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And now to explain

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Frank's POV
I sat next to Eli in the backseat of the small car Agents Ross and Walker came in. We were on our way to the small 'headquarters' being used at the moment by Ross and Walker. It was in El Centro, not very big, but a comfortable size.
When I hesitantly swung the door open, Eli pushed me out, "Get out Iero! You wanted to go on this stupid adventure!"
I stumbled over my feet and tried to regain my balance, "Shut up Eli!"
She smirked and got out to stand next to me in front of the building. Ross turned to me, "Please wait here for a moment."
I nodded and the two agents went inside as Eli and I stood. After about five minutes of rock, paper, scissors, Ross came back and led us into a small room in the building. Four men sat in large, comfortable-looking chairs. Ross sat in the empty fifth chair and the man next to him addressed Eli and I, "Please sit."
He waved his hand at the two plastic chairs and we sat. Eli spoke up, "What are we here for? Aren't we supposed to go save this Jones guy?"
The third man cleared his throat, "Yes, you two are. But you are not properly equipped for saving Mr. Jones."
"And what exactly do we need to be 'properly equipped'?" Eli shot back, sitting forward a bit.
I pushed her back with the palm of my hand, "Calm yourself, woman."
Ross smirked as the second man picked up from where the third left off, "And to be equipped, you needed to be brought here for it."
I looked at Eli, who shrugged, then turned to the man, "And what do we need to be equipped?"
He smiled a creepy smiled and stood, "Follow me, if you please."
MEANWHILE, with the others at the Imperial Valley Mall's Cinemark
The six ran past the zoned out movie employee. The dark, picture palace was the movie theater and after checking every other one in the Valley, this was the last.
They decided to each take one of the twelve theaters and search for any type of clue before the brainless duo came to get it.
The six split at 8 o'clock, just before the movies closed. It was gonna be a long night.
I've just been busy and I feel incredibly bad. I'm sorry for the short CH, it's almost 10 in CA so I havta get off soon.
I promise that the next CH will be long. Or long-ish. Just not short, I promise.
I love you for sticking with me
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