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Part 1

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Part 1 - You're going out on a date with your boyfriend: Jared Leto. You're nervous as hell and a flashback comes to your mind showing you how you both ended up together.

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Part 1

As you're trying to find a lovely dress, you throw all of your clothes to the floor, making bigger the already prominent bunch on it. You’re nervous; you think you’ve never been this nervous in your entire life, the reason? You’re going out on a date to celebrate your first anniversary with your adorable boyfriend: Jared Leto. You cannot believe it’s been a year since you met him and you remember how you both ended up together as if it was yesterday.

May 04, 2009

“Morning, Jay. The same as usual?” you asked him at the moment he steadied himself in front of the counter. “Yeah, as usual,” he said, concentrated on his blackberry. He didn’t know, but you had been in love with him since the first time you saw him entering the coffee house, but he only used to see you as a friend, a good friend.
“How much?” he asked at the time you give him the coffee. “Nothing, it’s on the house,” you answered, completely hypnotized by his icy-blue eyes. “Thanks,” he said, putting his blackberry into his pocket, “see ya later, gorgeous,” he winked and smiled at you, and he left, leaving you standing there, with a silly smile drawn on your face and all blushed, watching him leaving the store.
“You’ve been giving him coffees for free ever since he started to come here,” the voice of your boss snapped you out of your daydream. And he was mad at you. “Sorry,” you said as you bowed your head, ashamed. “I’m going to charge that money on you,” he told you as he left. “Whatever,” you shrugged, not giving a damn about it. Your boss could charge all the coffees that Jared «bought» and, even though you knew that charming guy will never like you, it was worth it, ‘cause you could see his lovely smile every time you gave him coffee for free. At least you knew he thought you were pretty.
6:00 pm and you were out of your job; outside the coffeehouse you saw Jared, it seemed like he was waiting for something or someone. “Hey, Jared… what are you doing here?” you asked him, without being able to hide a wide smile. “I was waiting for you,” he replied, with a light smile on his face. Your eyes got wide open, for a moment you thought you were about to faint and you urgently needed a pinch to be sure that it was really happening. You noticed how his smile widened in order to burst into laughter. You feel disappointed; he was just mocking you. You bowed your head down, trying to hold the tears that had already flooded your eyes. His laughter faded slowly but you didn’t look at him, you were too embarrassed to look right at his face. Suddenly, you saw a hand wrapping yours, significantly bigger than yours but still beautiful, almost girly. “C’mon,” you heard as you both started to walk. Your eyes searched his with wonder, you had no idea what was going on and you were confused. He seemed to notice that and shrugged. “You look cute when you’re surprised,” he said, smiling, the only thing you could do was smile at him back. You still didn’t know what the hell was going on and if that was just part of the earlier joke, so you tried to find strength to ask him what was that about. “I thought you were mocking me,” you said in a low voice, “I wasn’t,” he said and tightened his hold around your hand, “then why you laughed?” he stopped for a moment and you got scared, thinking that maybe you hadn’t been nice when you asked. He turned his face to yours and stared at you. “I was nervous,” he finally said, “and by the expression of your face, I thought you were going to reject me,” he shrugged. You laughed after hearing that, but not as hard as he had done it. “Well, we both misunderstood things,” you said, smiling at him, “big deal,” you shrugged. He smiled at you, looking right into your eyes. His hands found the way to your head and he cradled it in them; he got close to you, so close that you could feel his warm breath hitting your skin. You couldn’t think, not that you wanted to. It was the only thing you had been waiting for ever since you met him and the last thing you wanted to do was to spoil it.
Just when you started to think it was taking way too long, you felt his lips pressing against yours. His lips, his glorious lips were finally against yours, pressing gently. And their taste was exactly how you imagined, even better.
He broke off the kiss. His hands still on your cheeks and his face a few inches away from yours. Hi placed his forehead on yours and smiled at you, “I want you to be mi girl,” He softly said, His warm breath blew your mind away but you still answered, “and I want to be your girl,” you said, smiling and with your eyes closed. It felt real, it tasted real, it was real but you were still afraid of opening your eyes and realize that all that was just a product of your imagination. You knew for sure it wasn’t a dream when you felt his lips against yours one more time, sealing the deal you both had just made.
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