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Chapter 11

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Mikey gets Lucys book back... Or does he?

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Mikey’s POV…
Hollie didn’t think it was a very good idea “What if she catches you? Then she’ll start blackmailing you too into doing things you don’t want to do.”
“I don’t care,” I told her “I just want everything to go back to normal. I wish Becca never came here in the first place.”
“Well I wish that too,” Hollie sighed “I want to get rid of this just as much as you do. Your plan is great but only if it works. And no offence, but I think Becca will catch you.”
“Let me give it a chance.” I begged “At this rate, she’s going to end up blackmailing all of us anyway.”
“Do you reckon that’d work?”
“What’d work?”
“Well if Becca was blackmailing you, me, Frank, Lucy, Chloe, Ray and Bob, do you reckon Gerard would find out?”
“He knows that something is up, he keeps asking me what’s going on.”
“You haven’t told him have you?”
“Well… I’ve kind of dropped hints…”
“You shouldn’t do that, Gerard isn’t stupid!”
“All that I’ve told him is that Becca fancies him!”
“If Gerard tells Becca that he’s not interested her, he’s interested in Lucy then she’ll show him this stupid diary.”
“He won’t say anything to her; I don’t even think he believed me. So are you going to let me try out my idea or not?”
“Mikey, it’s risky…”
“Just give me Becca’s address.”
She gave in and gave me the address. “But be careful! I swear if she catches you then you’re dead! And I’ll most likely be dead too and so will Lucy! And Chloe kind of knows now as well so she might be dead too…”
“What do you mean she kind of knows?”
“Okay she fully knows but still…”
“Look, I’ll be fine.” I gave her a hug goodbye then walked over to Becca’s house. I stood outside her house for a good ten minutes realising that I hadn’t thought this plan through very well. What reason would I have to go over to Becca’s house? Yeah she’d been over to mine before but that was to see Gerard.
In the end I just knocked on her door anyway. Becca’s little brother answered and yelled “Becca, your boyfriends here!”
Becca ran to the door, saying “Bob, I told you I was busy…” But then she saw it was me.
I stood there for a second before saying quickly “Sorry if you’re busy, I was just wondering if I could borrow your English notes? For the English exam on Monday?”
“I’ll just go get them…”
“I’ll help you find them!” I said eagerly, stepping into her house “You’ve got a really nice house.”
“Uhh thanks.”
“Did you leave your English notes in your bedroom?” I asked “Let’s go and take a look.”
“I think they’re in my School Bag, in the living room.” Becca said.
I shrugged “Oh, okay.” We both walked into the living room and sure enough, there was her school bag. She reached in and grabbed her English Notes. “Here you go…”
I needed to get upstairs to her bedroom! “Umm… I was wondering… Can I use your bathroom please?”
“Upstairs, second door to the left.” Becca told me, letting me go upstairs by myself. Just what I wanted.
I ran upstairs and didn’t go into the bathroom of course. I looked into each room, trying to find Becca’s room. I assumed the one with the Justin Bieber poster and JLS duvet cover was Becca’s room. Quickly, I started searching through Becca’s bedroom trying to remember Hollies description of Lucy’s diary.
I found a small book patterned with things like ‘I love JLS’ and the words ‘Keep Out’ across the front. This was exactly like Hollie had described. I shoved it down my jacket and ran downstairs. I stood by the front door, yelled “Thanks for the English notes!”
I opened the door and I was shutting it, Becca yelled “Um Mikey, you never flushed the toilet…”

Hollies POV…
Lucy sat anxiously on our sofa. I’d told her what Mikey intended to do. “Do you think he’ll get it?”
“I’m not sure,” I replied “I tried and failed. But maybe he’ll get it?”
Mikey ran in “Who let you in?” Lucy asked.
Mikey shrugged “I let myself in!”
“Has it come to this?” Chloe giggled, coming into the living room “Our boyfriends can now just stroll into our house whenever they want?”
“Look, it’s important!” Mikey told us, sitting down on the sofa “I got Lucy’s diary!”
“You did?” Lucy asked “Where is it?”
He pulled it out of his jacket and handed it to her “I also managed to get Becca’s English note for Monday. So now I just copy hers and…”
“Mikey, this isn’t my diary.” Lucy told him sadly.
He stared at her “What do you mean it’s not yours?”
“Look inside,” She opened the book and held it on her lap “All the pages are blank.”
“Because I’m not an idiot,” Becca told us, entering the living room.
I rolled my eyes “Who let you in?”
“I let myself in!”
“Our house is not a hotel!” Chloe yelled “People can’t keep letting themselves in willy-nilly!”
“That’s nothing like a hotel,” Lucy told her “In a hotel you have to book a room and shizz…”
“The basic message is still there.” Chloe pouted “Shush Lucy.”
“I knew that you’d both tell Chloe eventually.” Becca smiled “And I guessed that Mikey already knew about the diary when he easily forgave Hollie for calling him fat.”
“Oh fuck you Becca!” I moaned “What’s your problem?”
“My problem is that I’m dating a total oaf!” Becca moaned “Lucy doesn’t even deserve Gerard!”
“Oh, and you do?” Chloe asked “You’re nothing but a sneaky liar. You’re utterly pathetic. And guess what Becca; if you break Gerard and Lucy up, Gerard won’t start liking you! It doesn’t work like that!”
“That’s all you know.” Becca snarled.
Lucy stood up “What did I ever do to you to make you hate me so much?”
“That’s another reason why I can’t stand you.” Becca shook her head in disgust “You don’t remember. It pisses me off how you can just forget like that.”
“I didn’t do anything!”
“You totally did!”
“Becca, this has gone far enough!” Chloe yelled “I’m telling Gerard.”
“No, don’t!” Lucy cried.
Chloe shook her head “Lucy, this is stupid. And I’m not having anyone blackmail me or my sisters. Beg me all you want Lucy but I’m telling him. And you four are all coming with me.” She glared at Becca “Right now.”

Gerard’s POV
I was pretty confused when Chloe marched into my living room followed by Mikey, Hollie, Lucy and Becca. But I figured they were about to tell me the truth so I sat back and accepted this was finally the moment of truth.
Everybody sat down and got comfortable apart from Chloe who appeared to be the only person ready to tell me what was going on “Gerard, you know there’s been some weird things going on lately.”
“Of course I do.”
“Well the truth is Becca is blackmailing Lucy and Hollie because Becca has a massive monster crush on you.” Chloe told me in a rush “Lucy didn’t want you to know because the thing is… Before you and Lucy were dating she wrote this diary. She was trying to kid herself that she didn’t like you so she wrote a whole lot of nasty things about you.”
We all sat in silence for a few minutes before I breathed out and asked “Is that all?”
Lucy who was sitting next to me turned to face me “You don’t mind?”
“Of course I don’t mind!” I laughed, pulling her close “I already knew that you were saying mean things about me.”
“I really didn’t want you to know.” Lucy sobbed into my shoulder “I should’ve just told you.”
I glared at Becca “I think maybe you should leave.”
“But Gerard-“
“He said,” Mikey stood up “You should leave.”
Becca glared at Lucy before storming out of the room. There was an awkward silence before Hollie and Chloe started applauding and whooping. We all laughed and joined in.
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