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The Cut

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What the damn title said

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Bob Bryar's POV

I had made a mistake. My body had been burning and I had chosen to reach out and touch the cold. The cold had eaten my body. I searched blindly for anyone, anything. Nothing was there. I was alone. Is this death? No, this isn't all of death. This is my death. This my hell. I wanted loneliness and coldness so the world has given it to me.

I tried to scream, I tried to kick, and even attempted to bite. Monsters would come at me sometimes in the dark. They would shout things to me, things I couldn't understand. Though, recently they became only whispers. They would sound comforting almost, as though they were worried. I could tell this was a lie though. So I would snarl, and snap, at the monsters. They would then leave me be, alone to crumple in my frozen inferno.


Eventually, the darkness evolved. It manifested itself and the monsters relished the power. New ones appeared. These ones tried to shove things into my mouth, tried to whisper to me like the other ones had, and even left my body more tightly bound that it was before. They must've known that I could not see them, because they did this to me daily. Or was it hourly? I couldn't know, in the everlasting night here, all of my sense of time had been mashed. I felt like crying. I didn't understand, why did I deserve this much pain? My body ached from pains I couldn't find the source of and the monsters refused to leave. Was this to be how I existed for eternity? There was no way out. The darkness grew around me, becoming stronger.


"Why hello there, Bob."
I struggled my eyes open. The confident male voice I'd just heard made a little noise of joy. However, the light blinded me and immediately shut my eyes again. "A little blinded by the lamp? Heh, you'll have to get used to seeing again. After all, you have your destiny ahead of you."

I couldn't tell because my eyes were closed and I hadn't been able to move my body properly in what felt like weeks, but I'm pretty sure I managed to give whoever was talking to me the finger.

"You know, you really shouldn't act like that. I'm the only here and the only one who could tell you how Alisha is." I heard an evil smile in the man's voice. Suddenly, memory after memory came flooding into my mind. Alisha, her kissing me, talking to our friends, fighting vampires, being with Alisha, and then Beckett. My eyes flew open. The light stung them but I forced them to adjust.

"Well that got your attention," the condescending voice of William Beckett laughed. Anger boiled in my veins and I reached out to give a shot at killing him, only to find that I was chained to a bed post. Beckett was still only a few feet from me, sitting on the bed. I settled on growling. Beckett smiled. I let out a hiss.

"Now that's a noise I was almost sure I'd never hear you make. You, the great and nationally acclaimed Bob Bryar. You know, for the best hunter the world has ever seen, you were surprisingly easy to influence." Beckett taunted with a sick smirk. "Your defenses all just came shattering down to the floor. Especially, when you thuoght you'd be helping your friends, and protecting your precious lover." Beckett leaned in close to me, his grin growing. "I had you dancing in the palm of my hand. I bet I could make you jump from that balcony," he pointed to the one at the other end of the room, "all over again."

I snarled and jumped forwards at him but I was having issues with these goddamned chains. Beckett laughed. "Touchy, touchy, today. I just thought I'd be the one to welcome you back to the world of the sane since you get the be part of destroying it." He stood from the bed and then walked over close to my chains. I glared at him.

"I hope you get ground into itty bits in a meat grinder," I spat. Beckett merely smiled and then, swiftly brought his hand down on my chains. I involuntarily cringed, and then gave him a look.. He responded by tipping his hat, turning on his heel, and ironically, walking out to the balcony and jumping.
The chains slid off.

So that was the Cut, I will be updating tomorrow. Almost finished with the 2nd chapter.
Hope you guys enjoyed this!!

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