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Chapter 14

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Ray straightens his hair. That was a great summary :)

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Ray’s POV…
Well Chloe and Hollie were right about one thing. This whole straight hair thing is totally grabbing people’s attention. I’m not sure how much I like getting this much attention. I’ve had the same hairstyle since my first year at this school. I’m not used to this kind of attention.
Emily noticed though “Ray?” She asked “Is that really you?”
“Umm yeah…” I smiled at her “What do you think?”
“Well, I preferred your afro,” Emily admitted “This look is kind of interesting I guess.”
I told Hollie and Chloe this at lunch time “Emily said she preferred me with my afro!”
“Yes Ray,” Chloe said slowly “We heard you the first five hundred times.”
“Ray, no offence, but I’m not in the mood to talk about Emily.” Hollie sulked “We have that ridiculous four hour detention tonight and our Mom is furious with us.”
“No Hollie, she’s madder at me than she is at you.” Chloe told her, rolling her eyes “You just had to tell her the entire story, didn’t you?”
“She wanted to know the truth.”
“You could’ve told her the truth while leaving out big gaps.”
“But she wanted the entire truth!”
“Honestly Hollie-“
“Girls, can we talk about what’s important here?” I asked. They both stared at me as if to stay ‘This conversation is important’. “Emily’s going to be at that detention tonight. Do I talk to her, do I sit next to her, avoid her…?”
“I think we should get there early,” Chloe said “Before Emily does, you sit down and we see where she wants to sit.”
“Well she said ‘see you in detention’.” Hollie said “So I don’t think she’d say see you in detention unless she meant see you in detention.”
“She’ll still see him but she doesn’t have to say anything to him.” Chloe commented.
Hollie shrugged “I’m sorry, am I the only who’s met Mr.Howard? I highly doubt that he’s going to let us do any talking.”
“’Five hours detention!’” Chloe said in a voice just liked Mr.Howard.
Much to our disappointment, Mr.Howard appeared next to her and said “Couldn’t have put it better myself Miss.Bowden. You will all, indeed, have five hours detention.” And then we wandered off again.
Hollie glared at Chloe “Let’s see, he wants at detention at four and now we have five hours… We’ll be here till nine o clock!”
“It’s not all bad,” Chloe said “We have each other?”
“Hey guys!” Emily greeted, coming down the corridor “How many hours detention do you guys have?”
“Five!” Hollie exclaimed “I thought the most that teachers could give was one?”
“I don’t think that Mr.Howard cares,” Emily shrugged “He’s given me three.”
“All because you didn’t hand in your homework?” Chloe asked “That’s well tight.”
“Not tight enough!” Mr.Howard called “Now Emily has five hours too!”
“Oh come on,” Chloe whispered “He’s a creep!”
“Don’t, he’ll hear you!” Emily cried but she was giggling “I guess we’re all in for five hours together.”
“Looks like it!” I said quickly. Not a very interesting comment but I didn’t wanna stand there like a melon not saying anything.
Chloe blushed “Sorry about giving you more detention.”
“Oh it’s okay, he’d have found an excuse to give it to me anyway.” Emily said cheerily. A little too cheerily for someone just finding out that they’ve got five hours detention.
Chloe, Hollie and I said goodbye to Emily then started walking off “Ray, are you sure you like her?” Chloe asked “She seems a bit strange.”
“What do you mean?”
“She found out she got five hours detention and she doesn’t appear to care.” Hollie said “That’s dead weird.”
“Well you’d know all about weird, wouldn’t you Hollie?” I snapped.
Hollie blushed “Hey, I’m only trying to help!”
“I know-“
“Whatever, I’m going to hang out with Mikey for a while. I’ve been busy helping you out with your Emily drama that I’ve barely seen him.”
“I haven’t seen Frank in a while either,” Chloe said “I’m gonna go find him.”
“You were at his house last night.”
“I don’t care!”
I watched both girls walk off and sighed heavily. Now who was I supposed to ask for help about tonight?

Chloe’s POV…
I sat myself down next to Frank “Hey Frankie!”
“Hey Chloe,” Frank smiled, giving me a kiss on the cheek “I haven’t seen you in ages.”
“You saw her last night!” Hollie commented, sitting next to Mikey who wrapped his arm round her.
Frank rolled his eyes “Well yes but I haven’t seen her all day.”
“But still-“
“Be quiet Hollie,” I laughed and turned my attention back to Frank “Can you believe our ass of a History teacher has given us five hours attention?”
“I thought it was only four?”
“He bumped it up to five because he’s an asshole!”
“Oh well, we could meet up afterwards?”
“I won’t be out until nine.”
“So what? Are your parents out tonight?”
“Yeah, they’re staying at some hotel because they fancy a ‘night of romance’.” I shuddered at the thought “Hey, do you know what’d be a good idea?”
“You should sleepover! And so should Mikey, Ray, Bob and Gerard!”
“I don’t know…” Hollie said quickly who had clearly been listening “We promised Mom that nothing would happen…”
“And nothing will happen!” I promise “The guys can sleep in the living room together and we’ll sleep in our rooms. Mom and Dad will never even have to know what happened. Besides, loads of girls have sleepovers!”
“Yeah, with other girls!” Hollie looked worried “I don’t know Chloe…”
“Oh come on Hollie, have some fun!” I nudged her “Just agree, come on!”
“Eugh, alright fine.”
“Wow, you’re already turning into a rebel!” I laughed “Five hour detention, letting your boyfriend sleepover without Mom’s permission. You’re going to end up worse than me!”
Hollie groaned “I doubt that’ll ever happen.” Hollie thought about it then suddenly said “Do you know what we should do? We should invite Emily!”
“We barely know her…” I replied “Do you think she’ll come?”
“I’ll go and ask her!” Hollie jumped up “And we can get to know her at the sleepover, right? Mikey are you coming?”
“Yeah, sure…” He replied, getting up next to her. He took her hand before they both walked off to find Emily.
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