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Castlevania: Horror Highschool, Chapter 6

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Things reach a feverpitch, and Shiroi almost boils over.

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Chapter 6: Total Dicks, Stuck-Up Chicks.

After P.E. Chris took a look at the new class he had instead of a free-study on a note that had been brought to him before showering, much to his disappointment as he had been looking forward to talking with Donna again to see if she was alright. He thankfully viewed that it had merely been moved to later in the day and had been swapped out with another class, the one he was currently heading to.

“Social Studies? Wow, I haven't heard that name since grade school...” Chris wondered aloud as he walked into a room smelling of lilac and lavender with a very cozy feel to it, even sporting a small kerosene burning stove in the corner for winter time which was just around the corner. But that wasn't what got his attention the most, as he walked by a man in a very luxurious-looking purple-and-yellow colored garb, complete with ruffles on the spotless white undershirt and everything. The only thing Chris didn't seem to care for was the man's cold, almost hateful stare at him that seemed to be begging for him to simply die under a bus somewhere. Chris saw Donna enter, who was promptly greeted and bowed at warmly by the middle-aged man in the fancy dress, even having a rose presented to her.

“Sheesh talk about overkill, where did he have the rose, up his butt?” Chris thought to himself sarcastically as he facepalmed, getting a sharp glance from the gentleman who quite obviously took notice of the gesture. Suddenly he looked behind him and began talking to absolutely no one, at least anyone that Chris could see. The rest of the class began showing up as the man suddenly cried out to the air,

“I told you before not to talk to me while I'm teaching blast it! No, not literally you daft idiot!” He said as Chris suddenly saw his shadow seem to twitch ever-so-slightly as he watched.

“I get it... He must be...” Chris thought to himself as he definitely saw the shadow react differently when the man turned away, seeming to make a face at him, as best one could with a silhouette for a body and thus no face whatsoever.

“I know you just didn't do that...” The man said in perturbed tone of voice from over his shoulder at the shadowy silhouette, which gave a sarcastic shrug of its shoulders. Suddenly Donna cleared her throat at him forcing him back to reality abruptly.

“Yes, quite... At any rate class my name is Mr. Blackmore, and I will be teaching the study of modern and past social cultures and even several of the subcultures that have resulted in recent years... Good grief, students are a rather rare occurrence in this class aren't they...?” Blackmore said in slight disbelief at the scant few students that sat in their seats, a grand total of 7 in all, counting Chris himself.

“It's no wonder Blackmore, people think you're always talking to yourself, that you've gone completely-” One of the students started to say before getting,

“I'M NOT CRAZY! IT'S MY SHADOW, HE'S GOING TO HAUNT ME, EVEN BEYOND THE GRAVE UNTIL I'VE COMPLETELY LOST IT!” Blackmore said with a deranged expression staining his once calm face before he caught himself and smoothed his white hair back into place by running a few fingers through it from both hands.

“N-never mind that... Outrageous outburst, it WON'T happen again, I assure you... Now on to more pressing matters, class, If you would fish out from underneath your desks there is a bit of reading material I would like for us to go over together...” Blackmore said as everyone pulled out a similar copy of a flurry of notes hand-written for each class member.

“Your assignment is a simple one as there is someone from every walk of life here attending this school; find someone related to the type of societal standpoint and try to understand their point of views without trying to force ideas from either side, in other words; try to befriend them while being as polite and well-meaning as possible, learn as much about them as you can without being too prying and generally have fun with this project, which you will have two weeks to complete... As a minor note to all those with a certain look on their faces, this project was personally signed off on by both the Vice and Head Principal of Ohma Academy, so for now until the bell rings you may go over the material given to you as you see fit, and as for myself I will be attending a mandatory meeting with several other staff members, good day to you all!” Blackmore said with a flamboyant bow, exiting the class gracefully. Chris opened the folder of hand written notes to see just what type of study subject he'd be looking for, reading the title in his head as he looked over the confusing description.

“Furries...? What in the hell...?” Chris wondered to himself in confusion, remembering hearing about this type of subculture a few years ago, his memories not exactly fond of the idea. The only animal he'd ever been allowed to keep was a cat, once during his whole life with his father. It had lasted only a few weeks before his father found out his son had been keeping a cat (Very well hidden) in the dusty old barn on the family property. Chris had been forced to watch an animal control employee take his beloved pet from him with tears in his eyes, begging his father not to take it away. It was the only animal he would care to see that would potentially be of this type of subculture he was to try to analyze. Suddenly his heart missed a beat in shock at the thought of Shiroi and what she'd turned into, somehow forming an idea in his head to talk to her about the assignment, but just as quickly dismissing the idea.

“She'd never go for it, she'd just try to kill me again...” Chris thought with a depressed look on his face as class ended and he headed out the door. Someone interrupted his thoughts suddenly as he felt someone poking his face inquisitively.

“He doesn't look dead... Hey, are you a ghost now? That means you can pass through walls now, right?!” He heard Arisa exclaim excitedly as he was sharply flung into the wall with a THUD.

“Hey, he didn't go through... Maybe he just needs to-” Arisa said as Shiroi told her to 'shut up'.

“Oi, why didn't you die? I find it disturbing that you're not a ghoul by now through Carmilla's fangs...” Shiroi said in an angry tone to Chris, who peeled himself carefully off the wall.

“Yeah, about that... I didn't mean to hit you with that chain, but I didn't exactly have many options...” He said grumpily.

“Maybe you want to try for round two?” Shiroi said as she managed to bare a briefly clawed hand at his face, yet he didn't flinch.

“I don't know why, but for some reason you just don't scare me... Look I'm gonna go to my next class now, so if you can y'know, move or something...” He said as he motioned for her to get out of his way, but she didn't budge from her spot. Suddenly Chris took her by surprise by taking a string that had been dangling off the back of his uniform and snapping the length of it free as he waved it in her face. Her gaze didn't move from his as she concentrated on him rather than the object waving around before her eyes.

“C'mon, you know you wanna grab it...” He said teasingly as suddenly she seemed to give and quickly snatched it in her teeth, quickly spitting it out afterward.

“How did you do that? I wasn't going to grab it, I know that for a fact!” She said, turning red with embarrassment.

“Ko-Ne-ko-Chan...” Chris said with a smirk just audible enough for her to hear.

“What did you just call me?” She said, grabbing his shirt collar roughly, to which his response was to rub the top of her head in between where he had seen her real ears, and she abruptly and involuntarily began purring, a brief look of content flashing across her face. She immediately threw Chris to the ground with a cry of,

“DON'T DO THAT! (You'll make them come out, you frigging idiot!)” She shouted, whispering roughly the last part of that sentence to herself more than him as she quickly felt up top to see if they had indeed come out of hiding.

“Look all joking aside, I've got nothing against you, so could we please just put what happened in the past and forget about it? I'm willing to if you are...” He said as he got up and put a hand out for her to shake, which she merely stared at with a pissed off glare.

“Go screw yourself Belmont...” She said as she left with her entourage of Rina And Arisa in tow. Chris sighed in more disappointment than anger or annoyance, and walked on to the lunchroom for something to eat, and to get a chance to calm his jittery nerves.
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