Hey! Whose your favourite!?!” Frank said childishly, I knew he would. I chose to ignore him,
“I’m not okay (I promise)”
“It’s Gerard isn’t it” Frank went on in the background, joking,
“That is a very old song…Which is your favourite era?” Gerard asked, also ignoring Frank,
“She’s got a little cruussh, aww” Frank teased and I went bright red, but again chose to ignore it,
“My favourite era is Revenge…Probably only because of Helena but ya’know” I went on,
“Your bedroom says different!” Frank said stupidly, and I turned to him, about to wipe his smile off of his face,
“Do you realise how wrong that sounds?” I joked, making the table laugh.
Gerard’s POV
This girl wasn’t too bad, Frank was right she can control herself, just gotta give her a chance. She’ll definitely get along with Mikey. We all carried on talking and Emily told me about a tattoo that she wanted, inspired by Helena.
“So Gerard what made you come here tonight instead of going home? I guess you’re staying the night aswell?” Jamia asked innocently, I tensed and so did Frank, the whole room was silent before I eventually sighed,
“Lynz cheated on me.” I said sharply, now all eyes were on me, I sighed again “ Me and Frank were supposed to stay at mine last night, but when we got there we found Lynz with somebody else, I don’t know who it was, nor do I care. We ended up staying in a hotel, I text Lynz telling her we walked in, that I knew and that we are getting a divorce” I sighed, Emily looked really shocked which made me laugh, “I’ll be okay.”
That’s when Emily looked up at me with tears in her eyes, “You promise?” she asked,
“I always am” I laughed pulling her into a hug.
“Jammy…What do you know” Frank said, looking at Jamia who looked sort of guilty, she was silent “Jammy” Frank said a little bit sterner, the whole room’s attention was at Jamia, she put down her knife and fork and sighed,
“She’s been doing this for months, with this guy she never told me his name and if I’m honest I didn’t care…” I went a bit paler and felt a bit sick,
“It isn’t your fault Jam, it’s better that I found out the way I did.”
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