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We Love College

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We all love college... the freedom, the drinking, and the sex, but what happens when feelings and pranks fall into the mix? Stemmed off of the auditions I posted (Auditions!!)

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College. It was finally here, the time when I was finally to myself. No parents, and no siblings. Just me, my business, and my bad habits.

I said my final goodbyes to my parents and my little brother Tanner after they helped me move all my things into my room. My mother teared up as she planted a big, sloppy, wet, lipsticky kiss on my cheek and murmured her way through a very emotional goodbye.

"Mom... Come on. I'll be home for Thanksgiving! Don't miss me too much!" I half whined to her and rolled my eyes.

My mom sniffled and wiped her tears away with her sleeve. "I know I just..." She took a deep shaky breath, "...I'm sure you will be just fine." She walked over to my father and warpped an arm around his waist.

"See you at Thanksgiving, kiddo. Don't eat too much junk. Overcome the freshman 15," he told me jokingly, and ruffled my hair.

"You got it, dad," I laughed. In turn, I pivoted to Tanner, who was standing behind me. "See you in a month, Dork." I joked.

"Whatever, Derp," he retorted lightheartedly.

After what seemed like a thousand more goodbyes,I finally shuffled my family out of my room. As soon as the door slammed shut, it opened. In walked meredith, back from her stroll around campus. She and I had finished dismissing her family ages ago.

"Hey! How'd your campus walk go?" I asked her cheerfully, though to be honest, I was tired and worn.

Meredith just smiled and handed me a flyer. It was a green neon peice of paper with black ink drawings of cups and beachballs. "Some guy gave me this. Saying that me and you should go tonight. Apparently its a right of passage to attend a huge ass party the day before school starts..." although she seemed happy that she had been invited to a party, the worry in her eyes was incapable for her to hide, and I knew she was thinking.

"You don't wanna go?" I questioned.

"Yeah... but.... no...." She muttered to the ground as she sunk down into our chair in the corner of the room.

"Then why didn't you tell him to fuck off?" I asked bluntly, picking the dirt out from under my nails.

Meredith shook her head disapprovingly, "Well first of all, you know I wouldn't have put it in those words, even if I did say it. And Colby... I figured you'd want to go. You're sort of... Sort of a... Well..."

"Party whore? That I am... Thanks for thinking of me. We'll hit up this party together. Don't protest. It's happening," I said, and I turned around to grab the flyer. I studied it breifly before I glanced at Meredith knowingly. "You should know that I know when you're hiding something. The guy who gave you the flyer... You like him don't you?" I assumed more than asked her.

I had this knack for reading people's expressions and behavior, which was probably why I was studying psycology. Knowing Meredith, she probably wouldn't do anything about the situation.

Meredith stopped putting in her headphones and sighed. She just looked at me, smiled crookedly, and proceeded to turn on her music.


"Let's go! We're gonna miss the entire party!" I whined and grabbed her arm, yanking her out of the door. "By the way, we are going to a party, not a formal dance," I teased her. She just rolled her eyes and walked a little faster.

When we got to the party, it was already bustling with people. The door was propped open and the music was playing loud, but not loud enough that the campus police would complain. We walked in and were greeted by what looked like a few members of the football team and a shorter blonde guy.

Meredith elbowed me in the side. "That's him..." she muttered in a low voice.

"Hey," he said to her in a shy voice.

"Hi," she replied. She just stared at him momentarily before snapping back into the real world. "T-this is my friend and roomate Colby. Colby, this is Patrick," she stammered.

"Nice to meet you, Colby. If you don't mind, I'd like to take Meredith to get a drink. If that's okay..." he asked politely.

"Fine by me," I said and walked away before Meredith had a chance to protest.

As I made my way through the party I ran into a tall guy with two drinks in his hands. He looked like he was trying to find someone, but it looked as if she had left. "Sorry..." I said, looking up at him.

"It's okay..." he muttered, and then sat down on the bench next to the stairs. "Wonderful... she left," he said to himself. He looked a bit dissapointed, but he quickly recovered and looked at me. "Want a drink?" he asked, holding the red cup up to me.

I smiled a bit flirtatiously and grasped the cup. "Yeah, thanks." I took a long sip.

"What's you're name?" he asked, standing up and walking with me.

"Colby. You?"

"Riley," he replied.

I decided to stick with him throughout the night. Through beer pong and shots and more cups of whatever it was that was in my cup, I got drunker and drunker. The drunker I got, the more touchy feely I got with Riley. As he began to walk me out of the party, he being buzzed as well, I took the chance and pushed him into an open closet.

He looked at me, confused for a moment, but after he came to the conclusion that I wanted him... he lifted me up and pushed me against the wal to hold me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and slid my hands up his sshirt, feeling the contours of his athletic chest.

"Kiss me..." I breathed in his ear, and nibbled it slightly. He nodded and attacked my mouth with his aggressively. As our tounges fought and batttled for dominance, we groped each other, exploring every inch of each others bodies. We were desperate and horny. I could feel Riley's boner through his jeans as I wove my fingers into his hair.

"I want you... I want you so bad Riley..." I breathed so quiet, that I could barely understand myself.

"Not in here... Can we go to your dorm?" he asked. Without thinking I nodded and kissed the corner of his mouth. He let me down and kissed my neck, biting down on it hard before he pushed open the closet door. We rushed out like the building was on fire, and when we got to the dorm it was empty. Riley threw all the pillows and stuffed animals onto the ground and threw me down on top of the bed, covering my body with his own quickly. I was easy to take my clothes off, with his help, and I soon moved on to freeing his manhood of those tight jeans.

"Fuck me..." were the words that came out of my mouth before Riley and I fucked into oblivion.


I woke up with a pounding in my head and the blanket draped around me. Riley must have left early... And he left me his t-shirt. his number was written on the tag. I turned to face the clock. It was 10:45! Freshman orientation began at 11, and if I didn't hurry I would be late! I hadn't unpacked my clothes, and in my hangover state I had no idea where I had put them.

I threw on a bra and the jeans I had worn the night before... but my shirt was gone... I didnt know where I put it... So I had no choice but to throw on the t-shirt Riley left me. It had the name of his old high school on it. When I began to walk I was sore... I probably looked like in idiot walking so crooked... but I grabbed my cell phone and my notebook and walked out the door, running painfully all the way there.

I met up with Patrick and Meredith when I got there. My head was pounding, and I rested it on Meredith's shoulder. They were talking to a girl who I remembered as our neighbor from across the hall, Natalia. We had hung out for a while and had become aquainted. More like friends now.

"Seems like YOU had a crazy night. Well... It doesnt seem that way... I know. Because when I walked in, you were in bed with... That Riley kid." Meredith said disapprovingly. Natalia face got red as she studied my oversized shirt.

"You fucked... with RILEY?!" She growled angrily. As if on que, the man himself walked right up. Was Natalia his girlfriend? His fuck buddy? I didn't know, but I was pretty sure I had lost a friend. Before Riley could say anything, I turned and puked all over the ground.

What the fuck had I gotten into?
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