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Mikey finds himself confronted with news of Bob's return...and he doesn't know how to feel about it. I wrote this as a collab with ONotz. (BIKEY)

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Hiya! There will be NO Authors Notes in this story, except for at the start. It's too good to ruin with a random moment like this... ;)

RANDOM MOMENT: OMG, MCR live in New Jersey, utter epicness. I thought at one point, everyone was chanting, "FRERARD! FRERARD! FRERARD!" :) They were actually chanting "SORROWS! SORROWS! SORROWS!" Gerard thought they were chanting 'Starbucks!' That man has coffee on the brain.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy. Rate and Reveiw please, and you will get a cookie delivered to you from a 'Mysterious Sender' :)

I sat in my bunk, why do I still love Bob? I thought I got over him!

I sighed and flipped my I Pod on, listening to Anthrax for about an half our.

"Mickey?!" Gerard yelled, I sighed.

"Don't call me Mickey!" I yelled as I walked to the front. He smiled at me. It was his smile that made him look like a serial killer. I sighed and gave him a look that said 'Get On With It' and he smirked another that said I was either going to throw up or blush. Maybe even both.

"Bob's coming back." Ray said from behind me, surprising me in many ways.

"WHAT!?!" I yelled. Ray gave me a look, I blushed. "I mean...what?" He shook his head, his 'fro flopping around.

"He's coming back Mikey, aren't you exited?" Gerard said. I wanted to slap him, hard. Repeatedly. I'd regretted telling him that night all those years ago.

He's the only one who knew I loved Bob. He teased me all the time about it. I usually never got mad, but this time I was furious.

Bob left the band because of his wrist. Pedicone was in it, but he quit because his wife dumped him or something. Bob said he could come back, so here we are. I stormed back to my bunk. I got in and already felt the tears in my eyes.

Why do I have tears in my eyes?

Because, it hurts to see him, or talk, or just to think about him. I can't stand him, I was so relived and broken hearted to see him leave. I cried every night, everyone asked about it but I ignored it, saying it was my medication.

So, Bob's coming back.

This means I'm going to start stuttering over my words and trip more. That I'm going to spend an extra hour on my appearance, and make sure I wear my eyeliner more.

I sound like such a girl.


Flashback: The Night That Changed Everything

"Mikey, is something bugging you?" Gerard asked. Everyone looked up, and I blushed, immediately noticing Bob's stare, almost as if he was attempting to read my mind.

"NO!" I yelled and stormed to the back. I sat in my bunk. I heard the chatter continue. My eyes filled with tears, but I refused to let them spill.

"What is it? You've out of it all day." Gerard said climbing into my bunk. I sighed. He wrapped his arms around me. He knew I would tell him everything.

"Bob. I-you know- but he doesn't even like me." I said. He looked at me.

"Mikes, that's not true. Ask him." He said and kissed me. To everyone else it would be incest, to us its just brotherly love.

"Gee, I can't just ask him if he loves me!" I said. I felt the tears run down my face, and Gerard wiped them away.

"Babe, trust me." He said in a hushed whisper. I shook my head, my tears flowing faster now. This was an awkward conversation to have with anyone, even your brother.

"I can't, if he rejects me..." I said. Gerard rubbed my neck and back.

"It's okay then. He knows that you feel that way and you can sleep knowing that." He said. He kept pecking my lips until I relaxed.

"Thanks Gerard." I said. He smiled and pulled me to the front of the bus. I stopped to re-apply my eyeliner and then went into the front, walking towards the kitchen for a coffee. I definitely needed one.

Gerard turned the radio on, loud, and pushed me into Bob's lap. Gerard the oh-so-subtle. Bob laughed and wrapped his arms around me anyway. I lent back into the embrace as the other 3 danced to Offspring.

Frank pulled me up, and we ended up grinding. I laughed at this, Frank turned the song and we all jumped, even Bob.

I sat down next to Ray, and laid my head in his lap. He stroked my hair. I watched as Bob went to the back and Shorty and my brother made out on the other couch. Ray giggled. I suddenly wondered what it would be like to kiss Bob, feel his lips against mine, or just having him thinking about me as much as I thought of him.

He stopped stroking my hair once I was falling asleep, he picked me up and went to the back. Ray knew, he had known for a while, he just hadn't confronted me about it.

"Bob, sleep with him." Ray said and gently put me in the bunk where Bob was laying. Bob wrapped his arms around me.

"If you knew...if you knew..." He whispered before I fell completely asleep.
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