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To the End

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This was it . I love you Gerard

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Franks POV

Frank ran down the street blindly his rucksack bouncing on his back, tears racing down his cheeks, bile rising in his throat ,not caring where he was going as long as it was away from Gerard
" I never want to see your face again

Leave me alone

I fell for you

I trusted you

Get away from me

His words sliced through Frank like a razor blade. The way Gerard had looked at him that last time haunted him, the pure unadulterated hatred that twisted his beautiful face into a cold unfeeling mask of disgust. Frank found himself in a secluded park , he collapsed in the shadow of a giant oak tree, the very tree him and Gerard had sat under the day before they left, chatting excitedly about their trip. He put his head between his legs and tried to steady his breathing. It was over. He couldn't go back to the life he had onced lived.

Gerard wrapped his arms tightly around Frank as they lay on the white bed .It was their last night in Spain. The large glass doors that lead out onto the balcony were open and a gentle breeze blew over them.Frank had lost track of how long they had lay there in each others arms . Gerard delved deep into his past, spilling his darkest secrets to Frank. "I've never told anyone that before " Gerard admitted gazing at Frank "Why are you telling me " Frank asked puzzled . "Because I trust you , you've told me all of your secrets,your past ,now you know mine" He finished simply, nuzzling Franks neck. Those words hurt him more then any insult , He trusted him and all Frank had done was lie and hide secrets . Gerard stroked Franks cheek , staring into his eyes " I love you so , so much " he whispered softly " I love you too, you make my life worth living" Frank replied smiling shyly as his boyfriend blushed and kissed him tenderly , so softly and sweetly it almost made Frank cry

Life just wasn't worth living anymore.

The memory was too much for Frank to bear. He sobbed, pain shooting through his chest. He searched through his bag and found an old biro, he tore the title page from the only book in his bag. Catcher In The Rye . Gerard's favourite, He had given Frank his battered copy when he discovered Frank had never read it. Frank choked up thinking of Gerard and his expression of horror when Frank admitted he never read it.He put pen to paper and began to write pouring his heart out on a piece of paper that was soon stained by his tears.

He left the the letter under the tree,tucked into the book and addressed to Mr Gerard Way .

He calmly stood up and walked from the park .

Through the suddenly deserted town , It was as if the world had stopped , he could hear his heart pounding in his chest .

He stood at the edge of the bridge , The wind whipping at his hair and clothes . A single tear rolled down his face. This was it , there was nothing left for him here, nowhere for him to go

"This is it , I love you Gerard" he whispered the wind catching his words and whisking them off through the harsh winter evening.

He took a deep breath and stepped from the bridge.

A strong pair of arms wrapped around his waist and pulled him back. They fell to the ground with Frank cradled in their arms, sobbing. Frank twisted around in his saviours arms to see their face.
He planted kisses on every exposed inch of Franks shaking body, tears rolling down his face. " Ho- how did you f-find me" Frank stuttered wide-eyed. "I knew you'd do something stupid , I just knew it , I had a bad feeling so I looked, I looked in the park and I found your letter a-and I saw you go over and Frank I'm so sorry I didn't mean it I was in shock , it wasn't your fault, you didn't know, Dont you ever scare me like that again" Gerard sobbed "Gerard I'm so so so sorry " Frank whispered "I love you I truely do , that's why I didn't tell you - couldn't I-" "I know , I know " Gerard interrupted "We'll work it somehow , I love you too much to not try and make it better" He said crushing Frank against his chest , squeezing him tight . "I love you " Frank murmured into Gerards jacket. "As I love you " Gerard replied bending his head to press his lips gently to Franks.

Dia dhuit m'dears . And thus ends my story :O I'll let you in on a secret , this is the first time I've written any thing longer then a one-shot :O :L Thank you thank you thank you to all of ye who have read and reviewed and rated this story. Ye rock :D
Love to ye all :) R&&R pretty please let me know what you think and any silent readers? let your voice be heard :L:D And keep an eye out for future storys
-DisenchantedDestroya XO
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