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Chapter 3

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Right in front of me

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Lily's POV

I couldn't stop laughing as Gerard and I exited the convience store. We had just gone out to get some popcorn, ice cream, and other bad junk foods for our friends when the clerk decided to hit on Gerard. Now normally I suppose girlfriends are supposed to get angry and upset with other girls try to hit on their guys, but I'm not exactly a normal girlfriend.
The blonde (no offense to my sister Maggie) bimbo tried in vain to get his attention from the second we had walked in. She followed him around the 7/11 like a puppy, told him about everything he looked at (making sure to bend ALL the way over as she picked each item up), shot me some rather horrifying glares, and made sure to inform Gerard that she would help him with anything he need. ANYTHING. While I was getting some milk, she put Gerard in a death grip while he was debating between gum flavors, and somehow she even made the death grip sexual. She even repeatedly dropped obvious hints that she was single and that she loved guys who knew how to stay up late (if Gerard knew what she meant).

I could barely stifle my laughter as she placed another hand on a VERY uncomfortable looking Gerard's chest and whispered something in his ear. Then, she proceeded to lean very far over the counter so her cleavage was basicly hanging out of her shirt when we purchased our lovely foods. To say the least, it was like watching a porn show in the middle of a gas station store, and I'd be lying if I said I did anything to help the situation. It was just too damn funny and I was about to roll over in stitches as we strolled down the streets in the moonlight.
"God," Gerard scowled angrily, "What a freaking whore!"

"I dunno Gee, I think you two were made for each other." I giggled and fixed my grip on the bag I was holding so we wouldn't lose half of our food to the sidewalk.
"Oh shut up," He snarled. "And watch it with that bag, you'll drop everything if you aren't careful."

I broke into another fit of laughter much to Gerard's confusion. I managed to contain myself enough to help him understand things. "Why? If I lose my things we could always go back and buy more. I'm sure your new friend would be more than happy to see you!"
I have never seen a more skilled eye roll than Gerard's.

"You know, she was kind of pretty." Gerard suddenly said and got a thoughtful look. "And she was a lot more keen on being with me than you were for awhile. I doubt I'd have to kidnap her best friend to-" At this point I placed a hand over his mouth.

"Okay," I rolled my eyes, "Point taken. Though you weren't so keen on being my best friend until after you almost killed me."

I let go of his hand, and he grinned at me. "On which occasion are we talking about?"
Cue another eye roll from yours truly. "Oh ha freaking ha, vampire. I almost got you a few times as well. You're just lucky Frank knocked out Brenda when he crashed through warehouse window. Otherwise, she wouldn't have gotten kidnapped and I would have staked his ass, followed by yours." Gerard's eyes got a little wide as he processed that thought. I was a little shocked by it too.

"So basically," He began carefully, "The only reason we're together is because of Frank."
We both stopped walking. I turned and stared at Gerard, who was already staring at me.
"He can never know," We whispered simultaneously.

After that we walked on in silence for a little while, but that of course didn't last. After five minutes Gerard went back to his old self and wrapped his arm around my waist. I couldn't suppress the smile that formed on my lips when he did that, and despite my sarcastic nature, I got that fuzzy feeling inside. That is, until some guy turning towards us on a corner started screaming. Yeah, it's like 3am and this guy just starts screaming. It may not be late for Gee and I, but it's sure hella late for everyone else who doesn't operate on the nocturnal schedule.

"Dude, what the fuck?!" I heard Gerard shout to the guy as we approached him. He was wearing all black and had a silver cross on. At seeing Gerard and I get closer, he screamed even louder (if possible).

"SHUT UP!" I yelled above him and through a hand over the punk's mouth. "Thank you!"
He looked terrified and I noticed him eye Gerard's arm around my waist. I calmly took my hand off of his mouth but stared at him pointedly, daring him to scream again.
"Now what the fuck was that about? People are sleeping." I made a grand gesture to all of the buildings around us with their lights turned off. The guy inhaled a sharp breath.
"You're Lily Giordono, aren't you?" He questioned furtively. I nodded. "B-but that's Gerard Way! With a different hair color!" The guy pointed at Gerard.

"Yes, and you're bad a color coordination, now can we please stop stating the obvious?" I said sarcastically. Then, Captain Obvious decided to pull out something that cleared everything up. He reached into his coat and brought out a stake.

"Oh." I found was the only thing I could squeak out. Gerard shifted uncomfortably next to me.
"Lily, you're the best hunter Jersey has. He's the vampire you've been after the longest too. Don't let this scum twist your head." The guy warned. I rolled my eyes.

"Look, Gerard isn't 'twisting my head' as you put it. He's my boyfriend." I finished and a look of horror unfolded across the idiot's face. Cue more eye rolling and Gerard getting increasinly uncomfortable with the situation. I could pretty much feel the awkwardness coming off of him in vibes. It didn't help that our friend here was giving poor Gerard the biggest death glare ever.

"How dare you do this to the best Hunter in New Jersey . Hell, how dare you do this to the best hunter this side of the country. You conniving huntress seducing murderer!" He pointed a finger at Gerard. I giggled. Both boys's eyes shot to me.

