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The Only Hope For Me Is You

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"Please don't, It's not your fault, d-don't leave me " He pleaded looking at Frank ,His hazel eyes filled with pain.Frank bit his lip he couldn't leave him like this and he must certainly couldn't ...

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Franks POV
Frank stood frozen in the middle of the kitchen , hardly daring to breathe as the front door slammed and he heard quite heart wrenching sobs coming from the the hall. He gingerly approached Gerard ,who was slumped against the hard wood of the front door, his long black hair shadowing his face."I'll go, I'm sure you don't want me around" Frank mumbled , guilt consuming him as he watched the sobs rack Gerards chest , It was his fault this had happened -though Gerard didnt know it." No" Gerard whispered "Please don't, It's not your fault, d-don't leave me " He pleaded looking at Frank ,His hazel eyes filled with pain.

A stream of conflicting thoughts battled in Franks head. He wanted Gerard so bad but he was sure Gerard didnt feel the same. And how could he hide it from Gerard- the awful fact that it was his boxers that he had found and his fault he was like this now.He tried to keep his composure.Frank bit his lip he couldn't leave him like this and he must certainly couldn't tell him now . It might just push him over the edge.

Frank dropped to his knees in front of the broken man. "Oh Gerard" he said softly ,wrapping his arms around a shaking Gerard and pulling him close. Tears welled up in Gerards eyes as he buried his face in Franks soft grey t-shirt. Somehow Frank managed to get him over to the couch and curled up with Gerard in his arms, rocking him back and forth against his chest comforting him until his sobs subsided and "D-dont leave me" he whispered grasping Franks hand, before closing his eyes and passing out, exhausted, in Franks arms.

Gee's POV
When Gerard woke it was dark and he was lying on the couch with a sleeping Franks arms wrapped around him. Frank sighed in his sleep and his nose twitched. Gerard stiffled a giggle , Frank was so cute when he was asleep .. And when he was awake, but especially when he was asleep . He felt a surge of guilt until the memories of yesterday came flooding back. He no longer had to feel guilty about his feelings for Frank. He smiled to himself. Was it to soon after -Her ?Did he care? he thought to himself, feeling the tears welling up again at the thoughts of what she had done -No he thought firmly, That bitch is the one that did you wrong, it's not your fault, Why should you wallow - She's off fucking some other guy already and had been for fuck knows how long.Franks one of the good ones , he thought to himself, He'd never betray him like that.

Gerard gazed up at Frank. He was, In short, amazing . His smooth crystal clear skin , his silky jet black locks , his perfect brown eyes, his giggle that you just couldn't help but adore. He remember that night, almost a month ago, when he had found Frank passed out in his favourite bar, like some beautiful drunken angel.Gerard had never felt so strong about someone before especially someone he just met, not even his girlfriend, a fact that he ashamedly pushed into a corner in the depths of his mind.He had fallen for guys before but no one like Frank, He was mysterious, so street wise wild yet innocent, He remembered the heart-breaking moment when he reminded himself that it could never happen, That it would have to remain a fantasy .Now it could be reality.

Gerard smiled to himself at the thought and subconsciously snuggled in closer to Frank. He stirred in his sleep and slowly opened his eyes " Good Morning Frankie" Gerard whispered " Hey .. how are you feeling now? Frank asked gently concern creasing his face . " Im okay,Im more then okay actually ,I feel better then i have in years, i was only fooling myself i knew it wasn't right, I knew it all along " He shook his head. " Frank.. thank you for staying with me last night , for being there for me" Gerard smiled shyly in the half light. Frank blushed.God he was so cute when he did that.

Gerard sat up, still entwined with Frank. Frank blushed even harder "Shit, sorry" He mumbled as he tried to separate himself from Gerard "No its alright, Don't apologise" Gerard whispered, entangling them even more .The younger mans eyes widened in surprise, his mouth popping open in a perfect O shape. Gerard reached up and brushed a strand of black hair from Franks face and hesitated for a moment before closing the gap between them and gently pressing his lips against Franks.

For one heart stopping moment it felt like he had read it wrong and Frank didnt feel the same, but the younger man soon vanquished his doubts.Frank timidly began to kiss him back. Gerard ran his tongue along Franks lower lip, flicking at his ring, earning a squeak.Gerard chuckled as he pulled back, pressing his forehead against Franks. "Like i said ,Don't apologise" He whispered, feeling his cool breathe mingle with Franks as he drew him into a deeper kiss.

Ello m'dears :D Naaaaw Happy Ending... For now,not quiet finished yet :P.This almost didn't get up tonight. I had it all typed out and when i went to post it the internet went and i lost all of it :( Was so pissed off but i wrote it all out again for ye guys, So lots of rates and reviews for that? Please and Thank you :D

-DisenchantedDestroya XOXO
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