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Sitting Out Dances On The Wall

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For the first time, he looked up at her with pleading eyes. He didn’t speak but his eyes told her everything.

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Rafael brought his fist down on Pete’s already black eye as he shouted at him. “Where the fuck is he?!?!?!?”

Pete looked up at the evil man through swollen eyes, forcing a laugh. “You really think I would tell you? Your dumber than I thought.”

He couldn’t laugh as much as he wanted because he was sure his ribs were broken. Rafael frowned, shaking his head, regaining his composure. “I’ve tried to be nice Wentz but it appears there is nothing I can do to get you to corporate. You are worthless to me and I see no reason to keep you around.” He made his way over to the small table that contained tools of torture, finding one that looked like a half saw half knife. It shone in the little light that was in the room giving in an eerie glow, making it more menacing. Its serrated teeth were covered in dark specks Pete presumed to be dried blood. His heart raced and his fingers curled into a fist, trying to protect themselves. He knew what was coming next and it scared the hell out of him. Rafael made his way over to Pete’s left side, slowly dragging the saw over his exposed and bloody arm.

“You see, you do have other team members I can get a hold of. Andy Hurly being the first on my list. Age 26, height 5’9, 197lbs, masters from MIT before joining the military however quite 6 months into boot camp. Wonder why. I’m sure I could ask him. Don’t you think Peter?”

Pete kept his eyes on the man holding a saw to his arm, glaring at him. He refused to be scared of his pathetic threats but he knew it was in his best interest not to smart off like he wanted to. Rafael continued, walking over to his other side, trailing the saw over his back and to his shoulders. “Then there is Joe Trohman. Age 26, height 5’7, 180lbs, again holding a masters from MIT however unlike Andy, never went to the military. His file seems to end there. No criminal background unlike you. I was reading over your file and you have quite the record Mr. Wentz. Quite the record indeed. It seems you have a rather large distaste for the law, am I right?”

Pete held his glare but never answered, earning him a slice on his arm, making him scream. He cold feel the warm blood drip down his arm and onto the floor. The cut was deep and he knew it. Still he didn’t answer, refusing to give Rafael any satisfaction what so ever. Rafael grabbed the back of his hair, yanking his head back exposing his throat. “Answer me boy!”

Pete gasped for air, brown eyes wide trying to hold back the tears from the pain he was in. “Y…y..yes…” His voice was strained and cracked. It hurt to talk but he knew this was one of those times he had to watch what he said or he would be killed.

Rafael let go of his hair, throwing his head forward, smiling. “Thank you. Now, about that boss of yours. I’ll ask you again. Where is he?”

Before Pete had a chance to answer, Rafael grabbed his hand, prying his pinkie finger out from its balled fist making Pete’s eyes go wide. Rafael grinned up at him, eyes sparkling with a sick joy. “Watch your answer or this finger is mine.”

Pete’s heart was racing with more fear than it ever had been before. Patrick was his friend but….he cold take care of himself right? No, bad Pete. He would never give up his friend. Never. He couldn’t do that. He swallowed hard before slowly speaking, preparing himself for what was going to happen next. “Fuck. You.”

Rafael sighed. “Tisk Tisk. Shouldn’t have said that my boy.”

Pete screamed as he felt the blade dig into his skin, tearing at everything not stopping for anything. His body thrashed and pulled, trying to escape the pain but it was no use. A surge of pain stronger than he had ever felt before raced to his hand as the blade cut through the bone. His mouth was wide, a scream ripping his vocal chords to shreds as his eyes watched his finger being tossed to the side, blood flowing everywhere. Tears fell freely, saliva dripping out of his mouth as he hung his head low, breathing heavily. He sobbed, and felt the ropes being untied from his wrists and legs before he felt his body being drug to the bed and thrown on it. He heard the door shut and his left hand gripped his wrist, trying to stop the pain. His body was in a ball and all he could do was sob and mumble incoherent words to himself. He didn’t even notice when the door opened back up and Monica walked in the room until he heard her gasp. Even then, he didn’t look up. There was no use. He knew she would take his hand, stitch it up and leave. She would leave him to wither in pain like always.

She knelt down beside him, slowly taking his hand in hers. Blood covered the sheets and his clothes. “Pete….oh my god…”

Her fingers gently grasped his wrist, trying to stop the bleeding but knowing there was only one way to stop something like that. Her eyes found the blowtorch in the corner of the room. She stood up, walked over and picked it up, making her way back to him. “Pete….I have to cauterize it.”

