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3 Wait is Over

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Casey becomes a regular and Gerard is fed up

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Chapter 3
Franks POV
The End of another day ,the start of another endless night, Frank stood in his position waiting anxiously for a customer for the sooner it started the sooner it was over and he could go back to feeling numb again. A now familiar sleek red car pulled up.4 th night in a row.Frank hopped in without delay. Casey smiled at Frank as she leaned across the seat and kissed him full force ,grabbing his crotch as she did so, giggling into Franks mouth as he gasped."Back to mine , we can pick up were we left off" she purred as she started the engine.

Frank lay on the bed , Casey lay ontop of him stroking his hair.Frank wished she would sleep so he could leave"So.. It amazes me that a pretty girl like you doesn't have a boyfriend" Frank pondered aloud trying to make conversation "Well I do " she admitted red faced " But he never does for me what you do , Things just aren't right between us there's something off about him lately " she said. She sat up ,perched on Franks toned stomach. She climbed off the bed and began to pace the floor " Frank ... I'd like to see you again but I don't want it to be like this I want something... Something more , I'll leave him it'll be hard but I'll do it, you make me feel so alive, so new, please " she turned to him her big blue eyes full of tears begging.

Frank swung off the bed and took Casey by the shoulders "Casey your my customer I'm a prostitute , It could never work.I can't deal with this". Frank shook his head as he gathered his clothes hastily dressed and left a snivelling Casey on the bedroom floor.

Gerards POV
Gerard checked his phone again. No missed calls , no texts."Fuck it" He swore aloud throwing his paintbrushes to ground and making his way from his basement studio to the kitchen.Gerard was tired of waiting for Casey.She had been acting so distant over the last couple of days even more then usual. He scrawled a note in his messy artist handwriting "Gone to bar" in the odd case that Casey might show up and wonder were he was. He grabbed his keys and old beaten leather jacket and left banging the door on his way out.
Ola chicas :) Very short chapter I know and not very exciting but I know what's happening next but this needed to happen first :P R&&R pretty please :)
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