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I Lost My Fear Of Falling... For Just A Second

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Very short filler

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The next morning me and Mikey headed back to the house. I had to talk to Gerard about all of this and I wasn't about to let this come between him an his brother. So it had to be dealt with now. I can't say that I was over him yet, even after he was a jerk to me he still had a special place in my heart. 
Mikey was right behind me giving me an encouraging push through the door. My nerves were eating me up from the inside out but I just had to ignore them, get this over with, never talk to Gerard again, and live the rest of my life surrounded by cats in the mansion alone. Nothing wrong with that, nice and cozy. Okay who am I kidding? My life is over.

I stumbled in with a new found confidence that could only be explained by my decision of giving up love. I raced through the kitchen and into the living room.

My confidence didn't last very long because what I saw in there made my whole body go numb. All I could do was stand there. Mikey looked around me, wondering why I had stopped and he gasped.

"Will you marry me?"
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