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Chapter 3

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“Well, I’m not interested in her. I’m interested in someone else.”

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The bell rang, and the four of us walked into class.
Gerard happened to be in all of my classes.
“Hey Frank!” yelled a familiar voice.
It was Lindsay. Or LynZ as she liked to be called. She was a friend of Ray’s. I didn’t know her very well.
“Oh, hi LynZ. What’s up?”
She eyed Gerard.
“Not much. Who’s this?”
I looked at Gerard. He looked uncomfortable. Probably intimidated by LynZ’s outfit. She always wore crazy stuff.
“Gerard. He’s the exchange student that’s staying at my house.”
“Ah, cool.” She smiled at him and twirled her hair, obviously flirting.
Gerard weakly smiled back at her, and looked at me.
“Come on Frank…let’s go to class.”
He started walking towards our classroom.
I followed him and waved a goodbye to LynZ.
I caught up with him before we entered the class.
“Hey…you’re like the first to reject LynZ’s flirting.”
“Well, I’m not interested in her. I’m interested in someone else.”
I blushed and he looked into my eyes.
The bell rang again, signaling us to get into the classroom or get detention.
We ran into the class and sat in the back.
“Okay, let’s welcome the new exchange student Gerard, from England” said the teacher.
One jock coughed, and I heard the word emo come after it.
Everyone laughed, including the teacher.
Gerard put his head in his hands, and I put my arm around him.
“Fags!” I heard another jock yell.
“Okay class, lets get on with lessons.” The teacher seemed to want more of the jocks taunting us.

Seven hours later, we were walking back to my house listening to music. Nothing had gone wrong, except for the first class. I still wondered if I was the one he was “interested in.” Oh well, hopefully I’d find out soon enough.
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