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Castlevania: Horror Highschool Chapter 8

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Explanations and tough decisions resultant of them. (BTW, the previously mentioned bomb? Next chapter suckas, Nagasaki's next just you watch.)

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Chapter 8: Weekend.

"Good thing it's the weekend, huh Chris?!" Arisa said suddenly in an out of place merry voice.

"Why's that?" He said as she reached into her backpack with a gleeful expression.

"Don't think, DRINK!" She said as she pulled out several cans of cheap beer, now rendered lukewarm from their holding place. She eagerly popped one open and down the entire thing without stopping to breathe which all things considered was something she probably had no need for. She quickly reached a hand for a second when Rina snapped it away from her and began walking off, her usual blank expression adorning her face.

"No fair, Rina, you already had one last time!" Arisa shouted at her back in a childish manner, apparently upset at the loss of her beverage. Suddenly her eyes locked on Chris who had been standing silently in thought.

"Aw, what's the matter...? It's a time to celebrate, we don't have to be anywhere in particular all weekend... I know what you need, here..." Arisa said as she handed Chris the third and last drink, with a grin, walking off after her group afterwards. Chris snapped out of it once he saw what he had just been handed, too late to say anything as Arisa was out of earshot. He walked off numbly after them, ready to try to forget what he'd just been told, absentmindedly opening the drink and sipping slowly, retching a little as he tasted just how bitter it was, but quickly not caring. He walked in the door of the flats slowly, expecting to get tackled or something thrown at him by Shiroi, but she seemed to be ignoring him. He figured he should leave the matter alone for now, should she get in his face again unnecessarily. It felt odd to see his belongings in an apartment he would be sharing with three girls, the likes of which he'd never dreamed of living with. He sat down at the table across from Shiroi who seemed to not care he was there. All of a sudden however, Shiroi abruptly got up to leave out the door with the words,

"I'll be at the usual spot, if anyone wants to join me you know where to go..." She said flatly as she walked out the door and down the steps to a place apparently only the three females knew about.

"Oh, boy... She doesn't go 'there' unless she's really feeling down... I wonder what caused that?" Arisa said, blatantly showing her dull wit at it's finest.

"Oh, well... C'mon Chris, it's time for another lube job!" Arisa said, quickly keeping him from following Shiroi, despite his better judgment. Arisa seemed content to chat it up while Chris worked the liquid into Arisa's 'skin', which felt surprisingly real and soft, yet had a hard underlying material Chris assumed was her true form in hiding. He found himself intrigued and found himself feeling a few spots to see if there were any further similarities. Arisa promptly took notice, catching him off guard with,

"Well, well... I see you're getting friendly, quick... care to keep it up?" She said in a tone that suggested she didn't exactly not like this. Chris abruptly quit, causing Arisa to get a coy look on her face.

"You know, in this form, I can actually feel sensations on my skin, it's a good feeling from what I've felt for so long, numbness, nothing..." She said as she got up and began advancing towards him on all fours, her breasts in full view as he tried not to let on that he was being gotten a rise out of from this event.

"Go ahead, you can touch me wherever you want, whenever you want... After all, that's your job..." She said as Chris stood up quickly in stunned shock.

"Besides, it's no different than looking at a healthy young girl my age... C'mon, Chris..." she said invitingly as he shook his head to snap out of the fuzzy feeling in his brain. Suddenly he involuntarily blurted a question that seemed to slightly agitate her.

"H-how old... are you, exactly...?" He said, trying anything to keep alert. She frowned only slightly in response with,

"Old enough to know better, but young enough not to care, that sound about right?" She said, dodging the question coyly. Suddenly Chris realized he had been backed up against the wall with no escape left to him as Arisa brought her face close to his, pressing him as far into the corner as possible.

"Have you ever felt the kiss of a girl, Chris...?" She said suddenly, alerting him partially to her true intentions and Chris began to panic fully.

"Don't... please...!" Chris squeaked as she inched her lips closer, finally planting them on his. Suddenly his mind began to reel with visions of his miserable childhood as she seemed to be looking into his mind, and he promptly tried to push her off, doing little more than getting a handful of her sizable chest. He couldn't move as she delved further into his head, forcing him to relive every painful moment, finally stopping when she noticed his wild emotions. Suddenly he slammed her with his fist hard between the eyes, actually knocking her back a bit.

"Sorry, I just wanted to know about you..." She apologized as she sat down on the floor away from him as he sank down in the corner in tears.

"Why... why did you do that... WHY?!?!" He said, shouting in fear at what she had just done.

