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Part 2

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Part 2. After dinner, you both arrive at your place and things begin to heat up. It hints at smut. Enjoy ;)

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Part 2

The doorbell rings, your hands begin to sweat and your heartbeat begins to go faster and faster. There’s no really a good reason for you to be that nervous, not that it’s the first time you go out on a date with him, but you’re just happy because tonight you celebrate your first year with the guy who stole your heart since the very first time you saw him. “Hi, Jared!” you say, smiling, “hello, gorgeous,” he kisses you on the lips, “you look beautiful tonight,” he says, running his eyes all over your body. You can notice «the look» in his eyes and you suddenly know that the dessert is not going to be a chocolate mousse or a piece of cake. And you get turned on. “You look good too,” you say to him with the sexiest voice you have and placing your hand on his chest. “Do you think we could… ehmmm… you know…” says he, running his left hand along your bare right arm; you giggle, “We have a reservation, remember?” you say, trying to sound relaxed, because you’re as turned on as he is, maybe even more.

You get out of the house holding his hand and dragging him out too before you change your mind. He opens the door of the car and invites you in; you smile at him as a way to thank him. You’re wearing a little black strapless dress; it’s pretty simple but Jared seems to be more than okay with it. He wears black jeans a white shirt and a black open jacket; he looks amazingly hot and since you have always had a thing with Jared when he wears white clothes -especially t-shirts or shirts- you feel like you’re about to explode inside, so you decide to look somewhere else. You take a sit and by doing so the skirt of your dress lift up a little bit, he notices it and sees your bare legs then he glances at you and smirks. You feel embarrassed and your heartbeat starts to go faster and louder and you think Jared must be deaf if he can’t hear the loud sound of your heart. It’s not the first time he stares at you like that but there’s something in his eyes that tells you that tonight is going to be different, mind-blowing. Yes, even more than the usual. “You shouldn’t have tied your hair,” he says, making a grimace, “why? Do I not look good?” you say at the time you run your fingers through your hair, “You look gorgeous,” he says, smiling, “it’s just that I love it when you let your hair loosed. It drives me insane,” he says, returning his eyes to the road. You get blushed. You don’t know how but he always knows when to say the right things to make you feel flattered and ashamed at the same time. One of the many reasons you adore him.

You both get to the restaurant. You immediately enter without any trouble. Jared had reserved an exclusive table only for you two to enjoy your very first anniversary.
He opens the seat for you to sit on it; you thank him with a smile. You feel his fingertips brushing your bare back towards your shoulders and shivers coil down your spine. He smirks. He leans towards you that you can feel his breath hitting against your neck and you try not to tremble. “you’re so damn hot tonight,” he whispers in your ear, “you better get ready since now, cause tonight I’m not going to have compassion for you,” he threatens you. You feel his soft lips kissing you on your shoulder and you shiver. You’re not scared, you’re just impatient to discover what his mind is thinking, planning. The whole thing unsettles you, but it also helps your arousal to grow bigger. Knowing Jared you know he’s not messing around with you, not a bit.
He sits on the chair in front of you with a slight smile drawn on his nearly perfect face. He knows what he does to you and he enjoys it like a little kid.
The entire dinner was a constant torture but you really enjoyed it. He passed the time running his tongue over his lips, teasing you. The way back home was a never-ending tease, he touched your bare leg “innocently”, making you yearn to get home and put an end to this crap. He seemed to know what was on your mind and smirked like a thousand times. He was actually making you suffer and you bet he already knew you were so turned on.
You both arrive at your home and you invite him in. You’re both turned on but he seems to be in control of himself, so you try to control yourself too, you don’t want him to know that you’re desperate to feel him inside you.
You close the door and, when you turn around, you feel his lips against yours; he kisses you softly and cradles your head between his hands. You slightly open your mouth and he takes this opportunity to put his tongue into your mouth. The air is escaping from your lungs and you try to wriggle away from him to recover your breath, but as soon as you move backwards he brings one of his hands swiftly to the back of your head and cling it against his, ruining your chance to wriggle away. He grabs a fistful of your hair with one hand and the other runs all over your back down your waist. He places it softly on your waist and pushes you against the door, he then pulls at your hair, tilting your head back and you whimper from pain; your mouth is lightly open and your eyes are closed, you feel his nose on your jaw line and you pant, his tongue starts to lick your neck all the way up to your earlobe: “I hope you’re ready,” he murmurs softly and with the sexiest voice you’ve ever heard. He bites your earlobe and you hiss. You can actually feel how your panties get wet and you long to see what’s on his mind, although you already know you’re going to end up screaming.
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