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First one to Fall(Gets another go round)

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He was told to kill her......but he fell in love with her instead. She was told he hate him.....but she couldn't find a reason to.

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Sweat poured off the face of the man tied to the chair. His wrists were bruised and bleeding from the restraints. He sat alone in a room that was no bigger than a jail cell. The walls were thick, windowless and damp. A basement he assumed. There was a click at the door and another man walked in. He wore grey dress pants and a black button up shirt with the first few buttons undone.

The man in the chair glared, trying to look as threatening as he could but the black eye and bloody lip wasn’t helping.

“My my, Pete you like you could use some loving” The man walked over and knelt in front of Pete, whipping the blood off of his face with an alcohol wipe.

Pete flinched when the sting of the wipe hit him, making him hiss. The man laughed and stood up, tossing the now bloody wipe to the side and stuffing his hands in his pockets.

“I presume you know why you are here and who I am”

Pete glared at the man, not uttering a word.

“I am Rafael Uzuma and you are here because we expect your full cooperation on finding the man you know as Patrick Stump”

The man walked over to Pete and gripped his chin roughly “Should you decide to do otherwise” he paused to dig his nails into Pete’s skin around his black eye making him whimper “you will be of no use and we will toss you”

Rafael threw Pete’s head to the side roughly and walked out of the room only to come back with several objects of questionable legality. He placed them on a table next to Pete’s chair and ran his hands over them.

“I will start by asking a question. Should you choose to not respond, I will pick a toy from my tray over here and…..well….you get the point don’t you Pete?” Rafael chuckled

“Where is Patrick Stump?”

Pete looked up at the man with pure hatred and disgust. “I don’t know”

Rafael sighed “Shame….”

He picked up a thin, sharp blade and ran it over Pete’s cheek, digging deep into his flesh, blood dipping from the fresh wound.

“Where is Patrick Stump”

Pete glared up at the man, refusing to spill the whereabouts of his friend. Rafael growled, backhanding Pete, making him spit blood on the floor. Pete started to laugh.

“What’s wrong, irritated you can get what you want?”

Rafael grabbed Pete by the collar and yanked him up so the chair was slightly off the ground. “Now you listen here you little shit, I will get what I want….If I have to break every bone in your fucking body”

He pushed Pete back so the chair fell on its side, Pete hitting his head. Pete watched at Rafael walked out of the room before everything went black.

Patrick sat back in the office chair, tapping on the desk in front of him. It had been 24 hours since he had heard from Pete and he was starting to get nervous. Pete always checked in after a mission. Always.

There was a knock at the door bringing Patrick out of his thoughts. “Come in”

A man with short curly brown hair walked in, his head bowed in respect.

Patrick smiled “Joe. What brings you here?”

Joe walked over to the desk, frowning “Patrick. Its Pete….I think something went wrong”

Patrick lost his smile and stood up. “So I’m not the only one with concern then”

“No. he hasn’t checked in and he never misses a check point. I’ve called him several times and he won’t pick up nor will he respond to any of my texts.”

“Ok….Get Andy here and we will discuss finding him”

Joe nodded and walked out of the room, leaving Patrick biting his nails and fearing the worst for his best friend.

Pete awoke to the feeling of a bed and a cold wet feeling on his face. He opened his eyes and tried to sit up be he was tied down. He searched for any signs on life and found a young girl, about his age walking over to him with a towel in her hands. She hand long brown hair and soft blue eyes. She stood beside him and reached out to wipe blood off his face but he flinched away and hissed at her

“Who the fuck are you”

The girl froze, slightly scared. “Monica….please…hold still”

Pete looked at her, trying to judge her intentions. She saw this and smiled “Let me finish cleaning that cut…..I don’t want it to get infected”

Her voice was soft and kind. Something told Pete to trust her and in his current situation, he didn’t have much choice but to obey. He laid his head back down against the pillow, closing his eyes so she could clean his face. He shivered as the cold water hit his wounds.

Pete felt her move her hands away from his face and start to unbutton his black collared shirt. His eyes shot open and he growled at her, making her hold still for a short moment before returning to her task. Pete tried to pull away, not wanting her to remove any of his clothes but his restraints proved to make that difficult.

“Stop.Moving.” She shot him a glare and her voice darkened, becoming suddenly commanding. It caught him off guard so he did as he was told.

“Thank you” She sighed and finished opening his shirt. His chest was covered in bruises and cuts. Most, she assumed to be inflicted by Rafael. Her hands worked quickly to clean any open wounds, making sure to place ice on the bruises while she worked. She didn’t speak much, only saying small commands so she could reach a few wounds on his back.

When she was done, she removed the ice and begun to button up his shirt again.

“Are you cold?” She looked at him with soft eyes.

Pete looked up at her confused “Excuse me?”

“Are you cold?”

Pete started to say no but his body shivered, giving her the answer she wanted. She walked over and opened up a blanket, covering him with it.

“I can do nothing for the restraints, you will just have to sleep like that but this should keep you warmer. It freezes down here at night.”

Pete stared back up at her, watching as she headed to the door.


The girl paused “Why what?”

“Why help me?”

The girl frowned, lowering her head, speaking in almost a whisper. “So you can handle more tomorrow”
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