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Castlevania: Horror Highschool Chapter 7

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The First Bomb Has Been Dropped. The second is on the way.

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Chapter 7: Matters at hand.

Chris stared at his ramen cup, slowly stirring the contents as he contemplated how to make it up to the female he'd just made the mistake of upsetting, when all at once the PA system rang for him to yet again visit Carmilla, and he gulped down the now lukewarm cup of noodles before exiting the lunchroom. He was shocked to find Shiroi in front of her desk waiting anxiously for a reason she too had been summoned.

"I suppose you're both wondering why you're here... Well I've given the matter much thought and have decided to 'kill two birds with one stone' as the Americans say." She said mysteriously, only serving to confuse the two before her.

"You're gonna whack us?" Chris blurted inadvertently, causing the two women present to stare at him.

"You I can understand, but what have I done?" Shiroi lightly demanded.

"Nothing, which is why from this day forward, you Chris will live under the same roof as Shiroi here, so that better tabs are kept on you both, This is a non-negotiable matter as well, so arguing will do you both no good, unless you wish to take up the matter with the Head of staff himself..." She said before Shiroi could start saying anything in protest.

"But what about all my stuff, not to mention that apartment looked awfully small for even 3 people, let alone four..." Chris said as he realized what he'd just said.

"So you've seen her living space... It's school funded for students selected specially to live off-campus for specific reasons, Shiroi here for example is a special case, and I believe that this will benefit the both of you..." Carmilla said as Shiroi sat with her head down, not saying a word otherwise. Chris couldn't help but feel a little out of place and more than just a bit awkward at this stunning development, and wasn't sure of what to say if anything at the moment.

"Shiroi... I-" Chris started to say when she quietly got up and left just as quietly as she had been sitting there. She didn't even slam the door as Chris thought she might, which was unnerving more-so than if she had somehow.

"She'll be fine... The next period is up, Chris, go on about your day and let me know if she causes trouble for you, alright?" Carmilla said in a slightly concerned tone. With nothing else to say, Chris left and walked toward his next class.

" Ooohh, such vibrant youthful boys we have in the class today, it makes me want to do this and that, and then this again!" Chris heard the teacher from behind the classroom door call out loudly in an odd accent, one Chris had yet to encounter. As he opened the door and walked in, his view was immediately covered in squishy tanned skin, with little to nothing covering two very big bouncy jugs waving in his face.

"GAH! Too close!" Chris shouted in surprise as the apparent teacher of Sex-ed grabbed him tightly and began attempting to smother him in squish despite his efforts to break free.

"Oh, such a cute young man! I could just eat you up, especially in the good way!" She said in a loud amorous tone.

"Gack... There's a good way for that?" Chris gasped as he finally got a breath of fresh air.

"Oh yes, when you come to my class I'll teach you all sorts of good things just like that!" She cried, carrying on in that almost horny sounding voice. Chris was immediately creeped out by this lady's attitude, but noticed finally all the glares he was receiving from the exclusively male students in the packed classroom.

"Uh, the class looks angry, Miss...?" Chris said, prompting her for her name, to which she promptly cried out,

"Oh my! Where are my manners, please if you would, you may call me Lady Astarte, I am the Sex-ed teacher for Ohma Academy, how do you do!" She said, presenting a hand for Chris to apparently smooch, which he mistook for a handshake that he immediately instead gave, causing her to stare flabbergasted at a reaction she hadn't expected.

"Hey Punk! You're supposed to smooch a lady's hand when she presents it to you, not shake it you idiot!" One of the students yelled out in a rage. Chris honestly had no clue why they were so mad at him, but the teacher was staring at him with a coy smile.

"Well, you're different... I like different things, they excite me in ways you couldn't begin to imagine..." She said batting her eyes at him with a glow on her face.

"Is...?" Chris began to ask, to which she responded,

"Yes? You may ask of me anything your heart desires..." She said, offering something to Chris who had no idea what the offer was about, as he responded stupidly with,

"Is your eye okay? You keep blinking kind of funny..." Chris said which sent the whole classroom to the floor, so to speak.

"You really are an idiot! What did you think she was offering just now you frigging BLOCKHEAD?!" Another student asked furiously.

"Why are you getting mad at me? What'd I say?" Chris said in honest confusion as the students began filling the air with a flurry of curses and general bad attitudes. Chris didn't honestly know what was going on, But Astarte seemed insistent on working her charms against him, which was quickly freaking Chris out. As she tried yet again to grab him, he finally could take no more and turned and bolted out the door and barreled down the hallway full-tilt, intent on putting as much distance between him and this horny teacher as physically possible. He quickly headed for the roof access, stopping for breath at the exit door before catching a glimpse of movement through the small window in it, seeing several flashes of movement. Upon further viewing, he saw Shiroi Arisa and even Rina battling with an extremely fast blur doing what looked like several quick and powerful ramming attacks that sent the trio flying. Alarmed, Chris immediately bolted through the door to find...

"What...?! Where'd they go?!" He said gazing at a serene and calm rooftop with no evidence of a battle that had or was currently taking place.

"Ah! Hello there! Are you here for an appointment?" He heard a squeaky voice say from atop the covering for the stairwell, seeing an oddly dressed white rabbit peeking out from atop the small structure. This somehow served to not surprise Chris as much as one would have thought, but he was still a bit confused, nevertheless.

"Who are you? Where's Shiroi and the others?! If you've done anything to them I'll..." Chris said as the bunny seemed to disappear and reappear behind him rather suddenly.

