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I Miss You, I Miss You So Far

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Frank has 2 friends... Bob and Ray. Gerard is an exchange student from Britain who stays at Franks. What will happen? FRERARD!

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“Frank! Come down here! Gerard is here!”
I sighed and sat up.
I really didn’t want to host this exchange student.
For all I knew, he could be a jackass like 99.9% of my school.
And I had to share my room with him. This is just wonderful.
Hopefully he was something like me…
I ran my hands through my black hair and looked in the mirror. I looked terrible, considering my mom had made me clean my room and put in another bed. I looked around my room for a minute, and ran downstairs. At the door, was the most gorgeous guy I’ve ever seen. Black hair, stunning hazel eyes. He was holding a suitcase and had a backpack on his back.
“Um, Hi. I’m Frank.”
“Hey Frank. I’m Gerard.” He smiled.
Aghh, he was so cute.
“Frankie, help him with his bag.”
I glared at my mom for using my nickname, and grabbed Gerard’s suitcase. I wheeled it upstairs and set it on his bed. Gerard followed me and stood at the door.
“Woah! Sick room!”
I looked at my red and black walls covered with band posters, my huge stereo, and my guitar, Pansy.
“Thanks. I painted it myself.”
“It’s so cool.”
I smiled at him. Maybe he was okay.
I sat on my bed.
“So Gerard, tell me about yourself.”
He sat on the other bed.
“Well, I’m from Britain, but I don’t have an English accent…when we moved there I vowed I wouldn’t catch on to it. I love the Misfits, Smashing Pumpkins, and Black Flag. I hate needles, love coffee and sleeping. And I sing somewhat, and I’m…never mind.”
I raised an eyebrow at him.
“What about you?” He asked.
“I play guitar. I love the same bands as you basically, I have a lot of tattoo’s, and my lip and nose are pierced but I guess you can see that…anyway I love coffee and sleeping too. I scream sing and play guitar. I’m bi and proud of it, if you don’t like it get the fuck out of my house.”
Gerard started laughing.
“Yeah, I’m fine with it. I’m bi too, it’s no big deal.”
“Well good!” I yelled and threw a pillow at him.
Maybe he wasn’t so bad.

This is my new story! :D Don't worry, I'll finish All is Fair in Love and War :)
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