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2. On My Own

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Things are strained between Gerard and he's girlfriend

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Chapter 2

Franks POV
Frank strolled down the street,the feel of the cold crisp Autumn night on his face. He felt numb like he was spiralling downwards into a deep black abyss that he couldn't escape from, It felt like he was falling deeper with every night he spent selling his body to survive. High school drop-out, no qualifications, no money,parents dead and gone and no other existing family, he could see no way out.A different woman every night the thoughts of his nighttime escapades made him sick to his stomach but there was no other way . He stopped at an off-license buying the cheapest vodka he could find.He came to a deserted park. It would do. He settled himself on an old park bench draining the vodka in one go and slowly drifted of restless sleep.

Gerards POV
Gerard stirred as his alarm clock began to bleat.He slowly opened his eyes, a beam of light streaming through a chink in the curtains landed on his face. He groaned as he groggily rose from the bed shaking his untidy black hair back from his face, looking at the empty other half of the bed feeling relived his girlfriend wasn't there and then automatically feeling guilty. She must have spent the night at her own house. Things hadn't been right between them for months and they hadn't had sex in weeks, but they had just swept it under the rug and ignored it.They had been together for 2 years they couldn't just give up so easily.

Sighing,He began to dress pulling on faded skinnys and a misfits t-shirt. Grabbing a red hoodie from the floor he bounded down the stairs and into the kitchen . As he sat on the counter munching on his toast he heard the front door opening and his girlfriend calling his name. "In the kitchen" he called back. The petite blonde rounded the corner into the kitchen "Sorry babe was working late and I didn't want to disturb you so I went home " she apologised not quite meeting his eye as she reached up to peck him on the cheek " It's okay Hun I went to bed early anyway" he smiled down looking into his girlfriends big blue eyes as she grinned back at him.

Maybe things could get better,Maybe there was hope for them after all. "Wanna go to the movies or something today?"she asked. "Can't I'm working" Gerard sighed pulling a face at the thought. "Aw that sucks" she pouted, but she didn't seem to be too upset in Gerards eyes , No he shook his head your just imagining it, he inwardly scolded himself. "Well I guess I'll see you later then?" she asked as he walked with her out to the front door "I'll call you" he said as he kissed the top of her head "Casey" he called after her "love you" she just waved and kepted walked down the road.

Hey guys Yes you read right Casey is cheating on Gee with Frankie :o What's gonna happen dundundun :L Thank you soooo much for the reviews they made my day :) enjoy and R&&R pretty please
P.S sorry the chapters have been a bit rough so far have been writing on my iPod once I get on the laptop I'll fix them up :)
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