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the past is dark and scary place

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Gerard's past is well known throughout the MCRmy, but who is that effecting more?

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Emily’s POV
Gerard…Lyn-z…Not together? I felt a small joy inside of me (only as a fan who had a crush) a small amount of sadness but most of all I felt fear. What if Gerard went back to how he was? What if he got ill again?
“I’ll be okay he said and the words went round and round my head. Everybody else had moved on and was talking, even Gerard was laughing. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t breathe, I let the fear take over my body and a single tear fell down my cheek, I quickly tied to hide it but everybody had seen it, including Gerard.
Gerard’s POV
Emily shouldn’t be crying, will all my fans be this worried when they find out.
“Emily can we talk in private please?” I asked,
“Frank you aswell” I added, standing up.
“Er yeah sure, we’ll go to the guitar room” Fran replied, Emily didn’t say anything but stood up and followed me out of the kitchen and upstairs, her little sister was asleep on Frank’s couch, she looked cute…Reminded me of Bandit.
Jamia’s POV
When the trio left, the kitchen was awkwardly silent. Abbey took another sip of wine, Jay sighed and I smiled,
“never a normal moment here…” I joked, Jay and Abbey laughed, “he’ll be okay. They all will” Abbey nodded in agreement “this is better for them anyway” I finished.
“Yeah, this was a lovely meal you cooked us, thank you. You and Frank have made us feel so welcome. Especially Emily” Abbey said, springing open a conversation while I topped up her’s and Jay’s wine glasses.
Frank’s POV
We all walked into the guitar room, Emily sat by Pansy and I sat opposite her and Gerard sat in front of her. I had no idea where this was going to go.
“Why did you cry?” Gerard asked bluntly,
“Doesn’t matter.” Emily responded, fiddling with her thumbs,
“Tell us…” Gerard persisted, Emily sighed.
“Basically I’m worried about you, the band, Lyn-z…everything”
“Why me?” Gerard asked, causing me to sigh. Emily was scared about the drugs, even I knew that.
“Well, I wasn’t a fan back…then” She paused, “ but I still remember when, like I have seen interviews, watched clips of you high or drunk. You’ve said you were in a bad place then but you met an amazing woman, who you love…Now you don’t have her and I’m scared that you will go back again” she sighed, and Gerard rubbed his hands through his hair,
“I’m never going back.” He said slightly stern, “Ever. I have great people surrounding me who love me, and I love them. And look, now I have you too!” Gerard smiled at Emily and she half-smiled back and her gaze averted to Pansy, she had a longing look in her eyes.
“You play?” I asked, breaking the silence, Emily looked startled and smiled at me, and laughed
“no, I have no talent at all” I laughed and Gerard Smiled.
“I’ll teach you” I said,
“No, I will suck majorly”
“I’ll teach you to draw” Gerard added,
“I’m even worse at that.” She giggled,
“Good! Then it’s settled, I’ll teach you guitar, Gerard will teach you draw” Emily sighed knowing I wasn’t joking and even if we argued I would win.
I sighed, looked at my phone and sighed again,
“Gerard it’s 2am, we gotta sleep man” He sighed,
I looked at Emily, who looked really tired,
“night kiddo, see ya tomorrow” I said, leading Emily downstairs. She walked into the kitchen but me and Gerard stayed in the living room,
“I guess they’ve already gone” Gerard said, “Where can I sleep then Frank?” He asked,
“Oh there’s a sofa bed, let me just grab you a quilt” I said, and I walked into the kitchen to find Jamia clearing up, Emily must’ve gone round the back and over the fence. I open the cupboard and grabbed Gerard a pillow and blanket and walked back into the living room, thankfully gerard had already pulled the sofa bed out and was just waiting for me to bring in his stuff, I gave it to him and went back upstairs not speaking to either of them.
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