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Castlevania: Horror Highschool, Chapter 5

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Computers and Copellias... Compuellias! Wait... is that spanish?

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Chapter 5: The big act.

Chris walked beside Donna for a while as he made his way to Professor Stein's room, neither of them saying a word.

“If you don't mind me asking, uhm... Just what are you?” Chris said with honest curiosity which Donna could easily detect, given the tone.

“I'm a... Uhm... Are you sure you want to know?” She said in a sad voice, seemingly near tears.

“If it upsets you that much you don't have to say, alright? I'm not sure how I'd react to it right now, so we can talk better in the library later where no one's around, alright?” He said reassuringly to her, making her blush yet again. As Chris walked into the classroom, he caught a brief glimpse of Professor Stein typing on what looked like a gray colored computer keyboard, an look of irritation on his face.

“What's wrong Professor? Is your computer acting up?” Chris said aloud to him as he walked around to see a log in screen where the Professor was trying desperately to enter his password with no success.

“Oh, it's this new computer the staff is using now, and it won't let me in the blasted contraption, even though I've set up a password and everything!” He said as he rustled his hair in agitation. Chris recognized the operating system and remembered an old trick that was a security loophole, now fixed in later versions.

“Try rebooting it and I'll tell you an easy way inside, it's a back door of sorts...” He said as Professor Stein did as instructed. Chris pressed a certain key on the keyboard as the computer was restarting, which gave a texted menu screen.

“What's this now? What did you press?” The professor asked, intrigued as Chris pointed out the F8 key.

“Then you go to this option here using the arrow keys, the mouse doesn't work on this screen...” Chris said as he chose a specific option and suddenly the computer sprang to life with a black background reading 'safe mode.'

“This gives you total administrator access, with a few things disabled, it's a security feature they left in for just this kind of thing, also if you put in some of the designer's names in as a user, it gives you complete command of EVERYTHING.” Chris said, as the Professor stared at him, duly impressed.

“I can reset my password?” The professor asked at the ray of hope standing before him.

“On this setup, you have access to everything you would normally, I can show you where to go for a password setup too if you want...” Chris offered as Stein nodded eagerly. After everything had been done and Chris was sure that Stein had everything he needed, the good Professor gave Chris an A+ for the day and told him to have a free period, and that he would see Chris the next morning in class on time with no exceptions. Chris looked around to see where Donna had gone, but noticed she had disappeared for some reason, leaving him to look for her at the most obvious spot; the Library. Chris got there as quickly as he could walking and saw the hours listed on the door, noticing it was an hour too early for the doors to even open, so he leaned against the wall for a second while deciding his next course of action. Suddenly he remembered the girl from gym the day before, abruptly getting the urge to want to view her amazing acrobatics again. As he approached the gymnasium doors, he got a cold chill that drafted from between the cracks in the wide double-doors which forced him to stop in more curiosity than fear. He placed a hand on the frigid door handle and opened it to see the gym was completely empty, save for what looked like the girl he had come to see, completely decked out in a lavish dance garb reminiscent of a ballerina turned 90's fashion mess, a spotlight bathing her in a soft glow. There were just enough colors to make Chris' eyes hurt slightly from the glare. As he entered the large room without thinking, he neglected to close the door quietly and it slammed shut with a BANG which made Chris cringe at the sudden noise. When he looked back to the girl however, he noticed she had disappeared as had the spotlight, casting the floor in a deep darkness from the main lights being out as well. Chris' eyes had just begun to adjust as he walked around the gym looking for the ballerina girl, when he was suddenly cast in the same spotlight as before, with someone saying,

“Hey! You're stealing my spotlight, how dare you try to outdo me in MY show!” He heard a female voice shout, getting a pair of daggers thrown at his feet that easily pierced the wooden surface by a good few inches. It was at that point that the girl in question came jumping and back flipping in his direction, another pair of daggers in hand. Chris saw her appearance was not that of a human, and noticed she looked like a marionette with a blue 'skin' over her body in that gaudy dress she wore, and even saw joints that looked unnatural for anything that might be organic.

“Hey, are you listening?! Get out, this is... my... show...?” She said as she gazed at Chris, easily gathering her audience was human.

“Hmmm... I'd like to kill you, but then I'd have nobody to perform for... decisions, decisions...” She said in a showy manner, her body seeming to dance and twirl as she made up her mind in an erratic fashion.

“I actually did come here to watch you perform like you did yesterday, that was pretty awesome...” Chris said, stating why he had come there in the first place. For some reason this seemed to agitate her greatly, and she held her daggers up to Chris in an aggressive, yet elegant manner.

“A mere human thinks I would dare perform for them? How amusing... Audience member or not, I'm afraid I'll have to personally how you the exit, Copellia style!” She said as she flipped backward high into the air and began flinging more of those daggers at Chris, this time more than just a warning shot, this was meant to kill! Her laugh was a high tinkle that rang throughout the air as though it was dancing as madly as her all the while as she seemed to disappear in and out of the spotlight that was desperately attempting to keep pace with her wild movements. Chris could hear an eery calliope coming from over the amps mounted high on the walls of the room that were normally meant for school pep rallies and such, not a demonic dance show. Chris was quickly running out of breath as he dodged frantically in and out of her aim which only served to amuse her further. Chris finally could no longer keep up and fell over onto his duff in exhaustion, somehow suddenly stopping the Copellia dead in her tracks for some reason, leaving her to walk over to a frightful Chris who was certain his time had come for sure. Instead, she held out a hand for Chris to get back up and said,

“C'mon! The show's not over yet, There's still the final act to rehearse!” She said merrily with a smile, leaving Chris to wonder if she was as cracked as he thought she was.

“What are you talking about? Weren't you trying to kill me?” He said in a winded voice.

“Goodness, no! Then I wouldn't have a partner to perform with, it's all part of my rehearsal you see, the human is supposed to jump and skip and dance merrily around while I, (Great star that I am) attempts to take his life by my beautiful dagger throws as the star of the show, (Me) slowly falls in love as she realizes he dances just as wonderfully as she! (Well maybe not as wonderfully, but that's beside the point...) So on your feet, the show's not over!” She said as she dragged a reluctant Chris to his feet, suddenly getting new wind as he stood again, for some reason getting into the idea that he was in a rehearsal for something as odd as the vision this demonic dancer seemed to have.

By the time it was over, Chris still had not run out of breath, and he wondered off to the side if there was something going on that may have allowed this, suddenly remembering he had felt that way when he had grabbed her hand when she helped him up, also remembering what had happened when the Archery instructor's assistant had also made physical contact, thinking the two events were somehow related. He suddenly heard the bell ring for P.E to start, and the Gym's lights quickly came back on as The Copellia assumed a more convincing human form as she curtsied to Chris, wherein he bowed in kind.

“What's your name?” She inquired of him.

“Chris... What's yours?” He responded.

“Call me Daphne, if you would Chris..” She said with a girly smile. Chris quickly went to the locker room for the boys to change into his P.E. Uniform, and walked back out onto the floor, ready to take on the rest of the day.
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