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Chapter 10

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Chloe wants to just know what's wrong!

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Chloe’s POV…
Hollie came running into our house at about eight “The first act started at seven,” I said suspiciously “Why are you home so early? The concert shouldn’t be over this early.”
Hollie shook her head and ran upstairs to her bedroom. I shook my head too and yelled “No, you’re not running away from this again!”
I was about to run up the stairs after her when suddenly Lucy burst into the house “Where’s Hollie?”
“Bedroom, I’m assuming.” I shrugged.
Lucy ran past me and the up the stairs into Hollies bedroom. I decided it was time for Hollie and Lucy to stop keeping secrets from me. I ran up the stairs after Lucy and into Hollies bedroom. Hollie was sitting cross-legged on her bed, biting her lip which she always does when she’s upset. Lucy was sitting opposite her, hugging her knees.
I walked over “You two are literally starting to annoy me,” I told them “It’s one thing to be upset but you’re leaving me out entirely. Us three never keep secrets from each other. And it’s not fair that you two know what’s going on but I don’t.”
I sat down in the middle of them “Come on then, story time. Tell me what’s going on.”
“Promise you won’t be mad?” Lucy asked.
I laughed “When am I ever mad at you?”
“When she broke you and Frank up?” Hollie suggested “You went bananas! You got so angry!”
“Hollie, that’s not the point.” I smiled “I promise not to get mad at either of you because I love you both! Now please tell me what is going on.”
“Not just mad at us,” Hollie whispered “You can’t go saying anything to Becca. You gotta keep this to yourself.”
“Why would I tell Becca a secret between us three?”
“You can’t even tell Frank,” Lucy warned “You literally can’t mention this to anyone.”
“I promise I won’t tell anyone!” I yelled “Now tell me what’s going on before I explode!”
There was an awkward silence before Lucy finally admitted “Remember when Becca arrived and I invited her over?”
“Well she stole my diary. And it had a bunch of stuff I had written about Gerard and the others when I was pretending to hate them. She wrote in fake dates so it looked like I’d said all those things about Gerard while we were dating. She told me that if I didn’t anything she asked that she’d show Gerard what I’d written.”
“And then I heard them talking about outside Mikey’s house,” Hollie continued what Lucy had said “I heard Becca threatening Lucy and stuff. I went over to Becca’s house and tried to steal Lucy’s diary back so that we could destroy it. But Becca caught me trying to sneak out with it and now she’s threatening me too.”
“What kind of things has she been getting you to do?” I asked.
Lucy told me “I had to tell Gerard I didn’t want to go to the Smashing Pumpkins concert. Hollie had to call Mikey fat. Hollie nearly had to give up her Smashing Pumpkins ticket.”
“Which reminds me,” I said “Why aren’t you guys at the concert?”
“Becca brought a fake ticket by mistake,” Hollie informed me “So me, Mikey, Lucy and Gerard all used our tickets to get in but because Becca couldn’t use her ticket to get in, she snuck in. But she got caught and because she was with us, we all got pulled out. Then Becca told the security guard that I was the one who tried to sneak in. But they still wouldn’t let us back in.”
“I don’t get it,” I said “What’s Becca going to achieve out of all this?”
“She has a massive crush on Gerard,” Lucy sniffed “She hopes that we’ll break up and that Gerard will want her instead of me.”
“I thought she was going out with Bob.”
“She is,” Hollie whispered “We don’t quite know why.”
“Do you expect me to just sit here and accept this?”
“You can’t tell her!” Lucy said quickly “If you tell her that you know then she’ll start blackmailing you too!”
“I’d like to see her try.” I said stubbornly.
Hollie shook her head “Please don’t say anything. Don’t tell Becca you know, don’t mention anything to Gerard and don’t tell Frank. Frank’s just as crazy as you and he’ll go stick up for Lucy. Just keep this to yourself.”
“And watch you two suffer?” I asked “I can’t do that! You’ve been so upset for a while and I can’t stand seeing you two like that. I hate it!”
“There’s nothing we can do,” Lucy shrugged “I love Gerard and I want to stay with him.”
“Don’t you understand what’s going to happen?” I asked her “Becca’s just going to keep blackmailing you until you just don’t spend any time with Gerard at all. Then Gerard will break up with you anyway and then Becca will have what she wanted.”
“At least he won’t know the terrible things I said about him.” Lucy sniffed “You don’t know what I’ve written in there, it’s stuff I wouldn’t say out loud.”
“You don’t say a lot of bad words out loud.” I reminded her.
She frowned “I used the C word.”
“Are you serious?” Hollie was shocked “Why would you use that?”
“I don’t know, I was really upset…” Lucy sobbed “Now I don’t know what to do!”
I put an arm round her. I signalled for Hollie to come over and I put an arm round her too “Don’t worry. I’ll figure something out.”

Mikey’s POV…
I had to tell him. The guilty was eating me alive. Gerard was always so upset. He needed to know why his girlfriend was acting strange. If the roles were reversed, I’d want to know. But I promised I wouldn’t tell him. And it’s not really my secret to pass on. I wouldn’t be the one suffering with the consequences. Depending on how Gerard re-acted, Lucy would be the one to suffer. And I’m not sure how Gerard would re-act.
He started bugging me when we got home “Mikey, come on, you saw what happened tonight. Something’s going on and I really need to know what.”
“Gerard, I-“
“Do you know how annoying it is,” He asked “To know that all four of you know something that I can’t know? It’s very annoying. I need to know what’s wrong with my girlfriend. You’d want to know too.”
“I know I would and I want to tell you so bad but Lucy would never forgive me.”
“Why?” Gerard snapped “Why wouldn’t she forgive me? What is so bad that no one can tell me?”
“She’s scared you’ll be mad,” I swallowed “I think Becca has a crush on you.”
“What does that have to do with anything?”
“It has more to do with everything than you’ll ever know.”
“But Mikey, things are just getting out of control. We got kicked out of the concert tonight. We’d been waiting for that moment for years and we finally got it but this secret ripped it to pieces.”
“I’m really sorry!” I yelled “I hate this secret; I want it to just disappear! If there was a way to get rid of this secret, I would do it.”
“Then just tell me,” Gerard begged “It’ll make it all go away Mikey, I promise. You don’t even need to get involved, I’ll sort it out, I swear I will! And all you have to do is tell me!”
“It’s not that easy,” I cried, my eyes filling with tears. I looked away. I didn’t want Gerard to see I was crying which is stupid because I’ve cried in front of Gerard so many times before “I want to tell you Gerard, I really do but I promised Hollie that I wouldn’t. And I wouldn’t be the one upset that you knew the secret alright? Lucy would.”
“I’m not telling you!” I cried, turning to face him as tears started rolling down my cheeks making me feel pathetic “I just can’t okay, and stop trying to force me!”
I ran past him and up the stairs to my bedroom. I knew he really wanted to know this secret but I wish he wouldn’t pressure me about it. I hate it when Gerard’s mad at me but what am I supposed to do? I don’t want Hollie to get mad at me or feel like she can’t trust me and I don’t want Lucy to get upset either. But I do want to make Gerard happy. I do want Becca to stop blackmailing Hollie and Lucy.
I remembered Hollies plan about going over to Becca’s and taking the diary in an attempt to destroy it. I could try that, couldn’t I? Becca wouldn’t be able to blackmail Lucy anymore and things would go back to normal.
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