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Truth or Dare

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A simple game of truth or dare can lead to a lot of things... ((Rated PG-13 for language))

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"This is gay! I feel like a fag!" Yelled Cartman.

"W-well gee, fellas, my parents would be awful sore if there were girls here, so I guess it's just us..." Butters mashed his fists together.

Kyle, Stan, Kenny and Cartman were strewn across Butter's bedroom, involved in a sleepover which none of them planned to attend until they recieved the "How-would-you-like-it-if-no-one-came-to-your-birthday-party" speech from their parents, and being forced to go.

"Gahd, this is queer!" Cartman complained loudly

"Shut up, fatass!"

"You shut up, you dumb Jew!"

"Hey, you guys," Stan interrupted "Let's play truth or dare!"

"Oh yeah, it's not like this can get any gayer!" Cartman responded

"Mrmph phmph mm mph"

"Kenny! We're at a fucking sleepover, you can take your hood down!" Kyle yelled. Kenny reluctantly took his hood down. None of the others were quite used to seeing his face.

"I wanna play~"

"We got nothing better to do..." Kyle agreed. "Ok, Butters, truth or dare?"

"Oh, uh, truth..."

"If you had to be gay for a dude in our class, who would it be!?" Stan yelled. They all turned to Butters, waiting for a response.

"Oh, gee wizz, uh..." He mashed his fists together, and lowered his voice "... Craig."

The unexpected answer threw everyone off, causing a moment of silence before the "Because I'm too awesome for you!" and "Haha, Butters is gay for Craig!"

"Okay, you next, Cartman!" Stan smirked.

"Whaat? Why me?!"

"Shut up! Truth or dare?"

"I'm no pussy! Dare!" Cartman realised that he had made a bad choice when he noticed the looks Stan and Kenny exchanged, and the smirks on their faces.

"I dare you... To kiss Kyle."

"What!? No way is he kissing me!"

"Yeah, I'm not kissing that dumb Jew!"

"Hey, don't belittle my people, fatass!"

"I'm not fat, I'm big-boned!"

They were standing face to face, throwing punches, but not landing many.

"At least my mom isn't a whore!"

"Yeah, well-"

Cartman stopped, and they were locked in a split-second of intense eye-contact, chocolate meeting emerald - And then, their lips were crushed together, desperate, violent kisses. A flurry of lips, tongues, teeth - love-bites and hands covering every inch of each other's body.

"O-oh boy..." Butters was unsure how to react to Cartman and Kyle's sudden affection for eachother, when his attention was caught by a moan from the corner of the room.

The other two had taken advantage of the - uh - distraction. Stan had Kenny pinned against the wall, their lips locked and their bodies pushed together. Somewhere along the way Kenny had shedded his jacket and was left in a thin white t-shirt, and Stan had lost his hat. He had his hands up Kenny's shirt, and Kenny had one hand in Stan's hair and the other around his waist, pulling their bodies as close as possible.

"Aw, s-shucks..." Butters stood in the middle of his room awkwardly, mashing his fists together. His guests seemed to be in worlds of their own.

"You boys alright in here?" Stephen Stotch appeared at the door. He stopped and blinked, not knowing to make of the situation.

"... Grounded, Mister!"

((Well, thanks for reading! ^-^ I know it's pretty dorky and not very good, but please review! Please! Thanks~))
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