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Chapter 13

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Chloe and Hollie start to help Ray get Emily.

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[A/N] - Emily, you're finally in the story :D And to everyone else who auditioned and actually reads this - One of the reasons I chose her was because she's been reviewing from the start and she reviewed in the first one :') So thankees Emily XD

Hollies POV…
When Chloe and I turned up to History class on Wednesday, Ray started having a go at us “I thought you were going to help me get with Emily? You haven’t done anything for the past four months!”
“We’ve been a little busy,” Chloe complained “What with the Lucy and Gerard drama and everything!”
“Which ended,” Ray reminded her “Three months ago. Remember?”
“We think it might be starting again.” I confessed “Becca gave him Lucy’s diary.”
“I don’t think it’ll end their relationship.” Ray sighed “Now can you please help me start a relationship?”
“Well you never took our straight hair advice.” Chloe hissed “Tomorrow, come to school with straight hair and see if she notices.”
“But what if I attract the attention of other girls?” Ray asked seriously.
Me and Chloe looked at each other, trying to hold back giggles “Just see how it works out,” I managed to say “And if Emily doesn’t notice-“
“We’ll dye your hair black!” Chloe said wildly “That’ll totally grab her attention!”
“And everyone else’s!” I giggled “But seriously Ray, all you have to do it be yourself.”
“But if you want to throw in a couple of lies, that’ll work too.” Chloe told him “So long as they’re only tiny ones. Not super huge mega ones. Like ones she’ll find out…”
“Or you could try not lying at all?” I suggested “I have an idea. What if me and Chloe make friends with her and then we keep going on about you?”
“What if they think that you guys fancy me?”
“We have boyfriends,” Chloe reminded him “We’ll do it subtly. Emily is single right?”
“Yeah,” Ray whispered “She’s at the back of the class, look!”
Me and Chloe turned to the back of the class and saw her “She’s really pretty,” Chloe commented then whispered quietly to me “This might take some work…”
“Chloe!” I smiled at Ray “Don’t think that you’ll get her straight away though. These things take time so it might take a while…”
“I can wait!” Ray grinned.
Suddenly our teacher slammed his hand down at our desk “I’m sorry, am I interrupting your conversation?”
“Yeah, you kinda are.” Chloe smiled cheekily.
He shook his head and glared at us “All three of you have detention on Friday night.”
“For an hour.”
“What?” I repeated “But we didn’t do anything! Well, me and Ray didn’t…”
“Thanks sis!” Chloe giggled.
Mr.Howard groaned “Like I said, all three of you have detention on Friday. Be in my room at four.”
He walked off and I rolled my eyes at Chloe “Thanks a lot Chloe.”
“He’d probably have given us all detention anyway,” Chloe whispered, blowing a huge bubble with the gum in her mouth “Besides, it’ll be fun with three of us.”
“It’s detention,” Ray hissed “Not summer camp!”
“When did I ever mention summer camp?”
“Well you mentioned fun and summer camp can be fun!”
“Have you ever been to summer camp?”
“No but from what I’ve heard…”
“Two hours!” Mr.Howard snapped, standing right behind them.
I rose my hand “But Sir, I didn’t say anything!”
“Three hours!”
“Is that even legal?” Chloe whispered.
Mr.Howard smirked and walked off. We all glanced at each other and reached for our science sheets and finally started our work.

Gerard’s POV…
I was sitting by Lucy in Geography like I normally do but I didn’t know what to say to her. Should I ask her about what she’d written in the diary? But then she’d know I’d read it. Would she get mad at me? Would she understand? Would I understand if she read my diary? But I don’t keep a diary. So I don’t know how I’d feel.
I finally turned to her and said “Lucy,” but she turned to me at the exact same time to say “Gerard.”
We both laughed and she said nervously “It’s okay, you go first.”
“No, you go first.”
“But I-“
“Lucy, just go first.”
“Okay…” She took a deep breath and admitted “I got a note the other day saying that Becca had given you my diary. I was just wondering… Could I have it back?”
“Oh! Of course you can…”
“You didn’t read it, did you?”
I thought about it then said “No, I think I trust you enough to not have to read your diary.”
“Oh thanks,” Lucy grinned at me “So can I have it back tonight?”
“Yeah… Do you wanna come over then? I just brought Orphan on DVD!”
“Can we watch Bridge to Terebithia?”
“Why do you wanna watch that?”
“It’s an awesome film!”
“It’s for little kids!”
“Laugh if you want but I nearly cried watching that film.” Lucy grinned “I wanna see if it’ll make you cry!”
“I don’t think it’ll make me cry.”
“But I reckon it will,” Lucy giggled “Please can we watch it?”
“Fine, fine…” I gave in, completely forgetting about what she’d written about me, my brother and all my friends.

Ray’s POV…
Emily actually spoke to me! Just as we were leaving Science, I was shoving my books in my bag when she stopped at my table and said “See you in detention on Friday.”
And before I could ask what she’d gotten detention for, she was gone. But she probably only has one hour. Me, Hollie and Chloe somehow managed to get three hours detention.
They were still arguing about it as we left the Science room “This detention is totally all your fault!”
“How is it?”
“You’re the one that had to talk back to the teacher!”
“We only had two hours till you raised your hand and said ‘But I didn’t do anything!’”
“You’re lucky he didn’t hear you ask if it was legal, he’d probably have given us four hours!”
“You’re right,” Mr.Howard smiled, somehow suddenly next to us “Four hours for all three of you!”
I grabbed both their wrists and ran off “How the hell does he do that?”
“He’s like a teacher from hell.”
“Don’t say anything!” Hollie begged “He’ll probably show up any second and he’ll give us five hours! And if we keep going then we’ll be kept in overnight!”
“Is he even allowed to keep us here for four hours?” Chloe asked, sitting next to a tree. Hollie and I sat down either side of her “What’s his problem?”
“Emily has detention that day too,” I told them “She said ‘See you in detention on Friday’. What did she get detention for?”
“She never handed in her homework yesterday,” Hollie informed me “You missed Science yesterday.”
“Yeah, why did you miss Science yesterday?” Chloe asked.
I yawned “I was at the dentist.”
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