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My Body Is An Orphanage

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He had no choice but to sit her and pray his team found him before the body bag did.

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Monica sat in her bed playing Blink 182 softly from her ipod. Her cheek stung from where her father had hit her but her mind was in Pete. She had pulled his file from the FBI data base. You see, Monica was not only good but she was amazing with computers. She could find anything or hack anyone with the right amount of hardrive power and time.

Name: Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz lll.
Age: 27
Born: June 5th, 1979
Eyes: Brown

Pete Wentz was born in Wilmette, Illinois. Father died when he was 5. Mother died several years later. Went from home to home, all rejecting him for being violet.

Criminal Background

Arrested at age 13 for vandalism-never convicted
Arrested at age 15 for theft-never convicted
Arrested at age 18 for assault-convicted. Served 4 years. Released on parole.
Arrested at age 22 for murder-escaped jail before trial. Warrant out for arrest.

Monica sighed. “Well Mr. Wentz, you are quite the rebel.”
She leaned back in her bed, still thinking over the situation she was in. Part of her wanted Pete’s team to save him the other part wants him to suffer for killing her brother. A large bang brought her out of her thoughts and her eyes shot over to the door. Her body shivered when she saw her father stalking towards her with an angry face. Before she could escape, he had grabbed her throat and thrown her to the ground.

“What did he say!!!” He screamed, spit flying into her face.

“I don’t what your talking about father! He who?” She tried not to panic however that didn’t go very well when she saw the knife being pulled out of his jacket.

“What.did.he.say.” He was slow to speak his words, making them very clear.

Her mind searched for what her father could be talking about. The only HE she had talked to was Pete Wentz but he didn’t say anything that would be of interest to her father. “Wentz?” she questioned, trying to be sure that was who her father wanted to know about.

“No shit you dumb bitch!” He screamed and brought a fist down on her face. She screamed and tried to get away but it was no use. He was too strong. “Oh now you run!” He hit her again, this time tearing her dress open to expose her chest. Her eyes widened in panic for fear as to what was about to happen.

“Please….no…please!” She begged as tears rolled down her face. She fought as hard as she could however it was no use. Her voice was cracking from the screams being emitted as her dress was pulled down all the way, leaving her naked body exposed to the man on top of her. Her fingers clawed at anything they could, trying to find something that would get him off of her. She heard him laughing as he unzipped his pants, before thrusting into her. She screamed in pain as he moaned due to her tightness.

“Oh fuck baby girl. So tight.” He moaned as he moved in and out, his nails digging into her breast as she cried, still trying to fight.

“Ohhhh baby! Moving only gives me a better angle.” He bucked his hips forward, finding a spot that he loved. Her walls clenched around his erection, not caring that he was fucking his own daughter.

“That’s my girl….my virgin girl. Daddy is your first hu? Yeah…..oh fuck yeah!”

She cried and felt him cum in her before pulling out. He heard him zip up his pants and walk out, slamming the door as he left. Once she was sure he was gone, she slowly sat up and looked at the blood mixed with cum between her legs. Tears stained her face as she found the bathroom trying to scrum his filth off her body but to no avail. She knew he was a vile man but never did she think he would do that to her. The hot water fell on her back, filling the room with steam. Silently she sobbed, holding her knees to her chest, praying for a miracle.

Pete groaned as his eyes opened, trying to register where he was. He knew he was still in that god-awful room but he had no idea how long he had been out. The room stunk of mildew and blood. His hazel eyes scanned his body to find he was shirtless with a bandage wrapped around his shoulder from where Rafael had cut, no, sliced him.

“Fuck…think Pete. Think. You have to get out of here.” He mumbled to himself, trying to think of a plan but at this rate, in the shape his body was in, he’d be shot before ever opening the door. He had no choice but to sit her and pray his team found him before the body bag did.

Patrick’s eyes were wide open as the plane landed in California. He hadn’t slept at all the entire ride. He was too worried about Pete. Andy’s head was resting on Joe’s shoulder, both were asleep. If Patrick weren’t so worried about his best friend and he weren’t their boss and they weren’t on a mission, he would have thought it was kinda cute. However, he knew that cute was not what he wanted from his team right now. He sighed, standing up and gently shaking them awake. Joe’s head shot up and he looked around before registering that he was on a plane, then looked up at Patrick. Patrick shook his head and sat back down, putting his face into a book and pretending to read. Truthfully he didn’t even know what the name of the book was that he had in his hands. Joe sat up and shook Andy awake slightly, whispering something in his ear so he didn’t panic. When they were all awake, Joe stood up and made his way to the back of the cabin for some coffee. He made 3 cups and set the first one down in front of him and Andy before taking his and Patrick’s over to him. He sat down next to his boss and looked at the coffee in his hands before handing it over. “Here, it will help.”