For the first time, he looked up at her with pleading eyes. He didn’t speak but his eyes told her everything. He was begging for her to help. His face was covered in a mix of blood, dirt, sweat and bruises. Monica wanted to cry at what she was seeing. It was then that she had decided. She didn’t care if he murdered her brother, she was going to save him. If it killed her, she was going to save Pete Wentz.

Patrick walked back into the hotel room and threw his keys on the table. “Did you find anything?”

Joe stood up and handed him a room key. “The key works. I ran it through several times to test it and no alarm was set. We are waiting for you.”

Andy nodded. “I followed that girl you wanted me to. Did a background check on her as well. As you know she is the daughter of Rafael Uzno however she’s not his real daughter. His real daughter died at the ager of 7 of the flu. This girl, Monica Antonio was adopted at the age of 4. Her mother and father both murdered by Rafael’s men.”

Patrick nodded at Andy. “Then she may have some reservations about her adoptive father. She is a high priority. Finder her. Know her every move. I wana know what time she brushes her teeth in the morning and what kind of toothpaste she uses. Andy, you stay here and do that. Joe come with me, we are going to go see what we can find in Pete’s room.”

Joe grabbed his gear and followed Patrick across the hall and swiped the key, giving them access to the room’s insides. The room was perfectly neat. Not a thing was out of place. The bed was made and there was no sign the room was ever occupied. Patrick opened the closed door and found Pete’s purple jacket hanging, telling him that Pete had made it back to the room. He shut the door, and began searching the room for anything that would lead them to him. Joe was in the bathroom, trying to find traces of another person. “Patrick!”

Joe stood over the sink, trying to make sense of what he was seeing. When Patrick walked in, his eyes got wide. “What the fuck?”

There was a large green stain on the side of the tub with a large chip out of the floor. It would have looked like someone fell and hit there head if the stain wasn’t green. Patrick crouched down and smelt the stain, trying to figure out what it was. His face twisted in disgust. “Its alcohol based. Take a sample and run it through the database. Maybe this is how they got him out without being noticed.” He stood up and continued his search in the main room. The bed was made but there was a small tear in the sheets. When he took a closer look, there was a piece of paper shoved into the separated fabric. It was in Pete’s handwriting.

Help. Can’t see straight. Followed by 2 men. mid 30’s. short brown hair. Average height. Tattoo on neck. Think I was drugged.

Patrick’s eyes were wide as he re-read the note. “Shit.” He stuffed it in his pocket then looked under the bed to find Pete’s backpack containing his gear. He pulled it out and set in on the bed. The first thing he did was fish out his computer and check the last log in time. 8/11/10 11:32pm. Today was the 14th. Pete had been missing for 2 days before they realized it. “Fuck, Joe, check this out. Pete’s last long in time was on the 11th. When did Andy say his last check in was?”

Joe walked out of the bathroom with a small bag containing a sample of the green stuff that was on the bathtub. “2 days ago…how can that be?”

Patrick ran his hands through his hair. “I don’t know. He has to long in to check in. If he checked in 2 days ago, how is it is last log in was 4 days ago?” He set the computer back in the black backpack and threw it over his shoulder. “Come on. Lets have Andy take a look at this and see what the fuck is going on here.”

Andy sat back in his chair and sighed. “This is odd…..really odd. The only way this is possible is if he checked in on a secondary computer. I can see if I can trace it back to where he last checked in at though the log in database. If he checked in on a secondary computer, I can track the IP address and find out where it is.”

Patrick nodded. “Do that. What’s the status on Monica? Has she made any move to get back to her father?”

Andy shook his head. “No. As far as I can tell, she is in a small apartment downtown. The only person I have seen enter or leave is her.”

Patrick tilted his head. “What floor?”

“First why?”

Patrick turned to face Joe. “Get me a thermal of that apartment. Lots of those things were safe houses during the Cold War. If it has an underground bunker like I think it may, we might know why we never seen anyone enter or leave.”

Joe nodded. “Thermal coming up!”

A large blue screen appeared on Patrick’s laptop containing a ground plan for an apartment complex. It showed several red dots walking around making it clear it was residents going about their daily routine. “Can you focus on the first floor?”

The screen blurred for a second before refocusing, this time only a few dots were on the screen. “Now go underground.”

The screen blurred again and this time when it refocused, about 100 red dots covered the screen. They were all in one room and looked to be in a meeting. One single dot was at the front, and off in the corner of a second room was another singer dot. This one however, was a fading half red, half blue meaning that whoever that dot was, didn’t’ have long to live. Patrick’s eyes got wide. “I think we just found Pete.”

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