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Since that night, things for Frank and Gerard have been good. Frank has been completely oblivious to the pills that are once again taking over his boyfriend's body. No one can really blame Frank, though. He doesn't know the signs. He has no idea that the man that he talks to on a daily basis is high Gerard and not the real Gerard.

But how would Frank really know the difference? They had only been dating a short amount of time before he started the pills. The Gerard he knew now just seemed like a more relaxed, confident version of the Gerard he met months ago. That's normal though, right? After dating for a while, you get more comfortable with your partner. Right?

And it wasn't like Gerard was on hard drugs, anyway. It was just pills and booze. Nothing bad. That's what he always told himself at least. That it was all okay because he was just popping pills and drinking booze. He had it under control. No one even knew. Well, nobody except Mikey who was just watching in silence as his brother once again let this take over his life.

There was nothing Mikey could do, anyway. He had no proof and accusing Gerard would just be pushing his older brother away, probably into the hands of his drug dealer. He couldn't risk that, so he kept his mouth shut, making sure that everyday Gerard woke up.

And everyday Gerard did wake up. He was hungover and cranky and tired but he was alive. He would roll out of bed, making his way into the bathroom, place the two small white tablets on his tongue before washing it down with water from the sink. It was his routine. Then he would shower, maybe, and get dressed before making himself coffee and shuffling his way out of the house. He always had two destinations in mind. Frank's house or the cafe.

Today it happened to be the cafe.

It was a rainy afternoon at the cafe and Frank and Gerard were both working. Linda had left Frank in charge while she went to an appointment and the two men currently had one customer in the cafe. This customer, however, was standing up and putting on his rain coat, ready to brave the storm outside. As he left the cafe, he thanked the two bored men who were currently cleaning the tables.

When it rains, the cafe pretty much shuts down. The people of this town are too lazy to get out of the their car and trek through the raindrops to come inside and get coffee. Instead they rather the convenience of a drive-thru Starbucks before they make their way to their cubicle job. Oh the monotony.

So because of the franchise, the two lovers now had the cafe to themselves, well besides Benny in the back, but he doesn't really count. When Frank realized this, he turned his head to watch his boyfriend as he bent over the table, cleaning the sticky mess made by a careless, but loyal, business man. He grinned to himself and walked over to Gerard, resting a hand on the small of his back, bending over to whisper in the older man's ear.

“Gee, lets go to the office.” He was close enough to Gerard's ear that his breath tickled the older man's neck and he shivered, making Frank smirk. “Come on, baby, no one is here.”

Before Gerard even had a second to refuse, not that he would anyway, Frank was already running to the front door, flipping the open sign to 'closed' before locking the top lock. He then walked back to Gerard, grabbing him by the hand and pulling him back to the office.

Gerard laughed softly and nearly stumbled over his feet as he his anxious boyfriend pulled them into the office, shutting and locking the door behind him. “And what about Benny? Hmm?”

Frank just shrugged and pressed Gerard against the locked door, pressing their soft bodies together, “I can guarantee you he's napping or reading. We're fine.” He mumbled as he drew his mouth closer and closer to Gerard's. Once their lips were mere millimeters apart, Frank smirked again, “You are so fucking sexy, Gee.”

Gerard let out a breathy laugh, the air hitting Frank's lips hard. Frank just kept the same smirk on his lips before intertwining his hands with Gerard's pressing his lips against the older mans.

Gerard kissed back willingly, holding Frank's hands tightly in his own as their lips moved against one another. Frank, being the eager little person he is, opened his mouth, slipping out his tongue to trace Gerard's lip, begging for an entrance. Gerard gladly allowed it and split his lips meeting Frank's tongue with his own.

As the two men kissed, their tongues massaging the other, Frank slipped his hands out of Gerard's, running them up Gerard's outer thighs and hips, then sliding them around Gerard's back, finding the knot of his lovers apron. Frank tried to undo the knot easily, his hands working quickly as his mouth worked against Gerard's. But apparently, Gerard knotted his apron like seventeen times and Frank's anticipating fingers could not get the knot undone. Frank groaned with annoyance against Gerard's lips before pulling back slightly, panting.

“Jesus Christ, Gerard, how many fucking knots did you tie this thing with?” He asked, his hands giving up on the knot and finding their way into the back of Gerard's pants.

Gerard laughed and reached around his back and swiftly undid his apron, letting it fall to the ground with the weight of the pad in the pocket. “It's my way of protecting myself from hands-y employees.” He joked, cheekily, turning them around so now Frank was pressed against the door.

