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Chapter 2

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Not ever

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Lily's POV

I nibbled quietly on the pancakes before me. The entire kitchen was silent as everyone ate. Frank ran out of our room earlier before we could explain anything to him, and then proceeded to tell everyone that Gerard was raping me because he is a dirty pedotastic man hoe.

"Look, we said we were sorry, Gerard," Kat mumbled as she munched on some Cap'N Crunch cereal. Gerard muttered something under his breath about distrusting friends and castrating Frank.

"Gee, you know I didn't mean it. I mean, how was I supposed to know that I would be walking in on you and Lily having sexy time? Besides, she looked like she was going to slap a hoe with the glare that she was giving the wall. Anyone would think she didn't like what you were doing with that expression," Frank explained with what I guess was supposed to be a logical expression. If possible, the room went more silent than before. I felt my cheeks burning bright red and I suddenly became very interested in the way the syrup looked on my pancakes. Gee stood up abruptly.

"I think you're mistaking Lily's expression with the one Kat gives you every time you kiss her," Gerard snapped angrily. Cue more awkward silence. Everyone exchanged nervous glances and Frank's jaw hung open in a dead shocked expression. Suddenly, out of the quiet, Alisha let out a "FRANK GOT BURRRNNNEDDD!!!"
Let's just say lots of laughter ensued.

Not too long after that, Gerard forgave Frank and I couldn't help but laugh as they did that awkward man-hug thing. Then of course, came the topic of what to do today.

"So what're we gonna do?" Ray asked as we all piled into the living room on the couches. Alisha looked like she was about to break into a giggle fit and before either she or I could say it, Brandy laughed and said "Your mom."

Ray just rolled his eys and placed his arm around Lea who was sitting next to him on the couch opposite of Gerard and I.

"I'm thinking we all stay in today. We've been doing a lot lately, what with that Dandy cleanup we had to do after we killed Beckett. We've definitely earned it," Mikey rationalized and looked to see if anyone disagreed.

"We should watch movies!" Brenda suggested from her spot squished into the armchair with Brandy. Everyone grinned and nodded.

"Wait!" Mikey suddenly shouted as we all shifted around so we could get movie comfortable. "We aren't going to spend our day watching a bunch of Brandy's disney movies, are we?"

All eyes shifted to Brandy who was smiling hopefully. I stood up and walked over to a stack of movies next to the television. I kicked them over, knelt down, and picked a random one from the pile. "We'll watch whatever this is," I finalized.


About half an hour through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, my eyelids were beginning to droop. I will blame a severe lack of sleep for this and remember to stop eating Gerard's cooking before bed. Speaking of which, he glanced over at me curiously. He was probably wondering why the hell I was so tired since I hadn't gone hunting for a few nights and we went to bed fairly early yesterday. I stuck my tongue out at him and he responded with pulling his eyelids down and making faces at me. It was pretty dark because Frank had insisted that we watch the movie in the dark "for the full effect" of it, but I could still see Sara looking over at Gerard and I while we made faces.

I turned my head and made a face at Sara. She began to laugh but stifled it as Brenda shot her a glare in the dark. Mikey, looking amused as always, hooked his fingers between his lips and started making faces at me. Gerard being the grown up and mature man that he is, responded to Mikey by throwing a pillow at Sara's head. Ah boyfriends.

A good ten minutes later I could sense the boredom coming off everyone in vibes. I mean it was pretty obvious by now that the only people actually into this movie were Brenda and Frank. Kat had her head in her palms trying to sleep, Lea was yawning every five minutes while looking at the television boredly, Alisha had taken to making a necklace out of the untouched popcorn brought in by Mikey, and I was trying to ignore Gerard. Yep, ignoring my boyfriend has become kind of a skill of mine. It's a skill that I most definitely need in order to avoid disgusting my friends with the massive amounts of PDAing that would occur otherwise.

"Gerard," I whispered in the dark, "Stop it."

"Stop what?" I could practically hear the grin in his voice. I squirmed uneasily as I felt Gerard's fingertips slide along my thigh. I swear, does this boy ever quit for like five minutes?

"Stop sexually harassing me," I clarified through clenched teeth. "I'm trying to watch Harry get the motherfucking golden egg." I could picture Gerard rolling his eyes. Then, just to get to me, I felt Gerard slide his hand up to my waist and then he hooked his fingertips just into the hem of my jeans.

"Gerard Arthur Way if you don't stop-" I was cut off midsentence by Gerard.
"You'll stake my sorry ass?" He finished. Gerard raised an eyebrow and laughed quietly, "Sorry Lily," he whispered. "Threats of violence from you just don't have the same effect on me as they would on other people. While normal people would cringe and do as you say, I just find your irritation cute."

I rolled my eyes and was just about to retaliate when I heard Alisha whisper from across the room, "Stop flirting in the middle of the movie! Get a room you two!"

I shook my head, smiling. Alisha had retained her sense of humor even after all the horrible crap she had been through. It made me feel good to know I had such strong friends. Suddenly, I felt someone's elbow connect with my side. I glanced at Gerard.
"Sorry," he muttered. "I'll keep my hands to myself."

I just nodded and went back to watching whatever the fuck Harry was doing now. No thoughts of how life before all of this had been, no bad memories eating at my brain, no painful feelings of hopelessness. Nope, nothing was tormenting me for once, and I could just watch the yellow rat thing kick butt in peace. Life was calm for the first time ever, and I think I could have gotten used to it, being happy all the time.
But as we all know, I am never allowed to be happy. Not ever.


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