"I'm sorry... I won't do it again, I swear." She said in a pained voice, the first time she'd used such a tone with Chris.

"Moreover, how did you do that?!" Chris said, cringing from the dizzy sensation coursing through his brain.

"I can mirror almost anything I see or, in some cases, make physical contact with... Most of it's not pleasant, like just now... I know what you went through, and why you seem so familiar with us, I didn't mean to scare you, I was just acting the best I knew how to keep you from being scared." She said in the first calm voice he'd heard her use. She crawled over to the refrigerator and pulled out another beer, a cold one this time and took her time with it. Rina had been watching the whole time with slight curiosity, but hadn't interfered in the process. To be honest with himself, Chris wasn't angry with her, he was just a little freaked out by what had just occurred as would anyone at that point.

"I was a guard for the longest time in a really old castle, long ago, and I was at one point faced with being sent back to hell... but the person that had laid waste to the rest of the army for some reason left me as a witness so that I may bring from him a message to my superior..." Arisa said with a haunted look.

"He said, 'tell your so-called dark lord that this and more awaits him as his only fate...'" Arisa said, with a shudder at her own memories. Chris quickly began to calm down as she sighed heavily. It was clear to him now why she acted as merrily as she always did, so she wouldn't have to deal with her own past issues, even resorting to drinking to forget further.

"I had no idea... I'm sorry, Arisa, really..." Chris said in an attempt to cheer her up.

"Shiroi's at a graveyard not too far from here, it's at an old shrine that we're able to visit for some reason that's a straight shot northeast, so if you want to go talk to her, please do, she shouldn't have to keep dealing with her own past by herself." Arisa said, finally feeling low enough to revert to her true form of massive silver armor, discontinuing the conversation as she turned away from him to sit at the eating table in the room.

" I'll tell you about what else I saw when you want to hear it, but for now go see her, you like her after all, don't you?" Arisa said, turning her head to look at him before going back to staring at the table in thought. He looked briefly over at Rina, who had yet to say a single thing since he'd met her.

"Would you like to go with me in case she get uppity again?" Chris asked her, to which her response was to stand up and curtsy politely. Arisa took notice of this, but said nothing as the two turned to go. A few moments after Chris and Rina had left the apartment, Arisa wondered aloud in thought,

"She never listens to anyone but her superiors... He can't be that strong, can he?" She said, feeling the spot where he had slammed his fist into her face, noting it had been hard enough to send her reeling.

Chris had asked Rina to guide him to the area Arisa had mentioned, which she easily accomplished given her prior knowledge of it. Chris was met with an extremely long flight of stairs at the base of the large hill on the edge of town where the Shrine was located, climbing it as quickly as he could after the long walk there. As he finally was able to peer over the edge of the top step, he saw Shiroi nowhere in sight, the pale moon lighting up the otherwise dark grounds considerably. He had begun walking around when he heard something like crying, a cat crying moreover, and he looked around the corner of the main building to see Shiroi in a teary mess in her lady cat form, slumped over a grave of some type. Suddenly Chris began to put two and two together, realizing this had to be her parent's graves. Chris moved in full view but waited for her to notice him on her own. Suddenly she got a whiff of him and whipped around with a sinister yowl, her back arching wildly as she dared him to come a step further. Chris neither advanced nor retreated, but held his ground as she seemed to finally cease her noise noticing his curious actions, but staying wary of him should he come closer. Suddenly he sat down right where he was, slowly and methodically, leaving her to wonder what he was truly there for.

"I'm not some great enemy here, I'm just a normal kid trying to escape a life I didn't want... That's all... I'll be waiting for you back at the apartment, and by the way..." He said, catching her attention as she thought he would say something hateful to her, getting surprised with,

"What I said earlier still stands, I can't change what my family has done to your life, but I can still try to apologize... I'm sorry..." He said, getting up and bowing deeply toward her. Suddenly she felt a twinge of her own apology coming on, but she kept her silence, staring at him unblinkingly as he turned to leave with Rina in tow, again something she hadn't expected. She waited there for a while in silence as she contemplated his actions, as well as her own towards him, reluctantly realizing she hadn't been exactly friendly, while he had been nothing but towards her despite knowing her true appearance. His words echoed in her head,

"I'll treat you like I would anyone else; With respect and dignity, I don't care if you're not human, so maybe you shouldn't care that I am by the same token..." She remembered him saying, speaking with a completely honest, sincere tone. As she thought it over, she got up and donned her human disguise as she began walking back to the apartment where her friends were waiting.
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