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1.After Dark

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Franks a prostitute living on the Streets Gerards a comic book illustrater What happens when Their worlds collide?

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Hey Guys Suffering from the usual insomnia so started working on a idea I just had, Enjoy:)

Frank shivered as he drew he's tattered blanket around his shoulders,He's wary eyes flicking up and down the street. New Jersey was not a place were you would want to be sleeping on the streets.He ran his fingers through his matted black hair,sighing he reached into he's shirt pocket pulling out a single note he had stored carefully in there.He was running low on cash, He had no choice he need to work.At times like these he wished he could just light a joint and pass out forgetting his life and the giant mess he had made of it.No he thought firmly to himself, No more He had stopped ,His junkie days were in the past and he swore he would not fall down trap again.Grabbing his bag and stuffing the blanket inside, He got to his feet. Time to go to work.

As the light began to fade and darkness settled in Frank made he's way to the street known as Jerseys "Red Light District".He settled himself in he's usual spot leaning against a lit street lamp. Soon enough a unfamiliar sleek red car pulled up beside Frank. hating himself for what he was about to do, Frank took a deep breath and bent down to lean in the car window.A pretty, young blonde smirked at him from the drivers seat. "Get in" she drawled in a thick southern accent. Frank hopped into the front seat and they drove off into the night. "So what's a hot young guy like you doing working on the streets" she pondering smiling "And what's a pretty girl like you doing picking up prostitutes"Frank retorted. "Touché" she snorted " I'm Casey" "Frank".

A short while later they pulled up in front of a small Yellow house.She led Frank up the stairs to a small blue room.Wasting no time Frank pulled her towards him crushing his lips against hers ,backing her up towards the bed.Roughly dumping her on the pink comforter, He straddled her, pulling her top off in one swift movement quickley followed by her bra. He hungerly kissed her, moving south all the time , When he reached her nipple he took it in his mouth sucking hard earning a moan from the well endowed blonde, he smirked as he moved further down licking lightly across her stomach just above the waistband of her lowrise jeans.

He undid the button with his teeth a trademark move of his and swiftly removed her jeans. he teased at her lacy thong dragging it down her leg slowly with his teeth.She dug her acrylics into his short black hair pulling him closer as he ran his Tongue up her leg and down her slit She writhed on the bed as Frank licked again and again faster and faster deeper and deeper.Casey let out one final moan before sitting up and removing Franks jeans and boxers. "Oooh Big boy" She gasped pulling Frank back into the bed as he straddle her again.

He lined his pulsating penis up against her entrance and began sing into her. She bucked her hips as he rode her back and forth rubbing her nipples as he did so.She screamed in pleasure as he hit her spot."Oh Frank I'm so close" She moaned as she wound her legs around Franks back driving him deeper into her."Oh ya" she moaned as she hit her peak and collapsed onto the bed under Frank. She curled up beside him" That was amazing" she drawled as she closed her eyes. Frank held his breath. For a couple of minutes waiting for the soft rhythmic breathing that showed she was asleep. He slowly rose from the bed and crept to the bathroom he showered and dressed as quietly as possible. He crossed the room and picked up her wallet extracting his fee for the night and without a single glance towards the bed he crept from the house.

Hey Guys New Fic :)Bit rough as it was written on my iPod . Please please R&R and let me know what you think any suggestions or constructive critcism welcome. More to come Gerard will enter Franks life fairly soon , Frerard me thinks. that was my first sex scene hope it wasn't to awful.Let me know
-DisenchantedDestroya XOXO
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