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Desires of the Heart

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The sequel to Hunted

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Lily's POV

I was totally unprepared for the feeling that swept through me. I had expected it to hurt, to make me cringe, and for my entire body to scream out in pain. This was not what happened. Instead, everything suddenly felt wonderful. My body shook against his but it wasn't out pain or fear. A little noise escaped my mouth once out of pleasure but I quickly silenced it. I wouldn't do this. I wouldn't boost his ego while he was midway through killing me.
My legs gave out from under me but he just wrapped both his arms securely around my waist and held me close to him so I wouldn't fall. I guess he didn't want my lack of body function ruining his meal.

Pretty soon my vision was going pretty much bat shit crazy and all the colors in the art room blurred. Not only that but it was getting hard to even breathe. Despite both of those warning factors, half of me was almost begging for him not to stop. This felt too damn good. The other half though, the sensible sarcastic Lily half, knew that I had to get my ass out of here before of all people, Gerard Arthur Way, could finish me off. So that's exactly what I did.

"Geraaaaaarrrrrrrrdddddd," I whined, though my throat felt dry and I could barely get his damn name out. I felt him reluctantly pull away from me and unwrap his arms from around my waist. Without Way supporting me, my body slid against the art room wall down to the floor. I tried in vain to move but the energy to get my ass up couldn't be found. Gerard leaned down, his face inches from mine.

"Looks like I win," he smirked. Through my half lidded eyes I wanted nothing more than to punch that grin off his face. He crouched down to my level and leaned in even closer than before.

"You're beautiful, you know that? And even as you lay here, reduced to barely burning ashes, I can still see the fire in your weak eyes," Gerard whispered quietly. Then, he placed a hand on my neck, it began to feel hot there and all his focus was on it. "I wish you didn't have to hate me."

I don't know how those words did it, but out of nowhere, I suddenly felt life spring into all of my joints. My closing eyes burst open and I somehow found the power to bring my leg out and swiftly kick Gerard in the chest. Needless to say, he wasn't expecting it.
"No, no you don't win." I brought myself to my feet and ran to the door.
I raced down the stairs as quickly as I could. I had to hurry to Terra before this energy I found left me. At any time I could lose this, I could just picture Gerard's face if I lost my power to run away just before I got to escape. He would probably rant about how weak humans are before killing me off.

Suddenly, I made it to the bottom of the stairs. I gasped at the sight. There were tons of human hunters lying dead on the ground. I even recognized some of them from some of the meetings Pete had brought me to. My breath was caught in my throat. Brandy or Brenda weren't anywhere to be seen. In fact, there was nobody down here anymore but me, and these bodies. There weren't even any voices, and from what I could tell, Gerard hadn't followed me. So at the sight of all this blood and murder, I let out a scream.

I screamed and screamed at the top of my lungs. I screamed for each of the dead people in front of me. I screamed because I was scared, I screamed because I knew they hadn't even had the chance to. I screamed because for once in my life I, Lillian Rose Giordono, was terrified. That was about the same time a man appeared from nowhere, his eyes black and angry. He was repeating something over and over to me while a grin on his face grew. It went up past his own cheekbones and his flesh began to tear with it. Two large fangs amongst his teeth gleamed back at me as the grin distorted his features. I wanted to run from him but I could only scream. I couldn't stop it now, the screaming wouldn't end, and as all this went on his angry black eyes held onto mine in a mocking yet vengeful manner. They wouldn't let me go and they wouldn't let me stop screaming so I could run. Then suddenly his words rang out through my head, "You're the last one left."

"LILY!" A voice shouted loudly in my ear. My eyes shot open and I looked around the apartment room I had been sleeping in, crazily.

"Huh?! Who's attacking us?" I asked stupidly. Two comforting arms wrapped themselves around my waist. I turned my head to see the most beautiful hazel eyes staring back at me.
"Nobody you silly hunting crazed girl," my now red haired boyfriend, Gerard, smiled at me. Those just had this way of making my heart beat a little faster. Then, his face tore into one of worry. "But it is about time we both got dressed, don't you think? Kat and Frank just called, we're meeting the whole gang for breakfast soon."