"Sorry, it's just you make it sound like Gerard has all this power over me and like he just walked right up to me shirtless after like an eternity of fighting with me and said 'LOVE ME'." I tried in vain to stifle my laughs as I finished. Our pal here didn't seem to find this funny, nope, not in the least. He instead seemed to get more pissed off just by hearing me not explain how it happened. In fact, not a second after I finished laughing, he lunged at Gerard with his stake.

Two minutes and thirty seconds later, we have one severely bruised amateur hunter clad in waaayyy too much black for anyone's good lying in the middle of the sidewalk tied up hogstyle.

"Do you think I was too hard on him?" I asked Gerard as we stood above the wacko.
"I dunno, I think you overdid it a bit on the beating. He was only trying to look out for you, but, I must admit, using his own shoelaces to tie him up was a nice touch." Gerard conceded and I grinned.

"Yeah, well that's you get for trying to stake my boyfriend. Whoever you are." I said, just realizing that I didn't even know his name.
"Henry! My name is Henry!" His mop of brown covered his face as he struggled to yell out his name.

"Cool, well bye, Henry! The conniving huntress seducing murderer and I need to get home so we can ironically watch Buffy on tivo." I said and waved goodbye as Gerard and I started heading off.
"EVERYONE WILL FIND OUT ABOUT THIS! YOU ARE A DEAD MAN, WAY! DEAD!" Henry shouted futiley. Gerard stopped for a moment and turned back around. Then, he placed a hand over his heart and waited.

"Hmm, no beat." Gerard shrugged and then turned back around on his heel before we headed back off down the street. Our walk didn't go much further though.
"Fuck!" I swore as my shopping bag tore, spilling all of it's food everywhere. Judging by Gerard's expression, I think he was more upset over it than me.


"Hey, what took you guys so long?" Mikey asked as we entered our apartment to find most of our friends sprawled out in our living room, watching television.

"Some crazy fanboy of Lily's tried to kill me." Gerard sighed as he placed both the grocery bags on the counter because I was no longer allowed to carry them.
"Yeah and then Gerard got a taste of his own medicine," I laughed. Mikey looked at me quizzically. "The blonde clerk pretty much raped him with her eyes."

"And you just stood there?" Mikey asked, appalled. I nodded. "Twice," I added with a smirk.
"She was too busy laughing her ass off by the frozen foods section, both times," Gerard lamented.

"I was hoping you'd gain a new understanding about sexually harassing others." I joked and kissed the corner of his mouth. He didn't let it stop there though. Gerard grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him so he could deepen the kiss. After a moment or so, Mikey coughed. Gerard finally let me go but not without placing one last peck on my cheek.
"Ugh...could you guys please PDA somewhere else?" I heard Brandy groan from a couch in the living room.

"Well, this is our apartment." Gerard reminded her and started pulling food out of the grocery bags.

"Hmm...Well you should still cut down on the 'lets see who can shove their tongue the farthest down the other's throat' games while we're all here." She said easily and went back to watching some gameshow.

"Say," I said looking around. "Where's Kat and Frank? Usually, he's made a joke about Gerard or I by now."
"He decided to take Kat on an impromptu date." Ray answered and I couldn't help but notice everyone snicker.
"Impromptu?" I raised an eyebrow.

"She fell asleep on the couch in the other apartment and he decided to 'kidnap' her." Mikey clarified and a huge smile spread on his lips.
"He even went so far as to blindfold her and tie her hands up." Alisha added from beside Brandy.

"Oh," I said quietly and put the rest of the food away. It only took about five minutes after that to realize that there was no chance in hell that I was going to get to watch Buffy because Brandy and Lea were so engrossed in whatever gameshow they were watching that when Alisha reached over for the remote so she could turn the volume up, Lea all but viciously maimed Alisha's hand.

"I say we go back to our room," Gerard suggested and started leading us away quickly. Just as we shut the door I heard someone shout, "USE PROTECTION!"
I rolled my eyes and looked over at Gerard. "Why so eager to escape the mayhem that is our friends?"

"I wanted to talk to you about something." He said looking serious.
"Gee, if you're planning on breaking up with me I'd have to say, you're really bad at timing things. I mean you've got me living with you, I'd say-" I was cut off by Gerard shouting.
"No, no, no, no!" He yelled. "I would never break up with you! I would have figured that marking you was proof of that."
I placed a hand on his face and kissed him softly. "I know," I reassured. "I was only joking."

He exhaled a breath in relief. "I'd just hate it if you ever thought that I didn't love you."
"Gerard, I know you love me, and I love you more than anyone or anything in this world." I consoled. "Now, what did you want to talk to me about?"
"Well, you see," He began tentatively. "Back when we first kidnapped Brandy and Brenda, I asked Brandy some things."
"Okayyyy," I said, thoroughly confused.

"And one of those things was her reason." Gerard continued carefully.
"Her reason for... ?" I waited for him to fill in the blank.
"I asked her, her reason for hunting vampires." He finished and looked straight me. My entire body tensed up as I realized what he was getting at.
"You want to know why I hunt vampires?" I asked, barely above a whisper. Gerard nodded. "That's kind of a random thing to ask, don't you think?"
"Not really," He shrugged. "That Henry guy reminded me of it."

"Oh," Was all I could find myself able to say. I turned my eyes away from Gerard's and then sighed. "It's complicated."
"I'm not getting any older," He said indifferently.

"When I was 9 Beckett killed my mom. Right in front of me."


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