Patrick nodded a small thank you before setting his book down and holding the coffee. On any other day, he would have struck up a conversation about starting a band but today just wasn’t a day for bands but Joe thought other wise.

“So, I’ve been thinking. You said we should start a band right? Well I’ve come up with a name.” Patrick knew he was baiting him to talk but he just didn’t feel like it this morning.

“Hu…” Was all he responded with.

Joe looked down at his coffee once more, determined to take Patrick’s mind off of Pete. “Yeah….Fall Out Boys. Cause your always telling us to fall out right before a mission.”

Patrick nodded. To his surprise, he kinda liked the name. it was true but also had a ring to it. Anyone that didn’t know what they did for a living would just think it was a kick ass creative name. “Maybe….”

Joe smiled. “So, you like it?”

Patrick nodded. “Yeah…I do.”

He looked up at Joe with sad green eyes before finding his coffee again. “Boy.”

Joe tilted his head. “hu?”

“Just Boy….not Boys…just one boy.”

Patrick set his bag down on the hotel bed before immediately going to the window too take a look outside. They had managed to book a room directly next to the room Pete was supposed to have booked. His checkout wasn’t for another week so they had time to go in and look around with out the room being cleared. Joe had set to work making a copy of the room key so they wouldn’t have to do anything dramatic. Andy was setting up his laptop and monitor, scanning the city for any traces of his co-worker and friend.

Patrick shot a glance at his bag before retrieving his phone. “I’m going down to the front desk to see what I can dig up from security. While I’m down there, Andy hack into the cameras and see what footage you can pull. Joe, keep making that key but do not enter until I’m back.”

Joe and Andy nodded as Patrick made his way down stairs. He stood in the elevator, trying to calm his nerves. He couldn’t shake the feeling that Pete was close by and that he was just….hiding in plane sight. The elevator door opened and a woman about the age of 25 with long brown hair and blue eyes walked on. A large bruise surrounded her left eye and she walked with a limp. Patrick wondered what or who had happened to her. In his years of the field, he knew abuse when he saw it. This girl was being beaten and based on her limp, raped. His heart ached for her but he knew there was nothing he cold do. He couldn’t go out and rescue every beaten stray that wandered into his path. That would make him the good guy.

She looked up at him and her eyes widened slightly. She quickly ducked her head down, trying to hide her face. All her mind could think was ‘shit shit shit’. She knew who the man standing next to her was. She was standing next to Patrick Stump. The man her father wanted dead. The man her father was holding Pete in a basement for. If he was here, then his team was too. She just hoped he didn’t know who she was or her father would kill her. Literally. She tensed when she heard him speak.

“You from around here?” His voice was smooth and casual.

She shook her head. “Sorta.” She didn’t want to start a conversation with him. For all she knew, he could kill her……he would kill her if he knew that she was partly the reason Pete Wentz was in the state he was. Even more so if he knew that she knew where he was.

“You don’t look it.”

Monica looked at him, confused. “Excuse me?”

Patrick smiled. “This is California. Ya know, sun, tans, blonds?”

Monica shook her head, getting irritated. “What does that have to do with me?”

Patrick, inwardly grinned. He was getting to her. “Well, not to be rude but your not as tan as a California Girl so either your not from around here or someone keeps you in a house all day.”

Monica’s eyes went wide. Damn he was good. “Maybe I just…, fuck off. I don’t know you. I need explain nothing.”

The elevator door opened and she walked off with a storm flaring in her eyes. Patrick smiled and waited till she was out of ear shot before phoning Andy. “Andy, follow a girl exiting the left entrance. Height 5’6, shoulder length brown hair, pale, black eye, slight limp. I think she is Rafael’s daughter. I wana know what she is doing here and who she is with.”

“Got it boss.”

Patrick sighed. “Andy, don’t call me boss.”

He heard laughing coming from the background so he knew he was on speaker. He shook his head at the antics of his two friends. Patrick hung up the phone and made his way to the front desk where the receptionist was seated. She had long blond hair and a painted on face. When he approached her, she faked a smile until she saw his face. Then the smile turned real and she leaned forward, pushing her breasts up at him. “Hello. Can I help you sir?”

Her voice was dripping with lust. Patrick sighed, his brown hair falling in his face as he faked a smile. “Yes, actually. I was wondering if you could send catering to 318?”

She nodded. “Of coarse. What would you like?”

He found it disgusting how everything she said was an innuendo. “Tea and some pastries please.”

“Its on its way. Is there anything else I can get for you?” He lowered her gaze and tried to look sexy, hiding under her hair but Patrick just ignored it. “No. Thank you.”

With that, he turned on his heal and walked back to the room, praying that the catering was a man. That would be awkward.

Ok, so I know is was short and I'm sorry I haven't updated this story in like, forever. I kinda forgot about it truthfully. I was re-reading some of my older stories and was like "Hey, this is kinda good. I should work on this" haha So, tell me if I should continue?
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