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With the other six, they just began their search for the next clue, fortune thingy that will lead them to whatever they were looking for.
In the third theater, Ray turned on the small key chain flashlight. The theater was pitch black and it wasn't helping him see all the steps he was tripping on. It was actually quite funny to watch Shut up! I'm The Narrator! I can say that!
Anyways, looking between seats and aisles, Ray searched for anything that looked like the clue or hint that would take them to the next place. When the entire theater had been searched, he sighed and exited quietly, trying not to disturb the silence.
He joined Gerard in the seventh theater, "Do we actually know what we're looking for?"
Gerard opened his mouth, then closed it, looking sideways, "No."
While they looked, Ciarra, Amber, and Mikey also entered their theater, all saying that there was no clue to be found. Ciarra looked behind her, "Where's Chanya?"
Chanya was still in her theater, searching in the highest seats for the clue. Suddenly, she heard a noise coming form the doors to the theater. She crouched down behind the seats and froze. Footsteps thumped on the stairs. A strangely familiar voice was heard, "Dammit, where are they?"
A second voice was also there, "Calm down Spencer. We followed them here, I'm sure we'll find them soon."
Spencer and ......... that one guy's name!, Chanya thought to herself. She willed for them to go away so she could run and tel the others.
"Well, well. What do we have here?" Spencer said, grabbing Chanya by the arm, "A hidden girl. You do know staying after the movies close is wrong and you're not supposed to do that?"
She rolled her eyes and tried to struggled her way out of his grip. Brendon came over to her other side and grabbed that arm, "Stop resisting. The sooner we get the clue, the sooner you all can go home and NOT get in our way of getting The Target."
She looked up at him, "What's 'The Target'?"
"Something, you don't need to know about! Now c'mon, we gotta go have a little chat with your other friends."
He and Spencer took Chanya down the stairs and into the hallway. Brendon looked around the empty space and called ot, "We have your girl! Any time you wanna come out and save her?"
When no one came out, Chanya sighed and started yelling, "I have coffee in my hands and the first person out here gets it!"
Of course, a few second laters, Gerard and Mikey stumbled out of the seventh theater, strangling each other. Amber, Ciarra, and Ray came out the swinging doors, shaking their heads at the two bickering brothers.
When Ciarra saw Brendon and Spencer with Chanya, her eyes narrowed and she stepped forward, "And what exactly do you think you're doing with Chanya?"
Spencer shushed her, "I'll be asking the questions here! Now where's the second clue?"
Ray stood next to her, "We haven't found it yet. Now can you please let her g-"
Brendon stopped him, "Wrong answer! I know one of you has to have it."
Spencer backed him up, "Yeah, one of you. And don't try any funny business. I can take on all of you."
"Oh I don't know Mr. Spencer. Don't you remember our little scuffle outside the resturant earlier?" Amber slyly smiled and she circled the two men who held Chanya.
Spencer scoffed, but neverousness was heard in his voice, "You caught me by surprise. I could have taken you!"
She smirked as Chanya wiggled her hand into her pocket, pulling out a small slip of paper, "I picked this up off the floor before you two idiots grabbed me."
Brendon grinned evily and tried snatching it away from her, "Give it here!"
She pulled it away, "No! Let me go first!"
Spencer and Brendon put their arms down and she walked over to Ciarra, "Now, you may have this paper."
She dropped the slip and as it floated down, the two villians stepped forward to grab it. When Brendon got it, he smiled, "Let's hope we never cross paths again," and they began to walk away.
Chanya glanced at Amber, who had a waiting gleam in her eye, and nodded. She grinned and tip-toed to where the two men continued walking. She crakced her knuckles and pounced, landing on both of their backs. The went down and Brendon let go of the paper, letting it fall in front of them. Gerard took this opportunity to run, the others following in pursuit, and lean down and grab the paper.
They continued to run until they exited the main door. Outside, the cool October air blew as Ciarra put her hands on her knees, "Well, that went well."
The rest nodded as they all walked to the car. They got in and settled themselves as Gerard started the engine and they went out of the mall parking lot. He handed Chanya the paper, "Can you figure it out?"
She nodded as Mikey sat up from the back seat. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and out it on speaker, "Hello?"
"Notice anyone missing from the van?"
Gerard slammed on the brakes and the all looked around. Ciarra put her head in her hand, "Damn, we forgot Amber!"
I'm sorry that I didn't update for awhile!!!!! I feel extremely bad, but it doesn't seem like many people are actually reading it. Which, while I'm still gonna write it anyways, makes me feel you guys don't like me anymore.
Which makes me sad because I like you guys.
Anyways, hope you enjoyed this CH!
I MIGHT be writing another story, which I have not though of yet, but I kinda know what it'll be about.
Amber (the author)
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