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Long Distance?

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Colby gets some surprising information from Riley's sister, Natalia. But will she be able to handle it and move on, or will it destroy their impending relationship?

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Colby's POV

After heaving out my alcohol binge from the previous night, I stayed hunched over, slowly catching my breath.

"Who... is he... to you?" I asked over my shoulder though heavy breaths.

"I'm her brother." Riley spoke up, patting my back lightly. "Are you okay? Maybe I should take you back to your-" he began to say, but I cut him off and whipped around to stare at him.

"No. Don't even say it. I'm perfectly fine." I said, stepping away from the puke. They already had a janitor there to clean it up.

Natalia had been standing silent and very close to Riley while he looked on worriedly. When she finally spoke up, I was surprised that her tone was not angry... but sympathetic.

"I'll take her back to the room. Someone take notes for the both of us, please." She asked quietly and took my arm gently. "Lets go."

"What are you gonna do?" I asked, my voice cracking and my voice hoarse. "Pummel me? Start rumors? Trap me in my room with no food or water?"

Natalia chuckled half-heartedly. "No... None of that. In fact, I want to apologize. I overreacted."

I stared at her in disbeleif. "But I... I fucked your brother!" I said almost desperately. "You have to be some sort of angry! I mean... he's your brother! And we are- were- friends!"

"Don't be silly. We are still friends... but when I saw him this morning, he was happier than he has been in a while. You make him happy, Colby. I shouldn't have jump on you for that." Natalia confessed.

I blushed and scratched the back of my head. "I didn't know that I was so helpful. I guess they sa good sex can do that for a person."

"Its not just good sex you gave him. You gave him a little happiness. And if you keep giving him that, we shouldn't have a problem." She confided in me. But she couldn't get the small threat at the end past me. If I broke his heart, I would have Natalia on my tail.

"Here we are. I'm fine now. I think I'm just going to sleep. You can go back to orientation now... you shouldn't miss it on account of my hangover." I muttered flatly and unlocked the door. She nodded and backed away.

As I closed the door her hand stopped it. "And one more thing. Riley... he might come by later. To say goodbye before he heads back to New York." She told me.

My stomach dropped, but I said nothing. I just nodded and closed the door.

Did he not think that was something he should have mentioned before? Either way, I was going to have a talk with him before he went anywhere.

I collapsed onto the bed in thought, but didn't get very far because in a matter of minutes, I was fast asleep.

Riley's POV

When I arrived at Colby's door, I hesitated before I knocked. I could very well break off this relationship before it turned into something serious. But the fact was, it was already real. I cared deeply for Colby, and that seemed to be something that long distance couldn't break.

I rapped on the door three times before Meredith came to answer. When she opened the door, she pursed her lips and layed a straight finger on them.

"Can I talk to her? Alone?" I asked in a strained whisper. "It's really important."

She turned to look at Colby and then looked back at me. "Yeah. But she's had a long day. So take it easy on her. And keep your pants on, please."

She patted my shoulder and walked out of the room, leaving me and Colby alone in the room.

I sat at the end of her bed and layed a hand on her feet, which were under a fuzzy purple blanket. "Hey..." I shook her. "Wake up..."

Sleepily, her eyes blinked open. She rubbed them and sat up, reavealing the bra she was sleeping in and the jeans she had been wearing at orientaion. "Hi..." she croaked hoarsly.

I smiled and looked at her. "How are you feeling?"

She looked dissapointed. "Don't you have to New York?"

My eyes fell from hers. "Talia told you."

"I'd of liked it more if it were you who told me."

"I didn't know that I would feel this way about you when we... you know."

"So? It would have been nice to know who you were!" She guilted me, scrambling off the bed and to the door. She began to open it but I stopped her, putting my arms one either side of her and slamming it shut and tapping her in the process.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" She breathed angrily as I lowerd my face close to hers.

"I'm gonna kiss you, if that's okay."

"Okay. But not a sex kiss. A goodbye kiss. But not a sad good bye kiss. A romantic, I'll see you very soon-"

I cut her off by pressing my lips slowly to hers. When she placed her hands on my cheeks, I lifted her up. I soon broke the kiss and set her down, squeezing her close and burying my face in her hair.

"This... what we have.... it doesnt have to end when I leave."

"I know. But its something that takes a lot of consideration. So... when I decide if I want this... I'll call you, okay?" She partly agreed, staring up at me with a playful smile. She turned the handle of the door behind her and backed out into the hallway.

"You've got a plane to catch. Get outta here." She teased, standing up on her tiptoes and pecking me softly on the lips.

I smiled and started down the hall, but as I passed a small cut off where the dorm laundry room was, I turned my head to see Colby's friend Meredith and the short blonde guy from the party pushed up against the wall in a passionate lip lock.

"You should keep your pants on!" I teased and chortled at her. The two broke apart, embarrassed. The blonde guy kissed Meredith on the cheek and stuffed his hands in his pockets as he walked away.

"Get out of here!" She yelled, flustered.

As I heard the laughs from Colby and the shreiks of annoyance from Meredith, I knew I would miss it. But I also had a feeling, deep in my gut, that we would pull through.

A/N: They go to UCLA. I couldnt find a place to mention it... so I just put it here. Hope you enjoyed it! Rate and review. This is you guys' story, so if I don't get feedback, I won't know how I'm doing. :)
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