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This Song Saved My Life

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I wake up feeling dazed and confused. Was it just a dream?
I realize I'm lying on a couch at the guy's house, alone. Then it must have been real, Gerard didn't want me anymore. He just threw me away like a piece of trash.

Part of me wanted to stay and ask billions of questions but a smarter part of me chose otherwise.
I ended up sneaking pass the kitchen filled with everyone and just before I was going to step out the door I heard my name amongst the group. Someone had seen me and now everyone was gonna come see if I was okay, well they can all just go and die for all I care! They knew about it the whole time they were on tour and didn't even bother telling me. Some friends! I just threw the door open and walked as fast as I could in the direction of the mansion, not caring who cared enough to follow.

My footsteps fell into a soft rhythm as I came near the beautiful mansion that was now repaired. I had furnished it so it was fit for living in but I planned to fully move in after I'd asked Gerard to live with me. Which will now never happen. I couldn't get all of this through my head. Why had they kept this from me? None of it made sense.

"Leda? Do you live here now?" I jumped at the sound of Mikey's voice and, because I just have the best of luck, I fall flat on my ass. I try to get up but the thick snow makes it very difficult and I end up falling again. Mikey comes running to my rescue and pulls me up.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to scare you," he sounded like a little kid apologizing.

"No, it's alright. Thanks for helping me up," I brushed off the snow and continued walking, he followed. "I don't live here yet, I was sorta waiting for Gee to get back and move in with me," I blush as I say this. The whole situation was embarrassing on my part since I practically planned out my future with Gerard and it turned out he didn't want one with me. I unlocked the door and let Mikey in.

"Just know that I'm here for you okay? We all know that what Gerard did was wrong and we just didn't have the heart to tell you over the phone," I nodded in response. I felt bad for thinking wrongly of them when they were just trying to protect me.

"What am I gonna do Mikey??" I break down in front of him, letting all my guards down. But I trusted him, he was one of my best friends. So I felt no need to stay collected.

He hugged me to his chest and hushed me like a mother would do to a child.

"You're going to be just fine, maybe it will be hard at first. But only good could come of this. Lot's and lots of good," He calmed me down and we were lying against the door still hugging each other. For so little words, his advice meant a lot to me.

"Mikey?" I ask with a tear escaping down my cheek.

"Yes?" He smudged it away.

"Why did you punch Gerard back at your house?"

"I was mad at him.."

"Why? I should've been the one throwing punches," I was now looking up at him from my comfy place on his lap.

"Because he was being a selfish jerk. He had the best girlfriend anyone could ask for and he just went and replaced you," I smiled when he mentioned best girlfriend.

"I'm not all that great, I actually look at myself as more of a burden," I say sadly, lowering my voice at the last part.

"What are you talking about girl? You're gorgeous, you read comics, you play video games better than Ray! The list just goes on, you're the coolest girl I know, Leda, promise me this whole ordeal won't make you change a single thing about yourself." My stomach filled with a million butterflies that I had never felt around him before. Did he just say all of this? I slide my pinky finger through his.
"I don't just promise, I pinky promise, " I smile. This is the first time I've smiled since before the tour.

"Good, now if you don't mind I would love to see what you've done with this old place." He helps me up and I give him a tour of the entire place.
Soon we find ourselves watching scary movies on a cheap old couch. And, thanks to Mikey, I completely forget about Gerard for the rest of the night.
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