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Chapter 2

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I grabbed his hand, blushed, and let go of it.

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I’m standing at my dresser putting on my red eyeliner when Gerard walks out of the bathroom. I look over at him.
“Dude, get some clothes on.”
He sticks his tongue out at me and grabs a shirt and a pair of skinny jeans out of his suitcase.
I run some gel through my hair and look at myself in the mirror. I look so tired that it isn’t even funny. Gerard walks out of the bathroom again, this time dressed and eyeliner on. He looks so cute. I facepalm myself.
I look over to him.
“Nothing…I just like to slap my forehead.”
He laughed.
“Ready to go?” I asked.
“Yeah, one sec.”
He grabs a necklace out of his suitcase and puts it on.
“What’s that?” I asked.
“Maybe I’ll show you another time…”
“Okay, let’s go.”
I grabbed my backpack and went downstairs. Gerard followed me, and we started the long walk to the dreaded school. I pulled out my iPod and put in an earbud. I offered Gerard the other one, and he took it. We walked in silence to school.
At the door, we saw Bob and Ray.
“Come on”
I grabbed his hand, blushed, and let go of it. I started walking toward Bob and Ray and Gerard followed me.
“Hey Frank. That’s Gerard?” Ray asked.
I looked at Gerard.
“Yep, that’s him.”
“Hey Gerard, I’m Ray.”
“Hi Ray…”
Ray’s ‘fro could be intimidating.
“I’m Bob.”
“Hello Bob…”
Today was going to be interesting. I just knew it.
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