“Didn't work,” Frank mumbled and moved his hands to Gerard’s pants, unbuttoning them with no problem.

“Tragic,” Gerard whispered against Frank's neck as he began kissing and sucking it. His hands were already groping to Frank's own apron, untying it with no problem. Apparently, Frank was a square and only tied his apron with one knot.

Once the apron was out of the way, Gerard moved his hands to Frank's pants, unbuttoning them in the same fashion that Frank had opened his. Furthering the process, Gerard sank to his knees, pulling Frank's dark jeans down with him. Frank moaned softly, letting his hands fly to Gerard’s hair. His cock beginning to grow with excitement as he thought about what was to come.

Gerard smiled up at Frank as he lifted the black shirt of his uniform and pressed a kiss just above the waistband of Frank's boxers. He continued to place light kisses all along the soft, bare skin of Frank's hips as he pushed down the younger man's boxers. He worked his mouth down with the boxers until he was able to take Frank into his mouth.

Gerard skillfully worked his mouth around Frank, alternating between sucking hard around the entire member and barely kissing the tip of his boyfriend's erection. This made Frank moan loudly as he felt the experienced mouth on his cock for about the hundredth time. He could never get enough though. It was always different. New. Gerard always found a way to make him feel a thousand different senses at once.

The only problem with that was that Frank usually wasn't able to last long. Especially when Gerard took him entirely inside his mouth, past his throat. That was a killer. And unfortunately, or fortunately depending how you look at it, that's exactly what Gerard was doing right now.

Gerard, being the fucking porn star that he was apparently, was now also shoving his hand down his own pants, stroking himself while making noises deep in his throat around Frank. This caused Frank to buck and toss his head against the door, “Fucking hell, Gee.” He groaned, fisting Gerard’s hair. “Fuck.”

Gerard just hummed around him and continued to stroke himself faster as he sucked Frank. He knew the younger man would not last much longer and he wanted to come right after Frank.

When the sensation became too much for Frank, he twisted the strands of Gerard’s hair and groaned to alert him that he was close. He brought one hand to his mouth and bit down on his hand hard to keep himself from screaming as he came. His orgasm rippled through him as he struggled to stay on his feet.

Gerard on the other hand, was still stroking fast as he swallowed Frank's offering after letting Frank's now soft cock fall from his mouth. He then let his forehead rest against Frank's hipbone as he worked himself up to an orgasm. Frank, who hand now fully regained consciousness over his body, let one hand stroke through Gerard’s hair and the other stroke Gerard’s cheek.

“Come on, Gee. Come. I’ve got you, baby. Come for me.” Frank whispered, tenderly.

That was all Gerard needed and his body erupted with his orgasm. He let his open mouth run over the skin that was stretched across Frank's hipbone as he stroked through the final moments of euphoria.

After cleaning each other up and sharing a few small kisses, the two men went back to work. The day went by quickly though. Frank's mom returned about an hour later, along with another set of waiters for the afternoon/evening shift, relieving both Frank and Gerard for the rest of the day. That meant, of course, that Gerard would follow Frank back to his house and they'd spend the rest of the day together.

And that's where they were now. Three hours after their office fiasco, they were laid across Frank's couch, Frank's back was against the arm and Gerard was between the smaller mans legs. He was stroking the skin of Frank's slightly exposed hip as the two of them watched TV. It was relaxing for them. Even for Gerard, who normally, if he were home, would have a bottle of Jack open, drinking it as he drew or watched some movie that he knew that words by heart.

“So, Gee,” Frank interrupted the silence during the commercial break.

“Hmm?” Gerard looked away from the screen, squeezing Frank's hip gently.

“It's August.” He started slowly, resting his hand on the back of Gerard’s neck, gently.

“It is.” Gerard nodded slowly. His mind didn't fully register what that meant. It was too fogged up with pills.

“School starts in a few weeks.” Frank reminded Gerard, gently. They had talked about this briefly before, but every time Frank brought it up, Gerard would switch the subject.

“Oh?” he asked, resting his head on the soft part of Frank's stomach. He wasn't really listening. The pills that he had swallowed after his shift were wearing off. It was hard to keep focused.

“Gee, I’m going to be leaving in a few weeks. For months.” Frank pressed softly, squeezing the back of Gerard’s neck gently.

“Oh,” He repeated again, this time it sounded defeated. Like he didn't know what to do with the information.

“I'll be coming back, though. For holidays and such.” Frank told Gerard. He had told him before, but it never seemed to sink in.

“How long until you're home again?”


