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I Never Told You What I Do For A Living

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"Frank what's she talking about.. What secret?" Gerard said slowly.Frank opened his mouth but no sound came out. He couldnt. But she could. "

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Gerard POV

He scowled at Frank, who was giggling as Gerard was patted down by a rather burly woman security guard. They were getting the 5 am flight back to New Jersey- it was way to early for this shit. Finally, after the woman came to the conclusion he wasn't a terrorist, she let him go. " Fuck this shit , Gerard grumbled as he grabbed his bag and the various items of clothing he had been made remove and threw himself into a seat and began redressing himself "Happens every fucking time" . Frank took one look at him and burst out laughing " Your face" He giggled. Gerard tried to look offended but it was pointless, he couldn't help but smile at Franks adorkable demented giggling.

A while later they boarded the plane with Frank making a mad dash for a window seat. Gerard shook his head smiling as he sat beside him.Frank snuggled against him and within minutes was fast asleep. Gerard marvelled at his ability to fall sleep anywhere.He looked so innocent and vulnerable. Gerard knew it was unbelievable cheesey but he truly believed Frank was like some fallen angel , he had saved him from a doomed relationship and made him the happiest he had ever been.He squirmed at his own corniness.He pulled his iPod from his pocket and selected Today by the Smashing Pumpkins.Gerard gently pushed Franks hair from his face and put his arm around him and slowly drifted off into a deep content sleep.

10 hours ,countless Starbucks and another pat-down later Gerard drove down his street. They were both exhausted and jetlagged. He turned the corner and nearly crashed the car sitting on his doorstep was Casey. He slowly pulled into the drive and stopped the car. Frank woke with a start at the sound of Gerard cursing and banging the steering wheel with his fist, Gerard nodded towards the house without a word and frank followed his gaze. Casey.

Frank froze.
His heart juddered to a violent stop and the world seemed to go in slow motion.
It was all over now.
He could see his world come crashing down as Gerard flung open the car door and strode over to were Casey was sitting. Frank hastily scrambled out of the car after him. Casey stood up, leaning back against the front door arms crossed watching , waiting.
" What are you doing here" Gerard growled.
" Hey Gerard nice to see you too how are things?, Oh Hey Frank , Told Gerard your little secret hmm?" She barked a short harsh laugh." Oh course not, cause word on the streets is your his new fuck buddy" She smirked .Gerard looked at her then at me confusion plain on his face.

"Frank what's she talking about.. What secret?" Gerard said slowly.Frank opened his mouth but no sound came out. He couldn't. But she could. "Oh dear , cat got your tongue Frankie? Let me, Well Gerard it seems like your lickle boyfriend - she wrinkled her nose in disgust- Forgot to mention his night "job"
"Casey what the fuck are you talking about" Gerard asked bewildered.
" Im talking about the fact that Frank has somehow managed to neglect , the fact that when you met him , He was a filthy prostitute , trading sex for cold hard cash" She spat. " And that's not all,oh no, Did he mention that those were his boxers you found in my car? She finished a spiteful smile spreading across her face. Gerards face fell as he turned to Frank confusion mingling with anger
" Frank is it true " he asked a shred of hope evident in his hazel eyes, hope that it was an elaborate lie his psycho ex had conjured up.

This was it.Goodbye Gerard.I love you.
"Yes its true" He whispered a single tear rolling down his face. Gerard expression changed from bewilderment to furious.
" Well I can tell this is gonna go all Costa Rica so Ima bounce" Casey smiled sweetly ,flicking her blonde hair from her face. "Frank I'm sure ill see you soon enough" She winked and walked off down the road without looking back.

" You bastard " Gerard screamed ,rounding on Frank, tears starting to roll down his stricken face " You knew , you knew all this time, It drove me mad trying to work out who it was and why and it was you all along." A sob escaped from Gerard. " I trusted you I let you in , I fell for you and all this time you were laughing behind me back. Poor unsuspecting, innocent Gerard. What a fool I was "He spat venomously."Gerard I-" Frank started, but Gerard cut him off. " Leave now" He screamed, pain cracking his voice ,tears coming fast and heavy now. "Gerard please I love you I should have told yoU Im so sorry"Frank whispered. "Get the fuck away from me, And .Never.Come.Back -I never want to see your face again " Gerard hissed, pure hatred written all over his face. Tears streamed down Franks face as he turned and ran as fast as he could away from Gerard and all the hurt he had created.

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