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4.When We Collide

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Frank makes a new friend

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Frankies POV
Frank slumped against the bar, a line of empty glasses stood in front of him.He had long ago lost count of the glasses and hours he had been there.The incident with Casey had freaked him out but it happened ,Customers that confused their business transaction for something more.Frank was sick of it, She was a nice girl and all but he felt nothing for her.After years of meaningless sex for money, Frank had trained himself to feel nothing.Joe,the bartender watched Frank carefully , he knew Frank well by now,he was one of Franks only friends and he worried at the sight of Frank almost comatosed.
"Frankie, i think you've had enough to drink now" Joe stated firmly " You stay there and sober up a bit before you go anywhere" He gathered the glasses shaking his head pityingly .

"Vodka and Coke please. Hey mate you alright there?" Frank heard a gentle voice asking.Slowly it registered the person was talking to him and he slowly raised his head. His breath caught in his throat as he took in the man standing in front of him. He was taller then Frank , he had long black hair that just brushed off his shoulders and the most amazing hazel eyes Frank had ever seen. "Im okay " Frank croaked. The man looked relived shooting Frank a crooked grin that almost stopped Franks heart and sent blood rushing to his already flushed cheeks.The man perched himself on the stool beside Franks and held out his hand "Hey im Gerard" he smiled."Hey im Frank" Frank stuttered as he tried to control his thoughts.

He had never believed in love at first sight but he was sure this was what it felt like.He had been with plenty of girls -and guys- before but had never felt anything like this before and frankly it scared him. He tried to focus on what Gerard was saying.
"So Frank Tell me about yourself" Gerard said sipping his drink.Frank eyed him warily Gerard looked at back,genuine interest evident in his eyes. Fuck it, Frank thought he was a complete stranger he would probably never see him again.Slowly it all came tumbling out the drink helped it slide out, how has parents had died in a car crash when he was 11 and he had been put into a care home , and how he had left when he was 16, dropped out of school because he couldnt handle the bullying any more and now 3 years later he was living on the streets.He told him the whole sorry tale but He left out the little detail of his night shifts,Gerard might be a stranger but Frank didnt want this beautiful man to think badly of him."Shit man .. i dont know what to say" Gerard said sadly, His big hazel eyes full of pity and sadness.

Hours pasted, They talked and talked and drank and talked some more Frank had never talked to someone like that before in his life, no had ever cared to asked ,but Gerard did. He learned more about Gerard too, He was 21 ,two years older then Frank, He was a comic book illustrator, he loved music.Joe interupted their conversation to remind them it was closing time.Gerard drained his glass setting it down beside the other six Frank didnt even remember him ordering. Suddenly his eyes lit up and he jumped down of his stool nearly knocking it in the process " Hey i have a crazy idea , You can come live with me" He said the excitement lighting up his face. " I know you barely know me but i cant leave you on the streets, its not your fault you've been dealt a shit hand in life but i can help you get back on your feet." he was babbling now making wild hand gestures as he talked Frank watched him with fascination " Please let me help you. Ive a big house and im there alone most of the time, my girlfriend lives in her own house. C'mon Frank what do say? He finished, grinning at Frank with that crooked smile and eyes full of hope.

Frank sat there in shock, He was not expecting that, His heart had sank at little at the mention of a girlfriend but Gerard had spoke with such passion he couldnt help but feel like he wanted him."But Gerard .." Frank started " Ah ah ah no buts no excuses i know its batshit crazy but i dont care" Gerard injected "..Well then,I say Okay ,i guess " Frank said finally ,shyly smiling back at Gerard. Gerards smile grew wider and he threw his arms around Frank squeezing him tightly. Frank blushed even harder glad that Gerard couldnt see his face as he buried his head into Gerards shoulder. All to soon Gerard let go. "C'mon lets go". Frank turned to wave good night to Joe who stood behind the counter cleaning glasses , "Goodnight Joeeyyyy" he called Joe shook his head smirking "Good night Frankie" he called back as Gerard grabbed Frankies hand and dragged him out the door.

Hey Guys :) Gerard and Frank have met finally and his taking him home? Whats gonna happen :O :L R&&R pretty please
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