I smiled and nodded. I loved the sound of that word, "meeting" our friends for breakfast. Gerard had finally gotten us into our own apartment and it was amazing. This whole thing was a part of our compromise for our previous compromise. Instead of living in one apartment with the chaos of all of our friends, we lived next door. Which....really didn't help the chaos much, but we got more alone time...usually.

"Well, I need some pants," I said while rolling off the bed theatrically. Gerard laughed and pulled himself out too. I tried not to blush. Gerard liked to sleep..well...shirtless. He turned suddenly and must've noticed my eyes on him because a grin came onto his face.
"You look like an eleven year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert, love." I swallowed at that and then brought my eyes down to the floor, embarrassed. Gerard chuckled, and then, he was kneeled down in front of me. Deja vu anyone?

"Hey, don't get all embarrassed. Everything you see is yours," he winked. I felt my old sarcastic nature come back and I rolled my eyes.

"Everything I see is skinny white dude," I remarked with my own grin. Gerard gasped. "Hey! Are you calling me anorexic?! I am NOT anorexic! I am perfectly normal sized!"
I couldn't help but laugh at how upset he'd just gotten over one comment. "Not saying, just implying." I giggled.

Gerard suddenly stood back up and clacked his non-exsistent heels against the bedroom floor and snapped his fingers in a very diva-ish way. "Puh-lease, honey! If I were anorexic I would only eat once a week, instead of having my regular twice a week half slice of bread."
I stood up and tried not to laugh as I followed him to our seperate clothing drawers. "Sorry, won't make that mistake again."

Gerard nodded seriously, "Good, you young girlies need to learn the difference these days. There is a fine line from being just skinny like me, to being full blown yourself." Gerard smiled slyly at that last part.

"Hey! Don't turn this around on me! When you are chasing down supernatural creatures and occasionally running away from them, you get a good workout," I said and then pulled open my drawer quickly. My flannel pajamas were making me feel icky now. I really needed to change.
"What are our plans for today? We can't got out and eat, restraunts don't typically serve breakfast for dinner," I remarked quietly, seeing a flaw in this plan. Gerard pulled a shirt out of his drawer and threw it over his head before giving me an answer that made me more excited than you could imagine. "Mikey is making pancakes."

"FUCK YES!" I suddenly shouted. Hey, Mikey Way makes the world's best effing pancakes. In all honesty, he should go sell his outside of IHOP and see if they don't get ticked because his taste better.

"Somebody is excited," Gerard commented and kissed my cheek after pulling some pants overtop his boxers. I merely gave him a "duh" look.

"Who wouldn't be? If I had known of Mikey's wonderful pancake prowess before I had started hunting you guys, I would have let him go on a little while longer just for the pancakes. I don't think Brandy or Brenda would disagree with me either," I explained half-seriously and pulled out my own shirt and pants. Gerard just shook his head and leaned against our bed, watching me.

"...So...yeah...turn around." I made little turning motions with my fingers. Gerard just stood there. "Nope, I wanna watch."

I pretended to glare at him until he finally gave in. "Fine. You win...this time," He sighed and turned around so I could change.

I also turned away from him and unbuttoned my pajamas. I pulled off my pajama pants and slid into a pair of jeans before I taking off my shirt. I was about to put on the clean one when I felt two hands wrap around my waist. I involuntarily shivered.

" said you wouldn't look," I said with a forced dryness, trying not to let him get to me.

"I would have thought that you would know by now, not to trust a vampire," He growled and slid one of his hands up my stomach, trying to get a reaction out of me. I didn't do anything, and that's when this became a challenge. He started kissing up and down my neck, occasionally venturing to my jawline. Then, his other hand slid down to the hem of my pants, testing me, seeing how far I would let him go before freaking. I stood completely still in defiance. He wouldn't win this.

So basically, if you were to walk in on us, you'd see a boy kissing a girl hungrily while she basically burned a hole through the wall with her eyes. Of course, that's exactly what Frank and Kat saw when they burst through the door with Frank shouting a cheery, "GOOD MORNING MY-HOLY JESUS! GERARD'S RAPING LILY!!!"


Hey, all! So first chapter of the sequel (feels awesome saying that). What do you guys think?? Is it shitty? Is it good??

I was wondering if you guys are interested on reading a cut from Hunted. If you do put the number 7 in your review. If I get atleast three 7's I'll put up the cut tomorrow.

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