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Chapter 9

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The concert! :)

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Lucy’s POV…
Me, Gerard, Mikey, Hollie and Becca were all standing in line to see Smashing Pumpkins. The only one talking was Becca “I don’t think anyone’s selling tickets tonight,” She told us “How am I supposed to get in?”
She wasn’t exactly talking to all of us; she was deliberately aiming it at Hollie. Hollie shrugged and said “Maybe someone will start selling them later?”
“And what if they’re not?”
“Then we’re sorry,” Mikey butted in “But you’ll have to give the concert a miss. Because the rest of us have tickets and you just don’t. That’s not our fault.”
“We’re sorry.” I smiled. I hoped no one was selling tickets. It would serve Becca right to miss the concert.
Becca looked like she wanted to say something but didn’t. She couldn’t threaten either of us here in front of our boyfriends, she knew what would happen if she did. I was just worried about the things that would happen after the concert. Would she show Gerard? And if she did, what would Gerard say?
Luckily for Becca when we got near the front of the queue some random guy yelled “Tickets for sale! Standing!”
Becca squealed with excitement and went off to buy one. Hollie rolled her eyes at me but at least the both of us were still going to the concert as planned.
Gerard frowned “Isn’t Becca going out with Bob?”
“Yeah,” Hollie told him “Why?”
“Does she ever spend any time with Bob?”
“I’m not sure,” I replied “I know they see each other at school but I think that’s about it.”
“Becca seems to spend more time with me than with her boyfriend,” He muttered “Do you think she likes me?”
“As a friend or as more?”
“As more.”
“Maybe you should ask her?”
“But what if she says yes!”
“So what if she says yes?”
“I’m your boyfriend, doesn’t it bother you?”
“Well you don’t fancy her!” I narrowed my eyes at him “Do you?”
“Of course not, I love you silly!” He put both his arms round me so he was hugging me from behind “But what if she does like me? What am I supposed to say? It’d be a bit awkward, don’t you think?”
“Well kind of if you replied ‘Well the thing is, I don’t like you back.’ And then she started begging you to break up with me and go out with her…”
“She’s taking her time buying this bloody ticket, isn’t she?” Mikey complained “We’re nearly at the doors, what’s taking her so long?”
“Maybe she can’t afford it?” Hollie suggested hopefully.
But seconds later, Becca was back in the queue “I got a ticket!” Becca told us even though we could already see she had brought a ticket “Cost triple what it said on the website but it was worth it! I love the Smashing Pumpkins!”
“Oh really?” Mikey asked “What’s your favourite song by them?”
Becca was stuck there. She stood there awkwardly for a moment before replying “They’re all so good that I just can’t choose.”
“Do you like ‘Kissing Me Goodbye’ by Smashing Pumpkins?” Hollie asked, smiling at her.
Becca nodded “Yeah, it’s a good song.”
“It’s not by Smashing Pumpkins,” Hollie giggled “It’s by The Used!”
But Becca laughed too “The Used are a great band too. Bert McCracken’s an excellent singer.”
She only knew that Bert McCracken was the lead singer because last year Hollie had mentioned that fact to Jasmine which for some reason Jasmine found hilarious and kept saying “What’s crack-a-lackin Bert McCracken?”
“I’m not too keen on them,” Gerard told us “I used to love them but recently I’ve just kind of gone off them.”
“We’re at the doors!” Hollie squealed “I can’t believe we’re seeing Smashing Pumpkins!”
We got right to the front and because Becca was at the front, she handed her ticket in first. The ticket guy took one look at it and said “I’m sorry love, I can’t accept this.”
“Why not?”
“It’s not a real ticket, it’s a fake.”
“But I just paid one hundred dollars for that ticket!” Becca practically yelled at him “Please, you gotta let me in!”
“There’s nothing I can do,” He told her “I’m really sorry.”
Becca took her ticket back and stormed outside “I’m going to sort this punk out!”
Me and Hollie snorted with laughter. Gerard pulled all our tickets out of his jeans pocket and handed them in. Our tickets were real so we were all let in. “Wait!” We heard Becca yell outside “Don’t go in without me!”
“She’ll be mad at us when we come out.” Hollie said nervously.
Gerard shrugged “We said that if she couldn’t get tickets we’d have to go in without her. If she can’t handle that then oh well!”
Once inside the hall we ran straight to the front. We managed to get places right next to the barrier and we stood waiting for the support band to come on stage.
I glanced to the side of me. I was standing in between Hollie and Gerard but when I looked past Gerard, I could see Becca standing right next to him…

Hollies POV…
“How did you get in?” I heard Lucy ask. I turned to see who she was talking to. Becca, of course.
She yelled back “Sneaked past the security guard.”
“Are you serious?” I yelled at her “If you get caught you’ll be in so much trouble!”
“I’m not going to get caught!” Becca laughed “Don’t be such a baby.”
I rolled my eyes and turned to face Mikey “She just called me a baby!”
“I know, I heard!”
“How dare she!”
“Don’t get so upset by it!” Mikey smiled, putting his arm round me “If she gets caught then it serves her right, doesn’t it?”
I smiled at him as the lights dimmed and the support act came on. A crowd had now gathered in the pretty small arena.
Some random band that no one had ever heard of started playing their first song. They were pretty good and we soon got into it.
Halfway through the support act, someone put their hand on my shoulder. They started dragging me back through the crowd “Hey!” I yelled, twisting to see who it was. A security guard.
They hadn’t just pulled me out of the crowd, they were bring out Mikey, Lucy, Becca and Gerard too. They pulled us right out of the venue and said “We can’t have people like you sneaking your way in.”
“We didn’t sneak in!” Gerard snapped, pulling the concert tickets out of his pocket “We paid fair and square!”
“I only see four tickets there,” The security guard commented “But there are five of you standing right in front of me.”
“She’s not with us,” Becca told the security guard, pointing at me “She sneaked in, we paid for our tickets.”
“What!?” I yelled.
The security guard shook his head “I’m sorry but we know you guys are together. We’re going to have to ask you to leave.”
Gerard opened his mouth to protest but Mikey just took his arm and pulled him away. Miserably, we walked down to the park opposite Gerard’s house. That’s when the major argument started.
Becca, for some reason, was the one who started in “If you guys had just backed me up in the queue then we wouldn’t be sitting out here!”
“What were we supposed to say?” Gerard asked “It’s not our fault that you brought fake tickets!”
“And it was a bad idea to sneak in anyway,” Lucy yelled “You’re such an idiot!”
“Do not call me names!” Becca snapped angrily “You were the ones who left me stranded outside.”
“We said right from the start that if you couldn’t get a ticket we’d have to go in without you.” Mikey told her “And anyway you were quick to pin the blame on Hollie.”
“What were you gonna do?” Lucy asked “Just go in and leave her outside?”
“That’s kind of what I planned!” Becca told her.
“How could you do that?” Mikey asked.
Becca shrugged “Hollie doesn’t mind, do you Hollie?”
Everyone turned to look at me, waiting for my answer. I couldn’t think of anything to say. So instead, I turned away and ran out of the park.

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