"Ah, tut-tut-tut-ter-rut! That kind of anger is what gets people into untimely ends, young man... Now if you've an appointment, then I'll kindly see to it that you're fit into the busy schedule, but if not..." The rabbit said, again disappearing and reappearing back on the stairwell cover roof. Chris could tell he was dealing with someone who followed strict rules, yet wasn't too bright in terms of common sense.

"Yes, I'm really late for the battle three girls are probably having right now, one is a mirror armor, the other is a maid-" Chris said while the bunny pulled out a rather large schedule book that shouldn't have been able to fit in the pocket it was pulled from, and began examining it closely.

"I don't see a fourth member... are you certainly sure of this unforeseen event?" The rabbit asked as Chris responded with a seemingly logical question in kind.

"Would I be talking to you right now if I wasn't a part of the fight?" He replied coolly as the rabbit mulled it over. Suddenly Chris said something he could tell the rabbit would be unable to resist.

"If I'm not there soon, I'll be too late to help them, and then Shiroi won't be too happy about that, so if you don't think I should be here..." Chris said, taking a chance and turning around to leave.

"WAIT! Okay, I'll let you in, but I'll have to keep current time, and the fight will be still underway if it hasn't ended already..." The rabbit said, finally caving in.

"Before I go, what's your name? Shiroi got me kind of on short notice, so I'm still learning names..." He inquired of the strange creature.

"Ah, I am known as 'Cotton', but call me 'timekeeper' when I'm on the clock, if you please... Ready?" He said, alerting Chris to his intentions.

"3... 2..." He counted down as he stared at a large pocket watch.

"1... 0!" No sooner had the last digit left his lips than Chris was thrown backward into the stairwell housing by a powerful rush of wind from the aforementioned figure, stunning him for a moment. He quickly shook it off and began trying to run for cover, a makeshift shack that wasn't there before as he ran inside to see a familiar item; he saw the same length of hook and chain that had been in the construction yard and he quickly grabbed it as he felt a brief sense of familiarity from the item. It felt almost eerily natural in his grasp, and he ran back outside to see Shiroi and the others pinned down from that same blur of motion flinging them aside while they cowered in a trench-like area that had been carved into the roof via a crippling blow to the structure that served as ground at this height. Chris knew he would have one shot at what he quickly thought of as an defensive strategy. He ran over to the group and told Arisa to hold the end of the length of chain and not let go no matter what, and though confused as to his intent, let alone as to why he was there and then, she did as she was told given there were no other options left. As she watched he swung the hook end around in a circle while carefully studying the figure whizzing overhead, his strategy becoming crystal clear to Arisa , even in the confusion. As he built up the max momentum, he quickly tossed the hook end directly at the blur, hooking it by a chink in what was apparently its armor above the torso at the neck, and via Arisa's weight causing it to tilt downward, it was sent slamming headfirst into the ground a good 6 feet. As The dust cleared, Chris saw an armless figure in silver armor attempting to retake to the air with a weak spray of flames out the armless shoulders.

"DAMN YOU! WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!" The armored entity shrieked in anger.

"The match is over! The winner is Team Rough-Neko, with a total of fourteen straight wins!" Chris heard the rabbit say, obviously through some form of magic that rippled the air when it talked.

"It's not enough that I'm forced to live with the likes of you, but you've also got to butt in on my leisure time?! Is there nothing you won't do to piss me off?!" Shiroi yowled at Chris who had an extremely pleased look on his face despite the tongue lashing.

"What the HELL are you smiling about twerp?!" She screamed, ready to murder him at the slightest provocation.

"I know you're mad, but I saw you needed help, so I thought I would lend a hand and after all... it worked didn't it?" He said as they made their way back to the Apartment, as school had been over for half an hour with them going to their respective classes before then, thanks to the help of the Chronomage Chris had been smart enough to entice to rewind time enough for them to do so.

"I've never seen anyone get to Cotton like he does... You're pretty smart, huh?" Arisa said, completely missing the topic.

"The worst part of this is if we don't put him on the team, cotton will know for sure he's been gypped, and throw us for our winning streak... See what you've done with your so-called help?! You've only made things worse, dumbass!" Shiroi said, now in complete disarray.

"Alright, out with it... Why do you hate my guts so much, is it that hard to ask for help from someone like me?" Chris demanded of her, blocking her path abruptly.

"ESPECIALLY someone like you! Your whole family is nothing but trouble for our kind, so get lost in a zombie-filled graveyard Belmont scum!" She shouted Brazenly as Chris stared her down, drawing out a little bit of fear through her mask of anger, which she quickly tried to hide.

"We're talking about my family, right? Okay, what does my family history have to do with me personally, hm? I've had no clue as to what weight if any that name has since I've come to Japan, so if anyone should tell me what that entails, it should be you, sound fair?" He said in an unamused tone, truly tired of being referred to by his last name.

"Your ancestors killed my family... That a good enough answer for you, Belmont?" She said as she brushed past him in a total mess of emotion. Chris was truly shocked, as he finally recalled his father's views on anything deemed of demonic descent. He said something that caused her to pause for a second before she continued on without a word.

"I'm not my father, if anything I've strived to break any ties to him or my family... All I wanted was to be left alone, but in this world that's impossible, so I'll treat you like I would anyone else; With respect and dignity, I don't care if you're not human, so maybe you shouldn't care that I am by the same token." With that he turned to face her, but saw she had already walked halfway down the street to the apartment building, somehow getting the feeling she had indeed heard him, judging from the drops on the ground left in her wake, despite a cloudless evening sky.
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