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Chapter 12

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Becca gives Gerard the diary.

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Gerard’s POV…
We all thought it was over. Becca stopped hanging round with us and began making her own friends. All of us soon forgot about what she’d done. We didn’t think about it for two months.
Then one day Mikey and I came home to find Becca sitting on our doorstep. Mikey edged round her and into the house. I sat down next to her and asked “What are you doing here?”
“I came to see you,” Becca replied “It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”
I nodded “Do you want me to tell you I missed you?”
“Come on Gerard, not all of the times we had were bad ones.” Becca smiled “We used to hang out loads.”
“Yeah because you were trying to split me and Lucy up!”
“Oh I’m past that now,” Becca shrugged “You’re probably aware that Bob and I broke up as soon as you guys told me what I did. Now I’m going out with Luke.”
“That’s good for you.”
Becca giggled “I don’t get you.”
“What do you mean?”
“You’re not curious about what Lucy wrote in that diary?” Becca asked, raising her eye-brows “You really don’t care?”
“Not really.” I lied “She probably said half of it to my face.”
Becca laughed again “You haven’t read this diary! Half of this stuff I wouldn’t dare say out loud. There’s so much stuff in there, stuff about you, Mikey, Frank…”
“Look, I don’t wanna go out with you Becca!”
“Gerard, I’m trying to help your relationship.” Becca told me with a smile “Wouldn’t it be good if all the secrets were out in the open? I think it’d honestly help.” She reached into her bag and pulled out a small book that I assumed was Lucy’s diary “Here, I never gave it back to her. She never asked for it back so I thought I’d give it to you.”
“I don’t want it.”
“Yeah you do,” Becca smirked “You really want to know what she wrote. So why don’t you just take it? You don’t have to read it straight away.”
So I took the book and Becca walked back home. I wasn’t planning on reading it, I just wanted to shut Becca up and make her go away. Once I was in my bedroom, I shoved it into my tee-shirt draw and went back downstairs.
I didn’t think about it all night long. I didn’t think about it while watching TV with Mikey. I didn’t think about it while eating TV. I didn’t think about it while I was having a shower.
But as I settled back to do my homework it started to bug me. Maybe if I hadn’t been set such boring homework it wouldn’t have bothered me. But the homework was boring. So I decided to just have a peep at the first page.

Dear Diary,
Me, Chloe and Hollie have just moved to America. We’re starting a new school tomorrow and I’m really nervous. What if nobody likes us?

That was all the first page said and it wasn’t very interesting. I started skipping through the book and I suddenly spotted the dates at the top. We’d been dating when she’d written this entry…

Dear Diary,
I wish that Gerard would just back off and leave me alone. I’m sick of him talking to me all the time. I hate his talk, his stupid laugh, the way he looks at me, his taste in music, his wounded look whenever I insult him. I wish that he hated me the way I hated him. Then we could be mean to each other and just forget about things.
It’s not just Gerard, I hate them all. His little brother Mikey is a pain in the ass, Frank is SO annoying, Ray looks like an over-sized toilet brush and Bob’s a complete weirdo. If only Hollie and Chloe would break up with their dumb boyfriends then things would go back to normal.
I miss England SO much.

This entry had been written while we were dating…? But it didn’t make much sense. ‘If only Hollie and Chloe would break up with their dumb boyfriends’. Wouldn’t Lucy have to break up with me as well? And she told me recently that she used to miss England but since she went back and everyone was mean to her she was past caring. Had she lied to me? I’m really confused.
I didn’t know whether to talk to Lucy or just ignore it?

Lucy’s POV…
It felt so much better to know that Becca didn’t have anything on me anymore. I felt a lot more confident.
Well, I did until someone posted a letter through our letterbox at around seven at night. My Dad was the one to pick it up. The envelope was blank so he opened it up.
He didn’t mention it until half seven when we were having dinner “Uhh Lucy, a letter came earlier. It said ‘I passed the diary onto Gerard’.” He raised an eye-brow “Care to explain?”
I didn’t know what to say “Hollie, do you care to explain?”
“No, I don’t.” Hollie said quickly, reaching for her drink to give her an excuse not to talk.
Chloe, of course, was the one to sigh and tell our parents the truth “So you see,” Chloe finished “Now we’re not being blackmailed.”
“Well no, now Gerard has my diary.” I said with a gulp “What will he say?”
“He’ll probably realise that it was written before you were dating,” Hollie re-assured me “I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you.”
I tried to take her advice but it was hard. I was dead worried that he’d read it and get angry.
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