“But what about your birthday?” Gerard sat up, looking at Frank anxiously. Birthdays were a big deal in the Way family and Gerard intended to bring that tradition into his relationship with Frank, too.

“It's on a Wednesday this year, I think.” He didn't think. He knew. He had checked the minute he got the semester schedule in his email. He really wanted to be with Gerard for his birthday. Their first 'holiday' since they got together.

“Fuck.” Gerard cursed, sitting up in between Frank's legs. “This sucks, Frankie.”

Frank knew that it sucked. He really did, but he didn't think Gerard would have such a hard time with it. Especially since he'd told him before. Multiple times.

“Well, Gee, I was thinking that after this semester, I could transfer to somewhere closer. Like Rutgers or something. They have the premed program there, too, and it's only about ten minutes away.” He sat up too, folding his legs beneath him as he looked across at his boyfriend, expectantly.

“Do you want to do that?” Gerard asked. His mind may be clouded over with pills and booze, but he still wanted Frank to be happy.

“Well, I was looking into the school and their premed program seems pretty good. It's not as good as the one that I’m at now, but it's not bad. And as long as I get good grades I could still, probably, get into any med school that I want.”

Gerard thought about Frank's offer and it didn't seem fair. It didn't seem right that when Gerard was Frank's age, he got to travel to fucking New York, study in the exact school that he wanted, study what he wanted, and live out the college experience. And Frank was willing to give that up just so he could be home and sit on the couch with his drug addicted boyfriend. Gerard knew he had to say no. He knew that he had to tell Frank that him going to Rutgers would be stupid. That he should stay at the university he was in because it was better and more prestigious. But he couldn't. At least not while he was coming down from his high. The numbness was setting it. The feeling of being alone. The feeling of being stuck here while the rest of the world was moving on. And it was. His world was moving on. Frank was going to be come a doctor. He would no longer want to be with Gerard, the fuck up from Belleville.

Gerard couldn't live with that. But how could he tell Frank that? How could he tell Frank to leave his dreams behind and stay with him? What would staying with Gerard do for Frank? Nothing. Nothing at all. Frank will work at his mothers cafe for the rest of his life, and that would be the end. He would be miserable and he would hate Gerard. But what would be worse? Losing Frank and letting him live out his dreams? Or keeping Frank and having the younger man hate him? There was a logical choice. Obviously. But Gerard wasn't good at thinking logically.

Gerard chose to avoid it all. Gerard chose to just let whatever the fuck was going to happen, happen. So he shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly and looked across at Frank, hard.

“I can't tell you want to do, Frank.”

“I know, but I'd like your opinion.” Frank said quietly. He didn't like the sudden mood change in Gerard’s behavior. In fact he hated it. He hated when Gerard got like this.

“I think you should do whatever the fuck you want to do.” He nearly growled. And Gerard didn't recognize himself in that moment. He had never been so short with Frank. It just didn't happen.

Frank just nodded and looked at Gerard, “Fine.” Frank stood from the couch. He didn't need to take this shit.

“Fine,” Gerard retorted childishly and got up from the couch as well.

Frank stared at Gerard for another moment before he walked out of the small living room toward the front door. “I think you should go.”

Gerard just nodded and followed Frank to the front door, letting himself out without saying a work to Frank. His mind was on the pills that were in his car. The pills that would not be enough to fix the mess that he just made. He needed more. He needed so much more. Pulling out his cell phone, he started a new message to Chris and quickly typed out, 'Dude, I need something stronger than these fucking pills, man. Whattya got?' He sent it quickly and got into his car, he didn't look back at the house to see Frank staring shell shocked out the front door. He didn't look back and see the pain that was radiating from his boyfriend's face.

A few minutes later, as he was driving away from Frank's house, he got a text from Chris saying; 'I got two eight balls of coke left. $80 each or both for $140. Let me know ASAP.'

Gerard texted back quickly; 'Give me both, i'll meet you in fifteen.'

Then he sped off to the bank, withdrawing exactly one hundred and forty dollars from his checking account. That left him with less than a hundred dollars for the week. He needed to find a way to get more money. He needed to find a way to feed his growing addiction.

Uh, oh, spaghetti-o's. :(

I'm sooooo sorry for the wait. I went away with my dad then I went on a weekend trip with friends, then it was my birthday, where I saw the Honda Civic Tour!!!! wooo, and now I'm sick. So I'm sorry if this sucks and seems rushed, but i really wanted to get it out to you guys.

There's a lot more drama coming your way, so let me know what you think! xoxoxxo
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