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Champagne For my Real Friends

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He kicked her in the ribs as she was trying to get up, making her cry in pain. She felt her whole body retract but knew she had to stand up.

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Rafael towered over Pete with an evil look upon his face.

“You killed my son you son of a bitch!” He screamed and struck Pete across the face.

Blood spattered everywhere, the floor, the walls, the door. Pete gasped for air and his lungs felt like they were going to collapse.

Pete looked up at the man who was on the verge of killing him and smiled “I didn’t kill your son. I’m just the computer guy”

Rafael screamed “I don’t care who the fuck you are! You and your god damned team broke into my home and murdered my son! My fucking son!!!”

Pete was grabbed by the hair, a knife placed on his bare shoulder making him scream. The knife was drug down, digging into his skin, blood pouring out of the wound. He thrashed and screamed but that only made the knife go deeper. When Rafael was done, he placed the knife back on the table and walked out of the room.

Monica walked in and stared to untie the bonds on his wrists. She placed his arm over her shoulder and carried him to the bed in the corner. When she had him on his back, she began to clean the large knife wound on his shoulder, trying to make small conversation.

“Pete….can I ask you something?”

Pete lifted his eyes to look at her “Everyone else has….”

She frowned “I’m sorry….I mean… don’t have to answer if you don’t want to….”

Pete groaned when she poured peroxide on his shoulder but never took his eyes off her.

She sighed “Why did your team kill my brother?”

Pete was caught off guard by the question. He hadn’t known she was Rafael’s daughter. He saw tears running down her face that she was trying to hide with her hair.

He looked up at the ceiling and replied. “He was the co-head of a drug cartel….Rafael being the main target. We were hired and we did out job”

She looked at him with large blue eyes, wiping away the tears.

“So, you are hired to kill people… matter who they are?”

“No women and no children.” Pete had no idea why he was telling her this. He knew it could backfire but he didn’t really care.

“Your team will come to get you…..” She spoke and it wasn’t a question. She didn’t know much about assassins but she could only assume that if he was important enough for her father to want alive, he was important enough to be rescued.

Pete screamed when she put pressure on his wound. His body jerked upward and he thrashed away from her touch. She continued to clean the wound, doing her best not to hurt him but the pain was inescapable. Soon it became too much to bare and he passed out from it, making her job easier but for some reason, she felt sorry for him.

There was a bang on the door and her father walked in with a scowl on his face.

“Are you done here?” His voice was harsh and made her wince.

She didn’t speak, must nodded and walked out passed him, trying to avoid his gaze. He smacked her as she was leaving making her fall to the floor.

“Stupid bitch…..I wish they would have killed you. Your brother had at least had a brain, you’ve got nothing.”

He kicked her in the ribs as she was trying to get up, making her cry in pain. She felt her whole body retract but knew she had to stand up. If she didn’t it would only show her father that she was weak and he would beat her more. When she stood up, she walked out of the room with her head down, not saying a word.

Patrick leaned up against his desk, listening to what Joe had to say.

“Pete’s last known location was on E. Jules St. in Santa Monica. He was there for a walk through to make sure the lines would work for the next job. He sent me a message at exactly 4:23pm stating that they worked and he was headed back to the hotel. I never got a message back so either he didn’t make it there or some one was waiting for him when he did. Either way….”

Patrick interrupted “Either way, we’re going to Santa Monica. Andy, how long till we can get the plane ready?”

“Its ready now.”

Patrick pushed off the desk and walked behind it over to his computer. He started typing and motioned for Joe and Andy to leave.

“Go get your gear. We leave in 30”

The guys loaded up on the plane and waited for it to take off. Andy sat in the back of the plane, Joe sat across from him and Patrick sat in the front alone. Andy and Joe knew he was worried about Pete. Patrick had known Pete his whole life, they had grown up together, the whole 9 yards.

The pilot’s voice came over the intercom “Please fasten your seatbelts, the flight will be leaving shortly”

Clicking was heard throughout the plane and just as the pilot said, the place begun the take off.
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