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Surprising Emily

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Gerard can't sleep and after he grabs his coffee he decides to pay a visit to Emily.

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Okay this is your last fix for today, and probably the rest of the week I hope you guys enjoy, as always R&R

Jamia’s POV
Frank was mad at me, I could tell that, when I walked upstairs I was hoping that he would be asleep, unfortunately I walked in to find him sat on the bed watching the door, I smiled at him but he sighed, we were about to have an argument, I walked over and sat next to him on the bed, we were sat in darkness and as I tried to hold Frank’s hand but he ignored me and put the light on violently.
“We need to talk” He said looking at me,
“About what?” I asked,
“Don’t play innocent and stupid Jamia, you know what” he looked me in the eyes, a feeling of regret filled my body, “Lyn-z”. I put my hands in my head and brushed my hands through my hair.
“I don’t know Frank. I’m sorry, I didn’t know what to do…She made me promise…” I stuttered, he took his shirt off and stood up, I looked up at him and stood up and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his shoulder, he sighed.
“I hope Gerard’s fine” He shrugged me off and took of his jeans, I climbed into bed and he climbed in next to me, I snuggled up to him and he wrapped his arms around me,
“never do that to me” he whispered, squeezing me,
“I promise” I said, and I fell asleep in Frank’s arms, I always felt safe with Frank.
Gerard’s POV
I woke up this morning forgetting where I was, then I recognised Cherry and Lily’s picture. Those two were cute, I’m glad I still had them in my life atleast. On the outside I was normal, happy. Fine. However on the inside I was panicking, panicking that nobody else would love me, not for real anyway. What am I going to do without my biggest inspiration? The love of my life.
I ban myself to miss, to blame myself. Already I am blocking all negative thoughts, I am a good husband, I had done nothing wrong. Lyn-z had. I put on my tee-shirt, socks, shoes and jacket and left the Iero household. It was 6:30am and I had nowhere to go. Mikey? He’ll be asleep and I have no way of getting there.
I check my pockets, shit no iPod either, I check my phone, 2 new messages from Lyn-z.
“Gee I’m sorry you found out this way. I didn’t want it to happen, it just sort of did…And I ended up loving him. I’ll expect to hear from your lawyers soon, Lynz”
The way Lyn-z just spoke about it like it was some sort of business thing made me hurt more, her next message made me laugh,
“He’s great with B, I think it’s best for me to have full custody. Most people hate me, I have a lot of un-happy fans…Again I’m sorry G x”
I deleted both of the messages, I didn’t want to think about her today, I looked at my wedding ring and gently tugged it off my finger and slipped it into my pocket. I had no idea where I was going but I was walking down the street, not really noticing my surroundings, very quickly I found an open Gas station, that served coffee. Bonus.
I walked in regardless that I had no money, I started making a coffee in the machine anyway. I walked up to the clerk who was about 19, he looked up from his magazine and took his headphones out and properly looked at me,
“Hi” I said,
“hi, you’re that guy from that band” he said,
“Yeah…Look mate I have no money on me, can I sign something and I just get this for free?” he thought about it for a while, and then nodded and put a white, stained mug in front of me and a marker pen,
“name?” I asked,
“Jane. It’s for my girlfriend” he answered shyly,
“Okay” and I signed the mug ‘Jane, stay beautiful, keep it ugly, xoxog’ I handed him the mug and left, the guy said “thanks” as I left, it was now half 7am, I’m going to go see Emily.
Abbey’s POV
I groaned as I looked at the clock 8:14am, who was knocking on the door at this time of day?! I finished brushing my teeth and walked to the door, surprised to see Gerard Way stood at my door. He smiled at me,
“Sorry…Did I wake you up?” He asked
“No, it’s alright…Want to come in?” I offered and stood to the side as Gerard walked into the house and quietly shut the door, I led him into the main living room and sat down and Gerard came and sat next to me,
“Do you want a drink?” I offered, he shook his head.
“No thanks” he paused, “I was wondering…Would it be okay if I took Emily out for a day? I’d really like to get to know her” I looked at him, on one hand I was wary of his interest on Emily but I let this one slide and nodded,
“Yes, I’m sure she’d like that” I pick up my purse and pull out a $20 note and hand it to him, “Here, this is for Emily…Try not to let her waste it…” I smiled, he laughed and put the money in his pocket, “oh and Gerard” He looked at me, slightly worried “Don’t mention Reading Festival…Emily had tickets but we moved here, well now…Three days before and she was heartbroken she couldn’t go” I added, Gerard nodded
“Maybe I can sort something out for her?” He offered,
“That’s sweet, if you can think of anything let me know and I’ll think about it, it’s not that I don’t trust you, I don’t trust Emily, she’s very good at handling herself in front of you, but she sometimes cries when listening to you on her computer…I wouldn’t be able to go with her… And mothers instincts are kicking, not that I don’t trust any of you it’s just the people there, as she’d be in the crowd on her own…” I said,
“Okay, give me your number and I’ll text you if I can sort anything out, hasn’t she got a friend that she could be with, and she’d probably be backstage, not in the crowd” Gerard pulled out his phone and I gave him my new number and he text me so I had his number and I added it into my phonebook, I smiled,
“You’re so kind Gerard, and backstage? Don’t mention anything to Emily just incase nothing happens” I stood up, “I’ll go and wake her…go and wait in the kitchen” and as I went upstairs Gerard went into the kitchen.
As I walked into Emily’s room, Jay walked out of the bathroom,
“Who is it?” He asked, giving me a kiss,
“Oh, Gerard, he’s here to take Emily out” I answered, walking into her room.
Emily was still very much asleep, I went and sat on her bed and gently shook her,
“Emily…It’s time to wake up sweetie” I said, no response, “Emily…” I repeated, and shook her again and she started to wake up, she looked at me and groaned, while rubbing her eyes “Get ready you’re going out” I said, and as Emily started to get out of bed I walked out of the room. I waited until I heard her getting ready I walked downstairs to make sure Gerard was okay.
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