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Tonight Will Be The Night That I Will Fall For You

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3 weeks later

Franks POV

Frank sat on a beach on the south coast of Spain , watching the sun rise over the ocean , it was breath-taking.That day -after their first kiss , Gerard had decided they needed to get away ,phone calls were made and two days later they jetted off for Spain.Frank had never been so happy before .He couldn't believe this beautiful man was all his ,he made him feel complete ,but under all the happiness and lovey-doveyness , guilt gnawed away at Franks conscious. He  was a horrible person, lying and hiding secrets , but what could he do , he was in too deep , He was in love and he was pretty sure Gerard was falling for him too. He couldn't do it , he couldn't just break Gerards heart like that . Frank lived in fear of the moment were the truth would be unveiled and his whole world would come crumbling down.Gerard had blocked Caseys Calls and emails  before they had left but Frank knew that sooner or later they'd arrive home and she would come find him in person and all hell would break lose .He just hoped it was later.

Frank was startled from his thoughts by the sound of someone approaching. He looked up to see Gerard making his way across the deserted beach towards him.He was wearing just a pair of black surfer shorts that contrasted perfectly with his alabaster pale skin and his newly dyed red hair and that dipped dangerously low on his hips. Frank bit his lip. "Hey babe I was looking for you " Gerard smiled as he flopped down on the sand beside Frank. "Hey"Frank smiled back at him "Sorry , I  couldn't  sleep so i came down here.. It's so  beautiful " Frank sighed . " Not half as beautiful as you " Gerard replied, leaning over to press his lips to Franks. 

He drew Frank into a deep kiss , exploring his mouth , He flicked at Franks ring , causing him in sqeauk in delight. Gerard pulled back , slowly removing Franks baggy tank top ,keeping eye contact all the time. Frank nearly melted under his intense gaze . He pushed Frank to the sand , removing his shorts painfully slow, unveiling Franks throbbing erection. Frank pulled off Gerards shorts and they discarded the unwanted clothing on the sand behind them . Gerard stroked Franks member lightly as he sucked and licked Franks nipples. Frank moaned quietly as Gerards cool breath caused his nipples to hard . 

Gerard moved further south taking Franks length in his mouth and sucked hard scraping his teeth down the length and nipping the tip, earning a loud lusty moan from Frank . He  took all of Frank in his mouth now sucking hard , bobbing his head up and down, faster and faster , til with a loud groan Frank shot his load into Gerards mouth. Gerard swallowed it and moved up to kiss Frank , allowing him to taste himself mixed with Gerards signature taste of cigarrettes and cherry chapstick.

 Frank rolled over so he was on top . He brushed Gerards hair from his neck , biting and sucking the exposed skin , drawing blood. " Fuck " panted Gerard . Frank planted a kiss on the small of his back. He stuck his finger on Gerard's mouth ,seductively pulling it back out " Are you ready" Frank asked gently . It was their first time and he didn't want to hurt him. Gerard nodded , the muscles  in his shoulders tensed . Frank gentle pushed his finger inside of Gerard , adding another , and slowly began to scissor them, stretching him . gerard gasped "Are you okay, my love" Frank purred in Gerards ear " Gerard grunted nodding slowly ."Fuck me now ,baby " he  growled  , digging his hands into the pure white powder . 

Frank  lined up against Gerard and suddenly thrusted into him , Gerard bucked his hips and bit his lip to stop from crying out from the sharp pain. Frank slowly pulled out, enjoying the tightness that enveloped his penis. He  slammed in again, Gerard moaned ,in pleasure this time . Frank slammed into him again and again, grasping Gerards member at the same time , pumping it furiously . Frank could feel himself getting closer and knew Gerard was close too. One final thrust and they  simultaneously came ,collapsing onto the sand as one. Gerard twisted around, catching Frank's mouth with his ,pulling him close and wrapping his arms around the smaller mans hot sweaty body "You've been a dirty boy" he purred nibbling at Franks earlobe "Time to get you cleaned up" .He gathered a giggling Frank  up in his arms and walked up towards the sea,wadding in til he was waist deep, dumping his protesting boyfriend into the warm water. Frank squealed as he resurfaced ,shaking droplets of water from his hair . Gerard laughed pulling Frank close to him " Your my fallen angel ,I love you" He whispered . "I love you too " Frank whispered back burying his face in his boyfriends shoulder, the sweetness of the beautiful moment tainted by the acrid after taste of guilt .

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