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Bob finally arrives where he belongs...but how will Mikey react?

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So, thanks for reading the last chapter, because I got over 30 views, I'm putting the next chapter on. It may not be as long, but that's because I only got 1 review! Remember, people, cookies in exchange for reviews!

BTW In this story Gerard still has white-blonde hair...for now.

I can't believe it. I'M GOING BACK TO MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. I didn't want to leave, but once you're out, your history. Gone. Over. Poof. Just like that.

I pulled up, and saw Gerard waiting for me. I heaved two bags out of my car- I haven't quite got the hang of travelling light- and stopped in front of him. He lookedme up and down, making me feel really awkward. I focused on a spot somewhere above his white hair.

"Hi Bob...uh, I gotta go. You know where to go right?

He left without waiting for an answer.

Huh. Hi, Gee.

I pulled my bags in the tour bus and unpacked. I was amazed that the bunks were in the same place as usual. No, really, I was.

I wondered where Mikey was...I mean, the rest of the band. They had promised to be there when I arrived. I felt kinda hurt, my best friends obviously didn't want to talk to me.

What if they'd been in a car crash? The last word they had heard from me were, "I never wanted this shit. I'm leaving."

Thinking back that sounded like a cheesy break-up line from a cheesy film for insane teenage girls.

A car pulled up after about half an hour of waiting and I ran to the front of the bus.

Frank pulled me into a hug, then realised what he was doing, and let go. "Um...Sorry. Hi." I grinned at him and pulled him back into a hug. He grinned too, I never gave hugs.

Ray just gave me a high-five, and said "Hey, man, you've changed!" Cool, Ray, real cool. As always, he made me feel really small and useless. Like a nerd at a football game.

Mikey walked straight past me. I was slightly hurt, but I hid it well. Frank was waiting to talk to me, at the doorway.

"What's up with Mikey?" I asked as soon as everyone had gone.

"He was excited about 5 minutes ago. He actually smiled. Just once though." Frank replied, smirking.

I shrugged. "Oh well. He'll get over it." I hope. I acted as though that was the last thing on my mind. "Where's Gerard?" I asked, breaking the tension.

"Oh, just gone into town." Frank was blushing a bit. God only knows what Gee was buying in town. I didn't want to know.

As I climbed into my bunk later that night, I let my mind rest, it certainly deserved it. Gee wasn't back, and Mikey was still ignoring me. I was worrying too much, save it all for tomorrow.
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