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The Last Goodbye

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Caseys mouth hit the floor as the man entered the kitchen. She shook her head in disbelief.FRANK.

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Franks POV
Frank rolled over in the bed, relishing the softness and warmth of the queen sized bed ,sleepily opening his eyes ,taking in the unfamiliar room. Suddenly he shot up in the bed, panic surging through his body " What the fuck" He screamed. He heard footsteps run up the stairs and a timid knock on the bedroom door. "Frank are you alright" A voice called, the gentle voice brought the memories of that night.Gerard. Frank felt guilty for scaring Gerard yet again, he had been at Gerards for 2 weeks now and every morning was the same story. After years on the story it was going to take him a while to get used to sleeping indoors, he knew that already from winters he had spent in Homeless shelters before .

"Frank can i come in" Gerard called from outside the door "Um sure" Frank called back pulling the duvet up under his chin.Gerard bounded in the door and landed with a thump on the bed "Morning Frankie" He felt that bubbly warmth inside that him felt every time Gerard used his nickname." I was wondering..My girlfriend is home tonight she was at he sisters for the last week, How about i cook dinner and introduce you?" He asked nervously,peeking at at Frank from under his fringe. Frank grimaced automatically at the mention of the girlfriend and Gerards face fell. Frank forced himself to smile at Gerard. " Of course Gee, I cant wait to meet her, Whats her name? He asked enthusiastically. "Yay! Her name is Casey" Gerard replied beaming.

Casey. The name sent shivers down Franks spine.Gerard noticed his expression "What's wrong" He asked concerned."Oh nothing" Frank replied "I knew a girl called Casey once , But im sure she's nothing like your Casey" He smiled reassuringly at Gerard.Gerard looked relived and hopped down of the bed "Ill go ring her now, How does Pasta sound?" "Sounds good" Frank replied as Gerard practically skipped out of the room and down the stairs."Sounds like a nightmare" he muttered to himself as he flopped back down on the bed.

Caseys POV
Casey paced her bedroom floor. Things were fucked up. She sat down on the faded pink duvet. "Breathe" She commanded herself.She had gone to her sisters for a week but had told Gerard she was gone for 2 to help her sister settle into her new house ,Instead she had waited for Frank at his corner.And waited, And waited. No sign of Frank.Had something happened to him ?Was it her fault? She chewed at her lip. And what about Gerard? Guilt rose up her throat leaving a sour taste in her mouth. She loved Gerard but that was the thing.Loved. Past tense. They had been drifting for months and She felt ashamed at the fact that she didn't mind,But yet she couldnt bring herself to break uo with him. He was too nice and Casey knew he was still in love with her .

Her phone rang interrupting her stream of thought. A picture of Gerard flashed up on the Screen. She sighed and picked up the phone " Hey Gerard" She answered brightly "Hey Babe, Welcome home!!Ive missed you "he said softly " Listen i was thinking would you like to come over for dinner tonight, im cooking? Oh and i want you to met a friend of mine who's staying at mine for a while?" Gerard asked. Casey cursed inwardly she was hoping to go looking for Frank.She needed him.She could feel the bile rising up her throat , for real this time , She ran to the bathroom barely making in time She pressed her forehead against the cool surface of the tiled floor. "Casey babey are you alright ?" She could hear Gerards voice asking. She was going mad. "

Casey?" She realised the tinny voice was coming from the phone. Shit, she never hung up." Ya im fine Gerard must have been something I ate Ya sure I'll be over around 7? She replied just wanting to be left alone. "Okay See you then Gerard" She hung up the phone and threw it across the room where it landed with a clatter on the floor. She pulled herself of the floor and into the shower.A little while later as she lay on her bed her phone went off again. it was time to go to Gerards. She dragged herself of the bed and dressed quickly.She made her way down the stairs and out the front door.Sighing she started the engine and pulled out of the driveway.

Pulling up outside Gerards house, Casey took a deep breath . "Its going to be okay" she mumbled to herself.She knocked on the front door . Gerard answered the door, a big smile lit out his face as he picked Casey up and twirled her around ,squeezing her tight.He bent down to kiss her . "Hey babe is it okay if i borrow your car I've to run to the store to pick up some bits, You go on in and meet Frank" ,And with that Gerard dived into her car speeding off. Casey sighed and walked into the kitchen sitting up on the counter. She heard Gerards friend -what did he say the guys name was?- coming down the stairs and walking down the hall. Caseys mouth hit the floor as the man entered the kitchen. She shook her head in disbelief.FRANK. MOTHERFUCKING FRANK. The prostitute. "what the FUCK"Frank screeched as he registered the petite blonde perched on the counter-top." What the hell are you doing here!!? Casey stuttered "Gerard asked me to stay here what are yo--- Wait.. Casey -your Gerards girlfriend Frank half shouted " How could you cheat on him like that ! What is wrong with you!" Casey looked at her feet guilt evident on her face.

Gerards POV
Gerard pulled up in the drive. He hopped out of the car and opened the back door to get the bag of groceries. He spotted a red piece of fabric under the back seat and he pulled it. It was Caseys red lacey thong nestled up on top on a pair of tatty striped boxer shorts. He froze they were must definitely not his.Everything clicked into place.The nights she had been "working" late, all of his calls that had gone straight to her voicemail , the distance between them. She was cheating on him.Gerards blood began to boil in veins , knocking the forgotten bag to the ground he grabbed the offensive items off the the floor and stormed in the front door. He opened it just in time to hear Casey screaming venomously at Frank " Does Gerard know what sort of scum his brought home eh? Filthy leech" That was it. She cheated on him and now she was going psycho at poor innocent Frank. Gerard saw red.He entered the kitchen . They both froze as if playing a game of musical statues. He strode up to Casey and threw the boxers and thong in her face. She looked stricken ,Her eyes grew wide and tears began to well up. Gerard didnt care anymore. " You filthy whore you cheat on me and then come here like nothings wrong and abuse my best friend- How fucking dare you . You've treated me like shit for the last time. Get the fuck out of my house" He screamed at her . "B-b-but Gerar-" Casey stuttered .Gerard cut her off " Get.Out. He said in a calm tone with a dangerous edge to it. Casey looked at Frank and back at Gerard ,She started to say something but Gerard blocked her out. " Cut the bullshit" he snarled as he pushed her towards the front door and slammed the door in her tear-stained face. He sunk down against door sobbing as he heard the car start up and drive away

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